Blessings from Bethlehem!

As our fall semester is now well underway, and our 40th anniversary celebration is around the corner, we are glad to share with you an article about our staff and students as they begin the year as well as inform you that we've added a new diploma program to our courses. To register for our 40th anniversary celebration, click here . The final day for registration is October 10th!

Additionally, the International Day of Peace was recently commemorated, and you'll find a video featuring the Holy Land and our prayer for this land and its people. Our Bible Live  video this month is a story taken from Matthew 13: 3-9 about the seed falling on the good soil. May we have ears to hear the word of our Lord. 

In Christ,
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
President of Bethlehem Bible College

 BethBC Opens Its Doors for the 40th Year!
"This year has been special, and it continues to be..."

Prayer for Peace

Join us in praying for the peace of the Holy Land.

Bible Live: The Parable of the Sower
Check out this month's Bible Live featuring Jesus' story of the seed that falls on the good soil!

 Hebrew Diploma Now Offered at BethBC
Bethlehem Bible College has recently added a new professional diploma program in the Hebrew language for our community.

 Home Away From Home

With hospitality being the crown jewel of Palestinian culture, BethBC Guesthouse, strive to make our guests’ stay as homey and comfortable as possible.   
  • Praise God for our new students and the beginning of another academic year. 
  • Praise the Lord for his provision in launching our new course in Hebrew.
  • Give thanks for our two students and BethBC leadership that spoke at North Park Theological Symposium last week.
  • Praise God for his faithfulness in our Tour Guiding Program and for his blessing of our staff and instructors.
  • Pray for a renewed vision as we enter into a new season.
  • Continue to pray for peace in this land and among its people.