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 'Guard Against Vocal Injury!'

Beth Lawrence's Tip - August 2013 !

Guard Against Vocal Injury - 

Teacher Sues for Voice Damage!


Did you know that Teachers have a very high rate of vocal injury?  Anyone who uses their voice in a noisy environment, like call centers, preschools, restaurants, or industrial jobs are at risk of damaging their voice.


Learning to speak correctly will minimize the effects of vocal injury, and should be an important component in any teacher or employee education.  In fact, proper use of the voice should be taught in schools!  One of the basics of the Lawrence Vocal System is the concept of releasing  the voice without harmful pushing, which is what most speakers do when trying to talk over noise.  See the short video below to learn more.


Here's an article about a Teacher who sued and won her case due to vocal damage.  


If you have nodules or damage from vocal misuse, there is help.  I work with people to rehab damaged voices with great results!  Having had nodules myself very early in my career, I know how important it is to learn healthy vocal habits that will save your voice from strain and stress.


Join the Bel Canto Revolution!  I did, and have never had another problem with my voice in over 30 years!!





My Beth Lawrence Tip - Guard Against Vocal Injury!

Singers - Don't 'Push''! - Release the Voice for Vocal Power!
Singers - Don't 'Push''! - Release the Voice for Vocal Power!





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