Greetings from Bethlehem Bible College!

Summer is drawing to a close and classes are beginning! To kick off this academic year, we are featuring our first ever graduate of BethBC, Saleem Zeidan, in Our Journey section. You'll also find articles about our academic dean speaking in Taiwan and our women's ministry update. One of our volunteers also reflected on their time serving with the College that you'll want to take in. And lastly, this month's Bible Live  features the sycamore tree from Jericho where Jesus called out to Zacchaeus. 

Consider coming and celebrating our 40 year anniversary this November 1st and 2nd here in Bethlehem! Register here

Many blessings,
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
President of Bethlehem Bible College

 First Cohort: 1981
Listen to BethBC's first ever graduate from the class of 1981. Be encouraged by his continued journey of faithfulness. 

Volunteering at BethBC: Forms of Happiness
"Words will never be able to fully express how deeply I was touched or how profoundly I was transformed. "

Bible Live: Zacchaeus Climbing a Sycamore-fig tree
How might we also come and follow Jesus in our current circumstances like Zacchaeus did?

Academic Dean Speaks in Taiwan
“I spoke from my understanding of the kingdom of God as a rival to Empire and religious institutions..."

‘A Pot in His Hand:” Last Meeting of Series
"Let your will be done, O Lord, not my will.” 

  • Please pray for our students, staff and faculty as we begin a new semester here at BethBC.
  • Pray for the organizers and participants in our women's ministry 'A Pot in His Hand' as they continue their outreach to empower women.
  • Governmental employees have not been paid in several months. Pray for an end to this strain caused by financial difficulties
  • In the summer heat and Israeli occupation, water resources are very limited. Pray for relief from this hardship.