Greetings from Bethlehem Bible College!

We're now halfway through the year, and we have much to share with you. Regarding our students, you'll see that two of them are featured this month. We are excited for what the Lord is doing in their lives. 

We're also approaching the weekend of celebration for the 40th anniversary of BethBC, so I've taken some time to reflect on my time at BethBC from when I attended as a student up to my current time as serving as president. We also invite you to come join us and register to celebrate our 40th anniversary this November! For more information or to register, click here

This month's Bible Live focuses on the power of friendship by focusing on Jesus and Lazarus. Similarly, our Holy Land Blog also speaks of the importance of relationships and community in Palestine by sharing about summertime in Palestine. 

We trust you are doing well, and we pray blessings for you and your community!

Many blessings,
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
President of Bethlehem Bible College
 Rev. Jack Sara: From Student to Leader
I followed Him, became a student of His Word at BethBC, and now with his grace, He gave me the opportunity to lead the same College that made me who I am now.

 Summer in Palestine
Summer in Palestine is full of fun and excitement. School’s been let out, and concerts, festivals, BBQs and get-togethers are all in full-swing.  

The Power of Relationships
Conveying the power of friendship, this month’s Bible Live is shot in what was known biblically as the town of Bethany.

Student Internship with UCCD
Adham Araj, one of our Biblical Studies graduates, will participate in the Pastoral Internship Program at the UCCD this September.

Azad Kosa: Student Testimony
Our students are influencing the church globally through their ministries. Read their stories and be inspired.

  • Please pray for our prospective students that will be attending BethBC this fall. 
  • We praise the Lord for a successful summer community training programs hosted at BethBC.
  • We lift up our staff that are traveling this summer to share about the work of BethBC around the world.
  • Pray for the water shortage due to the occupation and for those that are without water. 
  • Israel demolished many Palestinian homes recently. Pray for the Lord to be present and move in this situation.