February 3 & 4 | 12 & 13 Shevat| Parshat Beshalach

Candle Lighting 5:48PM

Mincha: 5:55PM

Minyanim start at Rabbi Yishmael

Hashkama Minyan (Beit Midrash)- 7:30 AM

Main Minyan (Sanctuary) -9:00 AM

Teen Minyan - 9:30 AM

Cholympics Cholent Competition Kiddush


Rabbi Sprung's Shiur (in the Beit Midrash) - 4:40 PM

Mincha- 5:40PM

Shalosh Seudot - Guest Speaker Dr Ari Ciment

Maariv- 6:35PM Shabbat Ends - 6:42PM

Family Learning 7:30PM

Elissa & Ari Ciment

in Honor of

The Anniversary of Their Son Jack's Bar Mitzvah

and also as gratitude to Hashem for all of His kindness and miracles

Elissa & Ari Ciment

Beth Israel Congregation - Main Sanctuary

start at Rabbi Yishmael

Sunday  Shacharit 8:00am

Monday-Friday Shacharit 7:00am

Sunday - Thursday - Mincha/Maariv 6:00pm

Beth Israel Satellite Early Minyan

@ Merchant One

524 41st street 3rd floor

Shacharit Sunday, Tuesday-Friday 6:30am

Shacharit Monday Rosh Chodesh 6:15am

Sunday - Thursday Plag Mincha/Maariv 4:40pm

Monday-Friday Mornings 6:30am

Baba Kama - Rabbi Pesach Schiffman

Monday Morning 11:00AM


(4575 POST AVE)

Wednesday Night 8:00PM

Advanced Talmud - Rabbi Donald Bixon

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Beth Israel Congregation February 2023 Calendar

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