August 2016

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Better Decisions, Better Government: Effective Data Management Through a Coordinated Approach 

This report describes the basics of how to get started with a data management discipline. It maintains a simple approach to gaining support including governance, bringing together the right stakeholders, and establishing a compelling business case. This report is the second in a series of reports that deals with WHY is data management important; HOW does state government get started.

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Events of Interest
Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute Mid-Year Briefing
September 13-15, 2016
Arlington, Virginia
National Association of State Chief Information Officers Annual Conference
September 17-21, 2016
Orlando, Florida
National Association of State Procurement Officials Annual Conference
September 25-28, 2016
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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The NASCIO 2016 State CIOs Make a Difference campaign emphasizes the important role CIOs hold in government operations and the innovative and strategic work they lead. The 2016 campaign ended in August with the State of Washington. 

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Annual Conference
Agenda Updates

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NASCIO Policy Talk

Meredith Ward, Senior Policy Analyst 

Earlier this year, NASCIO launched an information technology (IT) procurement reform campaign and released 5 recommendations for improved state IT procurement (

* Remove unlimited liability clauses in state terms and conditions
* Introduce more flexible terms and conditions
* Don't require performance bonds from vendors
* Leverage enterprise architecture for improved IT procurement
* Improve the negotiations process

The recommendations were endorsed by the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) and the two associations have been working closely on reform efforts in the time since.

In late July, state chief information officers (CIOs) and state chief procurement officials (CPOs) held a collaborative roundtable to discuss joint efforts and NASCIO and NASPO can work together to achieve meaningful state IT procurement reform. The roundtable focused on some key themes.

* First, as the owner-operator service delivery model for IT is changing and as states are moving to modern solutions (such as cloud services, managed services and agile development), states must adapt and respond to these forces of change.
* Second, a successful procurement process is the foundation for a successful project and successful solution, and so getting it right is crucial.
* Finally, CIOs and CPOs working together from the very start of an idea is critical to the success IT procurement.

As states continue to work towards a vision of digital government-which comes with the benefits of cost savings, efficiencies and transformation of service-NASCIO and NASPO will continue to work together to improve state IT procurement.

Have examples of successful state IT procurement projects? We'd love to hear from you. Email Meredith Ward, NASCIO senior policy analyst,
Watch on Washington Top 5

Yejin Cooke, Director of Government Affairs
  1. Who you gonna call? PPD-41: U.S. Cyber Incident Coordination defines "cyber incident" and "significant cyber incident" and also designates lead federal agencies for "significant cyber incident" response: DOJ via FBI for threat response; DHS for asset response; Director of National Intelligence for intelligence support. Read more here
  2. FCC update: Chairman Wheeler says FCC will take increased role in cyber. FCC's municipal broadband case unravels; court finds states CAN limit expansion of municipal broadband. Roughly 20 states have broadband laws that limit local government authority re: broadband.
  3. More info on FirstNet opt-out process: Authority to lease spectrum + RAN construction grant = federal grants. NTIA is developing factors to evaluate state alternative plans. Read NASCIO response here. Check out FirstNet decision tree infographic here
  4. Feds seeking comment: NIST seeking comments on cybersecurity (September 9); NTIA seeking comments on IPv6 (Oct. 3); DOJ seeks comments on accessibility (Oct. 7). 
  5. Worried about election security? After the DNC hack and this POLITICO article on how to hack an election, there's been talk (see here and here) of designating election systems as critical infrastructure. Natl Assn of Secretaries of State released this statement on cybersecurity and election readiness, noting that cyber is a priority for election administrators.
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NASCIO: Making Connections
NASCIO Executive Director Doug Robinson  attended and spoke at National Conference of State Legislatures 2016 Legislative Summit in Chicago, IL, August 7-11. He also attended the National Association of State Technology Directors Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., August 21-25.
NASCIO Committee and Working Group Schedule
  • Broadband & Telecommunications Committee
    Tuesday, August 30 at 2 pm Eastern
  • Privacy and Data Protection Working Group
    Wednesday, August 31 at 3 pm Eastern 
  • Enterprise Architecture and Governance Committee
    Thursday, September 8 at 2 pm Eastern 
  • Data Management Working Group
    Thursday, September 8 at 3 pm Eastern
  • National Innovations Forum
    Wednesday, September 14 at 12 pm Eastern
  • Cybersecurity Committee
    Tuesday, September 20 at 2 pm Eastern
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