November 3, 2020
Election Day
It's not over because you voted.

It's not over because 452,000 people
in Collin County voted early.

100,000+ people in Collin County will vote on Election Day, and you can influence their vote.

Our candidates need you. Our country needs you.


We have worked together, for so long and so hard, to right the wrong of 2016 and to win in Texas House Districts, County Commissioner seats, judicial races, and much more.

Join Collin County Democratic Party and WoW Dems as we watch the votes come in and the Blue Wave build!

We can't wait to see you all!

WHEN: TUESDAY, November 3, starting at 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: Virtual, via Zoom

RSVP below for the Zoom info.
Rep. Colin Allred US Congress Texas Dist. 32
Lulu Seikaly for US Congress Texas Dist. 3
Russell Foster for US Congress Texas Dist. 4

Collin County Becomes Competitive for Democrats

A Republican stronghold as recently as a few years ago, the county north of Dallas is now home to two of the most hotly contested state House races and a congressional contest about which Democrats are increasingly bullish.
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Sharon Hirsch for State House Dist. 66
Lorenzo Sanchez for State House Dist. 67
Angie Bado for State House Dist. 70
Ray Ash for State House Dist. 89
Andy Rose for State House Dist. 33

In Competitive Collin County, Texas Democrats See Chance to Flip GOP House Seats

Debbie O’Reilly, president of Women Organizing Women Democrats, dates the momentum to 2016. That’s when people began to realize they were not the only Democrat in the neighborhood, she said.

“Over four years I have seen people start to see, we say, ‘connecting the blue dots,’” she said. “Then they get that energy. They start asking for signs, they start wearing T-shirts, they start getting involved.”

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for Texas Supreme Court Justice

All-Republican Texas Supreme Court Sides with Abbott on Ballot Drop Boxes

The Texas Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled in favor of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's order to limit mail-in ballot drop box locations to one site per county, a decision that largely affects the Houston and Austin areas.

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for Collin County District Court Judge

The "Magnificent Seven" are the seven Democratic candidates for District Judge in Collin County. These candidates are experienced attorneys committed to service and fairness. Seeking to bring balance to Collin County where Republicans sit on every judicial bench, the Seven will bring the perspectives, legal experience, and diversity that Collin County deserves.

Be sure to vote all the way down the ballot and for the all of the Magnificent Seven.
Courtney Brooks for County Commissioner Pct. 1
Dianne Mayo for County Commissioner Pct. 3

John Turner-McClelland for County Tax Assessor-Collector

What is a County Tax Assessor-Collector?

Texas homeowners are aware of the main function of a Tax Assessor-Collector (TAC), which is collecting property taxes. Each city, county and school district contracts with the county TAC office to collect taxes on their behalf. If they didn’t do this, you’d be writing up to 5 or more property tax checks to different entities.

Municipal elections in Texas are non-partisan, but five candidates for municipal office in Collin County have asked for and received endorsement from the Collin County Democratic Party.
Hava Johnston for Frisco City Council, Place 5
Sadaf Haq for Frisco City Council, Place 6
Jess Herbst for New Hope Council, Alderman
Tom Ambrose for Wylie City Council, Place 2
Garrett Mize for Wylie City Council, Place 6
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