New Year Greetings from Bethlehem Bible College!

We now find ourselves in 2020, and we are pleased to share with you new updates as we enter this new year. You'll see articles in this month's newsletter that highlight our journey through 2019, the College's endeavors abroad, and our plan to become more sustainable in 2020 through our strategic plan. In celebration of 2019 and our 40th anniversary, we will be hosting a Gala dinner in Houston on March 6. We'd love to see you there if you can make it. See more information here

Our Bible Live this month focuses on John 10, which reveals to us how Jesus is our Good Shepherd. You'll also be encouraged to read about the latest issue of the Pot in His Hands  ministry magazine, which emphasizes how God works "in the meantime" of our lives. 

Be blessed as you continue in strength into 2020!
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
President of Bethlehem Bible College
A Year in Review
As the celebrations for Bethlehem Bible College’s 40th anniversary came to a close at the end of 2019, we wanted to look back on special and monumental events of 2019. 

Bethlehem Bible College Goes Abroad
 We have been continually amazed and thankful for the Lord’s provision and the work of his hand in the ministry of Bethlehem Bible College both locally and abroad
Bible Live: Me and My Sheep
This month's Bible Live is about the Good Shepherd in John 10. Take a look and be encouraged in the Lord's care for his people.

Starting a New Decade
As the whole world is starting a new decade, raising hopes for a better year, and writing resolutions to accomplish, we, at Bethlehem Bible College, have our own hopes and goals to achieve.
Prosperity After Drought
“We often have a dream for change that moves us from a difficult reality to another flexible, more comfortable and more successful one."
  • Pray for our upcoming strategic workshop and plans for the future of BethBC.
  • Continue to lift up the College’s major events and activities that are upcoming in 2020.
  • Intercede for refugees in the region who are suffering from the harsh weather and deteriorating political systems.