September 23 & 24 2022 | 27 & 28 Elul 5782 | Parshat Nitzavim

Candle Lighting 6:58PM

Mincha: 7:05PM

Minyanim start at Rabbi Yishmael

Hashkama Minyan (Beit Midrash)- 7:30 am

Hashkama Kiddush Sponsored by

Janis & Myer Roszler

In Memory of Myer's Mother

Malka bat Yosef HaLevi

Main SANCTUARY -9:00 am

Teen Minyan w/ Rabbi Manne (Beit Midrash)- 9:45 am

Mincha- 6:50PM

Maariv- 7:40PM Shabbat Ends - 7:49PM

Beth Israel Congregation

In Honor of 

Rabbi Pesach Schiffman and His Weekday Morning Shiur Completing Masechet Yevomut

Please Join Us for the Siyum.

Beth Israel Congregation - Main Sanctuary

start at Rabbi Yishmael

Sunday (Erev Rosh Hashanah) - Selichot/Shacharit - 7:15am

Mincha 7:00pm Maariv 7:35pm

Wednesday Fast of Gedaliah 

Fast Starts 6:03am Selichot/Shacharit 6:15am

Mincha 6:40pm Maariv 7:10pm

Fast Ends 7:39pm

Thursday & Friday - Selichot/Shacharit 6:30am

Mincha/Maariv 6:55pm

Beth Israel Satellite Early Minyan

@ Merchant One

524 41st street 3rd floor

Sunday Selichot/Shacharit 5:25am

Wednesday Selichot/Shacharit 6:15am Plan 5:25

Thursday Friday Selichot/Shacharit 6:00am

Wednesday-Thursday Plag Mincha/Maariv 5:45 pm

Monday - Friday 6:30 am

Masechet Megillah - Rabbi Pesach Schiffman

Monday 7:15 pm

Masechet Zevachim - Rabbi Pesach Schiffman

Wednesday Night After Maariv

Advanced Talmud - Rabbi Donald Bixon

As A Result of the Large Amount of People

Attending Rosh Hashanah Davening

It Is Advisable to Bring Your Own Machzor

Beth Israel Congregation October 2022 Calendar

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