Who is Cattle for Christ?   What do we do?   Now You Can Know!
If You Don't Know The Impact That Cattle For Christ Is Making; Here Is Your Chance! 
One of the things we hear most is:
"I had no idea that Cattle for Christ was doing this much both here at home and around the world!"

For example, this picture is just one of the six food distribution points where our partnership farm in the Middle East not only trains local farmers, but also opens doors for sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ by feeding desperately needy refugees.  This past growing season, this farm distributed enough fresh produce to provide over 937,000 healthy meals!
The need has never been greater nor have the doors been more open than they are right now for Cattlemen, Ranchers, Farmers, Ag Industries, and all Christians to come together to meet the physical and spiritual needs of men, women and children both here at home and around the world. 

Your partnership with us today in the Ministry of Cattle for Christ International will help meet these needs among the most desperate and helpless in ways that are effective, efficient, accountable and sustainable.

As you view our brand new website, your eyes will be opened not only to the desperation that so many people are facing, but also to the many opportunities that you have with Cattle for Christ to meet these needs through the Cattle Industry, Agriculture, or whatever it is that you do on a daily basis! 

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you enjoy our new website!
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