We have many updates and new events to share with you! As the academic year is back in progress, we want to bring you up to speed with an encouraging story from one of our Online Biblical Studies Program students! You'll find this story of immense faith in our Holy Land Tales section. 
Additionally, you'll want to read about our alumni, Elias Dies, and his current endeavors as well as his words of encouragement to our current BethBC students! We are blessed when our students go on to impact our community as well as the international community! 
Our Media Department also hosted a gathering this month that put on a play for children with disabilities. It was a blessing to see our campus full of visitors and to provide a day of fun for those in attendance. 
In honor of International Day of Peace, we've created the following video from Bethlehem. Check it out!
We thank you for your engagement with BethBC and our community! We trust the Lord's hand in your life as we seek the Kingdom together!
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
Bethlehem Bible College
Welcome back to campus for our new and returning students of BethBC! We wish you the best and pray blessings over you as you begin this new academic year!
New Vision Media Center at Bethlehem Bible College hosted an event in cooperation with four institutions from the Bethlehem governorate that support people with disabilities ranging from mental to physical and visual disabilities. The four institutions are “Al-Malath” Charitable Society, Oasis Center, L’ARCHE (Ma’an lil- hayat) and House of Hope.

From the pyramids in Cairo to the House of Wisdom in Baghdad, the Middle East overflows with tales to tell of a time we have not lived, but are connected to. Ancient stories are made real as one walks the dusty roads connecting villages in rural country-sides. Stories from religious texts take on an entirely new appearance as one stands at the foot of a time-worn cathedral or mosque. These monuments, sites and cities speak to a time before that has lent us what we experience now in our present. 

For this month, I had a very nice interview with one of our most influential graduates, Elias D’ies. I asked him about his career, studies, running for office in our recent elections, directing the Bet-Lahem Live Festival, BethBC’s effect in his life, and a word from him to our new students as they are starting their new semester.

I hope you enjoy getting to know this amazing young man as much as I did.