Spring greetings!

International Women's Day and Mother's Day were both celebrated this month in Palestine! Our content is full of inspiring stories of women in our society as well as our Bible Live video showing the site of the Samaritan woman with Jesus. May you be blessed, and stay tuned for our upcoming Easter highlights that you don't want to miss!

Blessings from Bethlehem,
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
President of Bethlehem Bible College
A Story Within the Story: Hala Ghneim
Hala’s own journey with the Bible College has been one of growth and grace. She describes her time starting off at the College as the new librarian..

Influential Palestinian Women under 50!
Despite all restrictions and despite the lack of all rights, the Palestinian woman rise against all to prove herself.

 Bible Live: Samaritan Woman
10th Visit to Serve Refugees
Pot in His Hand Ministry
Check out this month’s Bible Live video featuring the Samaritan woman!

The refugees are losing hope. It has been a while since they are in Jordan. They can’t work, study, travel, and they feel that life gave up on them."

'A Pot in His Hand' Ministry continues its monthly meetings and continues to affect women's lives.

  • Lift up prayers for peace and restoration in our war-torn and broken world.
  • Pray for the women of Palestine to rise with courage and confidence to be a change for peace and love in this society.
  • Pray for comfort for the families who have been traumatized and experienced death in Gaza with recent attacks.
  • Give thanks for a new season and new life in Jesus as we celebrate Easter!

Don't forget to check our Bible Live prayer video for this month on the Samaritan woman.