Warm greetings from Bethlehem!

Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner! It's been a bustling spring season as you will see from our newsletter. We have recently celebrated the victory of Bethlehemite Yacoub Shaheen in the Arab Idol singing contest. This is truly remarkable, and worth your time checking out our pieces that cover both Yacoub as well as Syriac Christians in Palestine.

Our Christ at the Checkpoint Young Adults "Kufiya and the Cross" held a workshop recently that engaged topics dealing with contemporary faith. Many locals from the area gathered to discuss with church leaders the direction of the local church and the role of young people in influencing this. 

As you prepare for Easter, we would love to share a gift with you. We have found the olive wood pocket cross to be a means of remembering and actively engaging the discipline of prayer and even fasting during the Lenten season. Check out one of our student's testimonials in the video included in this month's issue, and be encouraged during this period of reflection leading up to Easter. In the season that we celebrate the greatest gift of all, we would like to extend a free gift to you as well. Claim your free olive wood pocket cross anytime between now and April 16th. May you be blessed this Easter season.

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Jack Sara

Bethlehem Bible College

Bethlehem Bible College is familiar with diversity. Students, staff and volunteers come from different backgrounds, denominations, and even different ethnic groups.One of the small ethnic groups that strongly exists at BBC are the Syriacs. We have seven staff members and three students. One of them is the priest of the Syriac Orthodox church in Bethlehem, Father Butros Nimeh.


The bustling crowd entered the Solomon’s Pools Convention Center area smiling and clamoring with anticipation. Our local scout, now Arab Idol winner, Yacoub Shaheen, would be taking the stage shortly. People from all over Palestine came to see the newly crowned Shaheen give a free concert in his hometown: Bethlehem, Palestine.

The Christ at the Checkpoint Young Adults “Kufiya and the Cross” Committee held a workshop entitled, “Contemporary Faith” at Bethlehem Bible College last week. They discussed the challenges faced by Palestinian Christian youth and the relationship between young people and church leaders.


This March was a special month for BBC students. They experienced a lot of spiritual renewal and social experience in their lives through their community services in the area of Bethlehem.

The Student Council and Mrs. Shireen Hilal, the Dean of Students, in cooperation with BBC, arranged  a weekly visit to St. Nicholas Elderly Home in Beit Jala this month. They spent  quality time with the elderly there, prayed with them, talked with them, sang worship songs for them, and brought them gifts. Especially on Mother’s Day in Palestine (March 21st), they went to the elderly home to remind those people that they are not left alone, but loved by them and Jesus.



To celebrate the resurrection and to help you "HOLD FAST to the faith we profess" (Heb. 4:14), we want to give you a free locally-made cross. Follow this link to claim your gift: https://goo.gl/MjvTlR