I am very happy to present you with the BethBC 2017 Annual Report. Inside, you will find updates on all aspects of the College: academics, leadership development, relief and development, staff and students. We are so pleased with what the Lord has done among us this year, particularly through the Online Biblical Studies Program! The reach of the College has now extended throughout the globe, and into the heart of the Muslim world. 
You will find much more information in the report, but please remember not to broadcast these details in public or on the Internet, as this could compromise the security of the program and students . The Online Biblical Studies Program section in the report with the E-Learning infographic is marked specifically to not be shared publicly. If you would like to send the Annual Report out to others, let us know and we can remove that page from it, so as to protect our students and staff that the information details. 
If you have any problems downloading the Annual Report, or if you have any questions or need clarification, please let our Development Department know.
We are so grateful for your partnership in carrying out this mission, and hope you have a very Merry Christmas!
Many blessings,
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
President  of Bethlehem Bible College