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The Energiser is the beating heart of a fencing system, delivering power to the fence line.

When chosen and installed correctly, it will control animals over long distances. Keeping them in or keeping them out.

You trust us to offer every brand of tag, expert advice and better prices. Now due to popular demand we offer every brand you need. A full range of mains, battery and solar powered Energizers to suit the smallest fence right up to the largest and most remote fences.

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What's in an electric fence?
It consists of these components

  • Fence energiser – emits a current pulse.
  • Conductor – tape, (plastic) wire, High Tensile or Equifence for conducting the power.
  • Posts – for fitting the conductor.
  • Insulators – insulate the power from the wooden or iron posts, so that it won’t flow to the ground.
  • Earthing – conducts the power back to the energiser when the conductor is touched. This creates a loop.

Just getting started with electric fencing? Check out our article outlining some of the basics you might need to consider. Click here: Electric Fencing - The Basics
Choosing the right Energiser:
Once you've decided what type of electric fence you want for your property, you will need an energiser. There are two types of energisers:

240v powered – these are energizer units which are plugged into a 240v power supply.

Battery/Solar powered – these are energiser units which can be left out in your pasture and require a battery to run them.

Two batteries can be rotated on a regular basis or a solar panel can be an effective means of continuously charging your battery. *Note: Some units will operate on either mains, battery or solar. Check the model specifications.

Steps to Good Grounding.....
Grounding is perhaps the most neglected component of many fence systems. We recommend three ground rods, 1.8m deep and spaced 3 to 4m apart are the minimum recommendation. Never attach copper to steel. Electrolysis can occur and result in corrosion which weakens shocking power. Use galvanized ground wire and grounding rods to avoid this problem.
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Gallagher (& Westonfence)
This month we're offering a solution packs to get you started or if you're already using electric fencing and want to improve your system why not call us to discuss brand and model variations.

As we offer all the best brands and we're able to provide impartial, expert and practical advice whatever your needs. Don't buy anywhere else until you've asked about our "Best Price Guarantee".

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What's New and of interest....
Gallagher's i Series Comms Pack
Remote control and 24/7 monitoring of your fence performance.

Remote & Fault Finder
Saves hours searching for and fixing faults. Be led directly to the location of fence faults, turn the Energizer off remotely for a safe and convenient repair – all without
needing to return to the Energizer.

Fence Monitor
Install up to six monitors on your fence line to measure performance in specific areas of your farm. Information is displayed on your Energizer Controller, Remote and Ag
Devices App.
WiFi Gateway + Ag Devices App.
Using i Series Energisers this provides real-time information about your fence performance, alerts you of fence faults and allows you to turn your fence on and off – giving you a better view of your fence.

Peace of mind with monitored fence performance
Know the status of your fence, 24/7. Check your fence voltage at anytime, anywhere.

Remote control of your Energizer
Turn your Energiser off and on with the swipe of a finger.

Now cloud connected!
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