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 5 May   2016   

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May 10-20
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Join me in praying for the delegates, bishops, clergy, laity, congregations, and small groups across the denomination into a spiritual preparation for the 2016 General Conference. 
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sermon nuggets
  • Many times, after achieving or gaining a much-sought-after source of peace, we later realized that conditional peace would not be enough. Because authentic peace by its very definition carries a notion of inner unconditionality
  • Where one made a decision to let go of the need for control, approval, or conditions as a requirement for peace.  But this is a peace that is already a "decided reality" even before facing any situation; before facing any day. 
  • Or before the stillness of the morning is exchanged for the noise of the day, we can say, "Today I choose peace."
  • If there is ever a manifestation of peace, it is only an outflow of the Holy Spirit of Peace that dwells inside.
  • But here is the flipside of this reality: this peace that dwells inside also do its hard work of cleansing those elements within us that are un-peaceful. Meaning to be at peace there are sins that needed to be confessed. There are shadows that needed to be confronted.
  • To let go of self-pity so we can be at peace with who we are.
  • To let go of self-defense so we can be at peace with others.
  • To let go of selfishness so we can be at peace with God.
  • Every now and then, we have to go inside, breathe deeply, sit calmly, and allow our inner peace to spill over into acts of compassion or attitude of patience. 
  • The most valuable gift we can give to a world in turmoil is our own inner peace.
  • Sometimes we try so hard to fix our neighbor, to fix our relatives, to fix our society that we fall in the same attitude of tension, temper & control. Then we forget this basic truth: that what we don't have, we really cannot give.
  • So as Christians who profess to bear the Prince of Peace; as believers who proclaim the gospel of peace; as a church that lifts up the banner of we wear peace in our smile and our responses? Do we choose peace when there is gossip and condemning judgment going around? Do we speak peace when there are disagreements?  Do we radiate peace when there is confusion and fear?
Today let us receive the benediction of peace. Peace in moments of uncertainty. Peace in days when there is fear or pain. Peace where there is conflict. Peace in times of life's unexpected storms. Peace prevailing, peace embracing, peace in the arms of a loving God. May we now go into the world as peace-givers, as peace-makers. AMEN.

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