Dear friends of BethBC,

What an amazing opportunity we have this month and every month to share the true love of God for the people, here in Palestine and around the world. 

As we express the love that he bestowed on us towards the people we are training and serving, we desire this love that transfer and change the face of this world towards something better. 

Jesus said that He came that people may have “life and life in its abundance.” For us to be in tune with Jesus’ desire for the nations, we always have to serve, function & work mainly based on His love for every person we interact with.

God bless you as you read our newsletter, may your heart be encouraged and may your spirit be stored to pray with us for God’s transformative love to make an impact. 

Rev. Dr. Jack Y. Sara
President of Bethlehem Bible College
Living and Volunteering in Bethlehem
Volunteering at the Bethlehem Bible College Guesthouse is proof that whenever you give of yourself and your time, you will always receive so much more in return.

Why Palestinians reject “the Deal of the Century”
by Rev. Jack Sara
 Deal after deal and agreement after agreement has made our people dull and suspicious of anything that is proposed. 

Bible Live:
I am Dark, Yet Lovely
This month's Bible Live is about the love song God revealed to us in Songs of Solomon and the belovedness of us in His sight!

A Christian response to the challenges of modern ME history
How did the events that have taken place since the early 20th century play a major role in shaping the history of the modern Middle East.  

Christian Theology & Ideology in Palestine
A new course that aims to educate Palestinian youth about their potential and the role of Palestinian theology in light of the current reality that we live in.

  • We are thankful for our community training programs. Pray that God bless everyone who joins them.
  • Pray for our leadership team and for the College development.
  • Keep praying for the refugees in Jordan through this harsh weather.
  • Pray for the Shepherd Society and their outreach programs.
  • Pray for peace in the region and for wisdom for the people in authority.