May 24, 2019
Chicano Latino Caucus Opinion
California Democratic Party
The Largest Latino Democrats Organization In The Nation: 880 Latino Delegates
"Latinos Are the Backbone of the Democratic Party: Latinos Provided the Winning Margin to Flip  Two US Senate Seats and Fourteen Congressional Seats in the November 2018 Election
Donald Trump Wearing a MAHA Hat

By Carlos Alcala, Chair, Chicano Latino Caucus, California Democratic Party 
The Chicano Latino Caucus annual membership runs from January 1 through December 31 each year, so it's time for you to renew! Annual dues are $25. Eight hundred eighty California Democratic Party delegates are Latino, but you do not have to be Latino or a CLC delegate to join.  If you are not a CLC member, especially CDP delegates, we invite you to join the Chicano Latino Caucus.

PREFERRED ADMISSION. CLC meeting are regularly standing room only. As a CLC member you also enjoy early preferred admission status to filled meetings. 

PRE-REGISTER TO AVOID LONG LINES Avoid long registration lines to register by joining on line.  Renewing your membership is easy and convenient. Simply tap on the following link to pay online. Membership Online   Print and bring proof of membership to meeting.

Friday   May 31,  2019 7:45-9:30 pm
Moscone Convention Center, Room 204-205, 747 Howard St, 
San Francisco, CA 94103

NOTICE; The CLC loves all of our Democratic elected officials. However, we will be unable to schedule everyone on the agenda. We are honored to have you attend our meeting. Carlos Alcala will recognize and thank you for your attendance and we would be honored if you would stand and greet the crowd.
1.Welcome by Carlos Alcala, a moment of silence to commemorate the death of Natividad Lopez.  Carlos is joined in welcome  by Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes and SEIU Local 2015  Organizer Estuardo Polanco ( Home Health Care Workers have not had a contract for four years.  Call your County Supervisor to ask for negotiation). Welcome new clubs. Please stand.
2 minutes 7:30-7:31 pm
2.  Roll Call.  Gabriel Medina
1 minute 7:3 2 pm
3.  Approval of Agenda.   Krisna Velasco presents proposed agenda.  
1 minute 7:33 pm
4.  Approval of Minutes.  Gabriel Medina  
1 minute 7:34 pm
5.  Treasurers Report  Mary Jane Sanchez,
1 minute 7:35 pm
6.  Chair Carlos Alcala, Reports
1 minutes 7:36 pm
7.  Vice Chairs and Club Reports.  One half minute limit per person.
6 minutes 7:37- 7:43 pm
a.   Election. Chair Race.   Two minute speech by Mike Katz-LaCabe, Lenore Albert, Dr. Rita Ramirez, Rusty Hicks, Kimberly Ellis, and Daraka Larrimore-Hall in that order. Questions eliminated out of respect for other caucuses so candidates will have time to reach as many caucuses as possible. Initial vote by voice. Standing vote to endorse if necessary. This is a brand new vote. No one is bound by previous endorsement vote. Vote your conscience.  All candidates deserve our thanks for running.
15 minutes -7:44 - 7:58
b. Speaker. Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz, President MORENA will speak of immigration. 5 minutes speech and one minute question and answer.
4 minutes 7:59 -8: 03
c. Speaker Senator Narro. MORENA Party Head of Agriculture in Mexico on Immigration.
2 minutes 8:04- 8:05
d.     Speakers Nancy Trigueros and Rider Cooey Progressive Co Chairs  COPE Party, Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is a Sanctuary City
2 minutes 8:06- 8:07
e. Election. Chicano Latino Caucus Elections. Speakers in contested elections only.   One half minute for each candidate if contested. After speeches conclude, voting by secret ballot will begin. No voting before candidate speeches end.   No proxies. Voters must cast their own ballots.  
6 min.8:08-8:14
f. Speaker. Presidential Candidate, Congressman, Mayor, and former Cabinet Secretary Julian Castro to speak. Congressman Castro is the only Latino running for President. He is also the only Presidential candidate with an immigration plan. Trump currently owns the immigration issue because Democrats have not set forth a plan, except for Castro. 5 minutes speech and one minute question and answer.
6 minutes       8:15- 8:21
g.   Speaker. Beto O'Rourke   Presidential Candidate, former Congressman; former candidate for US Senate. O'Rourke represented El Paso n Congress. He is unapologetically Progressive. 5 minutes speech and one minute question and answer.  
6   min.         8:22-  8:28
h.       Recognize political leaders in attendance.  Thank you for your attendance and we would be honored if you would stand and greet the crowd.
6   minutes       8:29-8:35 pm
i.   Speaker.   Senator Bernie Sanders.  He is a people's favorite.   Presidential Candidate. Senator from Vermont. 5 minutes speech and one minute question and answer

 minutes         8:36 - 8:43
j.   Speaker.   Speaker. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus has confirmed to speak.   College Student Funding SB 291
6 minutes       8:44 -8 :50   pm
k. Motion. Endorse Bylaw Amendment CDP. Retaliation. Motion to Endorse and co-sponsor CDP Bylaw Amendment to limit power to expel from DSCC without review and without ability to make penalty appropriate. Officers decide if enforced against themselves. Bylaw published for all CDP in last CLC Newsletter April 2019. Text of Bylaw at
4 minutes 8:51- 8:55 pm
k. Motion, Bylaw Amendment of CLC E Board to raise annual dues to $25 by     Amending Article IV. Section 1 a.   as follows: "Annual Caucus membership dues shall be per calendar year from January 1 to December 31 as follows: member $25, $10 student member   (with ID), Movement member $250, Black Eagle member $500, Huelga member $1000." Amendment will be effective immediately. CDP now takes $5. This really just keeps our income at $20. Vote by hand.
3 minutes 8:56-8:59
l. Motion Bylaw Amendments requested by CDP. All amendments have already been implemented for current election.
  • Amend CLC Bylaw Article VII, Section1 to state: "The Chair of the Caucus must be a member of the Democratic Party State Central Committee (a delegate to the Democratic Party State Convention) listed on the DSCC roster of delegates."
  • Amend Article VIII, Section8. Currently, CLC Election Rules published online and on the CLC website already provide for a ten day cutoff period for appearing on the printed ballot for office. However, we will amend Bylaws Article VIII Section 4 to include this rule in the Bylaws as well as follows: "Section 4: .... The cutoff date for appearing on the ballot is ten days prior to the election. ....."
  • Amend CLC Bylaws Article VIII, section 8: Currently, CLC Election Rules published online on the CLC website and sent to all members allow all candidates equal access to the membership list. However, we will amend Bylaws Article VIII Section 8 to add this rule in the Bylaws as well as follows:
"Section 8: .... All candidates shall have equal access to the caucus membership list for the office for which they are running upon request. As an additional safeguard, election rules published online shall notify candidates of this equal access."   Equal access to the membership list was granted in this election.
  • Amend CLC Bylaws Article VII Section 1 as follows: "The Chair shall work with the staff of the DSCC to keep the record of online dues payments, and is responsible for keeping a full membership roster of current voting caucus members including who has paid and whose dues are waived. The effective date of membership on caucus records shall be the date a member submits a membership application that is approved."
m.M OTION : Currently we notified the CDP that we would continue as a caucus and not as a separate chartered organization. CDP has asked we verify that decision by a vote. "The CLC elects to continue as a caucus and not as a separately chartered organization. The Chair may terminate the chartered organization."
3 min. 9:00 - 9:03
n.   Dominic Dursa resolution Felon voting   Move and Vote.
3 min. 9:04 - 9:07
o. Other   Resolutions. Move and Vote.
6 min. 9:08 - 9:14
9. ANNOUNCEMENTS  Avance Party, Saturday, June 1, 2019 8:00 pm at Parc 55!
     ADJOURN NEXT MEETING JUNE 2, 2019, 3:00 PM TO 4:00 PM
9:15 pm
Carlos Alcala, Chair CLC CDP

Maybe the New Proposition 187 Will Cause the "Cucarachos for Raid" to Reconsider Their Positions
By Carlos Alcala, Chair Chicano Latino Caucus, California Democratic Party

In a surprise to HUD officials, the Trump administration has announced new rules on public housing that will impact Latino children and Latino families hardest of all. The rules will force 500,000 Latino families to surrender the benefits of public housing.  

Under the new rules US born Latino children and their US born mothers will be banned from public housing if the father is unlawfully in the country. This will force Latino fathers out of their homes where they support their children and wives.  Trump New Housing Rules Against Chicano Latino Families

Latino families are likely to follow the fathers out of public housing. Of course, that is the intent of the rule changes. This discriminatory rule should be enough to pull more Latinos into the Democratic Party in the same way that Proposition 187 did twenty-five years ago.
Caravan Refugee Children Escaping Violence

This action makes little sense. Under current law the rent benefits are prorated to limit benefits to only those residents that are legally present in the country. These new rules are aimed at taking benefits from Latino US citizens.

This is a long distance from DACA where Trump was stripping benefits from children raised in the United States but born elsewhere. The new rules under the hate filled Trump administration would now extend discrimination against Latinos to include US born children. An estimated 500,000 Latino families would become broken homes. Books are filled with statistics chronicling the ill effects that broken homes have on children.

HUD attributes the move to waiting lists rather than hate politics. However, the US born Latinos being forced out of public housing all qualify for public benefits.

In 1994, the Republican Party rode Proposition 187 into office in California. Proposition 187 was intended to deny public benefits to "illegal aliens." The new HUD rules are Proposition 187 revisited. Trump is taking a page from the Proposition 187 playbook. Proposition 1871 is credited with alienating Latinos from the Republican Party for a generation. Trump's war against Latinos will alienate a new generation of Latinos. These rules must become our battle cry for taking back the Senate. Latinos have no business allowing any Republican Senator to remain in office anywhere that Latinos have significant populations. In the November 2018 election, Latinos provided the winning margins to flip seven Congressional seats and two Senate seats. In 2020, Senate seats in Colorado and Texas are up. Latinos should be able to provide winning margins to flip both of these Senate seats, just as we did in Nevada and Arizona in 2018. The only Latinos that will remain in the Trump camp after the new Prop 187 will be those known in Latino communities as, "Cucarachos for Raid" [CFRs]. All of us Latinos know someone, maybe a crazy nephew or an uncle muttering to himself in the corner, who is a "Cucaracho for Raid." Forgive my immaturity, but name calling is the new political meme. Maybe I will write a "corrido" capturing the moment.

High School Registration
Norma Alcala, CLC Vice Chair for Northern California,  registered 105 high school students at Elk Grove High School on April 26, 2019.  Her totals are now 11,103 high school students registered in the last two years. This is the second time Norma registered at Elk Grove High this school year.

April 26, 2019, Norma Alcala Gleefully Registering High School Students

Gabriel Medina, CLC Secretary, and the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club registered 26 students at San Francisco High. The SFLDC club has permission to register at six San Francisco High Schools next year.

By Carlos Alcala, Chair Chicano Latino Caucus, CDP

Among the sounds of marching feet and voices shouting political
February 23, 2019 Arnulfo Diaz, Nativo Lopez, and Carlos Alcala, CLC Chair
slogans, Nativo Lopez' voice contributed to the sounds of protest. Nativo dedicated his life to standing up to injustice as a defender of the poor.

On May 18, 2019, an enlightened flame expired: Nativo Lopez died. Nativo was the longtime leader of Hermandad.  Mentored by the late Bert Corona, Nativo never stopped looking for the good in people. May he rest in peace.

In the last speech I heard him give, Nativo spoke against the suffering of families escaping crime, travelling hundreds of miles to the the US Southern border. He spoke of the plight of women and children escaping enslavement, rape, and murder who are daily denied the promise of amnesty to advance a xenophobic political agenda. Hatred of people of color accompanies each new generation of politicians who bottom feed on racism. Nativo exposed those nerves to apologists who fostered racism, while feigning innocence.

Nativo's final efforts were dedicated to the caravans travelling North in groups hoping for safety in numbers.  We will miss him.

Avance Convention Reception

Join us at the Zona Azul Reception hosted by  Avance Democratic Club, Los Angeles, in partnership with ILWU International on Saturday, June 1, 2019 8:00 pm at Parc 55! Get ready for an evening of conversation, reunions, and networking during the 2019 May California Democratic Convention. Appetizers and cocktails will be provided for Avance Club members (while supplies last). Special thanks to the  Los Angeles Democratic Party for support with the official Program listing.
The Zona Azul Reception will feature:
  • Appearances by very special guests
  • Complementary appetizers and drinks for Avance Club members
  • DJ + dance floor
  • On-site membership & information booth
Parc 55 San Francisco - a Hilton Hotel
55 Cyril Magnin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

San Francisco Chicano Latino Immigrants Club Chartered.
Credit Goes To Arnulfo Diaz, CLC Organizer

By Carlos Alcala, CLC Chair

In May 2019, the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee chartered the  first Chicano Latino Immigrants Democratic Club in Northern California.  The organizer for these clubs is Arnulfo  Hernandez, CLC Vice Chair for Central Los Angeles County.  The new president of the SFCLIDC is Jorge Garcia.  David Campos, Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee provided invaluable assistance.     They will be attending the Convention.  Northern Clubs are organizing in Marin, San Joaquin, Alameda, and Santa Clara counties.

Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Clubs are reaching a segment of the population that the Democratic Party was never previously able to reach.  The target Latino populations number in the millions.  Because the meetings are in Spanish and focus on
Gabriel Medina, Carlos Alcala, Norma Alcala, and Arnulfo Diaz San Francisco Formation Meeting
immigration, these Clubs offer meeting topics that are of great value to the immigrant communities.  This approach has made organizing possible.

Southern California has already chartered Chicano Latino Immigrant Clubs in Los Angeles and Orange County.  Clubs are organizing in San Diego, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties.

Additionally the Salvadorean community is now organizing Democratic Clubs and has notified the Chicano Latino Caucus that they want their own CDP caucus.  The CLC has pledged its support.

All the clubs recently forming  in the Latino community have been organized by CLC volunteers building the California Democratic Party. These Clubs are  prolific sources of volunteers. The Chicano Latino Caucus has organized these clubs in the same way that the CLC does voter registration: without any assistance or coordination from the California Democratic Party.  The CLC would welcome CDP resources and coordination from the next CDP Chair.

Latino voters provided the winning margins for all seven California congressional seats that flipped in November 2018.

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