Summer Greetings from Bethlehem!

We're so pleased to share with you the exciting news of our most recent graduates from Bethlehem Bible College! We are proud of their hard work and fortitude to finish out their studies and continue on in their lives impacting the world for Jesus. This month's newsletter features founder of BethBC, Dr. Bishara Awad, as he shares about graduation and the ongoing journey of faithfulness. Please come and join us for our 40 year anniversary celebration this fall! Registration details are in the newsletter. 

One of our faculty also had an article published that is very timely that deals with the Palestinian context on eco-eschatology. And lastly, check out our most recent Bible Live video and see the places where our Scripture comes to live!

Many blessings to you in this summer season,
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
President of Bethlehem Bible College

Our 32nd Graduation

We are so grateful for Dr. Bishara - the one who started it all.
Listen to him speak as he witnesses the 32nd graduation of the College!

 Toward Biblical Ecological Eschatology in the Palestinian Israeli Conflict
There are many facets of the Palestinian Israeli conflict. The political, economic, and social ones get most of the attention. Yet, the ecological challenge is usually disregarded...
Revelation of Jesus as the Messiah 
See the location of the revelation of Jesus as the Messiah. It is here that Jesus asked the disciples who they think he is, and it is Peter who called Jesus the Messiah.
A Journey Towards Freedom

" Through these encounters, we can face the past and we can recognize our true selves when facing life."
Join Our 40th Anniversary
Join our 40th Anniversary celebration, and take part in our student impact celebration, the gala dinner and the Bethlehem tour.

  • Pray for our recent graduates.
  • Lift our volunteer, Lynn, in prayer for healing from her illness.
  • Pray for our Tawjihi (high school) students as they receive final grades and make future plans.
  • Pray for BethBC community training programs as they begin.