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The first days of Spring and we're just back from the Cree Bull Sales! This month we're trying to answer all of your questions about ......

  • Tag Marking Options, what's the difference?
  • Special/Custom Tag Printing (Names & Logo's) What's new and how easy is it?
  • One Piece Tags! Focus on options, Free applicator and 80c per tag offer.
  • Weigh Scales & Data Collection. Better quality solutions with Tru-Test & Gallagher! Everything you wanted to know.

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We're often asked "how can my tags be printed?"
Here's an overview of the solutions offered by each tag maker. Whether it's names, numbers, logo's or bar codes, it's important to know your options. Want to find out more? Click HERE to read our full article.
Laser marking overprinted with pitch black ink. The mark is then coated by a shiny non stick Optimark surface.
Exclusively available from Allflex. When ordering tags choose Laza Black which is now offered on most sizes.
UV Inkjet marking in pure black ink. The surface is the heat treated to create to resist dirt and UV light.
Exclusively available from ZeeTags. When ordering tags choose the Pure Black option.
Hot Foil stamping uses heated metal characters in a pneumatic press which under several tonnes press onto a black or white foil and weld a pigment into the surface of the tag. Deep and dark this is mostly available from Leader Tags. Choose Hot Foil option.
A Laser beam moves across the tag and heats a doped additive in the plastic which changes colour to provide a long term, UV resistant
mark below the tag surface. Offers flexible layouts and less abrasion. Available from all tag makers.
Black tags and other dark colours need a contrasting mark. Where the doped additive in the plastic has been treated it is possible for a laser mark to produce a white/cream/grey contrasting mark. Available from most
leading tag makers.
Sometimes it's just easier to buy blank tags and mark yourself. Choose marker pens carefully though as they're not all the same. Good tag pens have a valve action, special ink to etch the surface and should be applied with at least two coats of ink.
Read more about printing options, types and styles in our article:
Artwork Assistance & Proof for approval.
Special Fonts & Barcodes no problem.
Special Events or Promotional Tags?
What's new this month?"
Here's the latest news and offers from tag makers! whether it's names, numbers, logo's or bar codes, it's important to know your options.
Ask for a FREE Custom Tag Proof
Add your phone number!
Due to popular request phone numbers can now be added with 10 digits available with Allflex LazaFX printing! See below...
Leader Q-1 Piece CowTags now only 80c each (+GST).
Plus for a limited time receive a Free Applicator with your first 500 tags (half price with 200 tags)
One Piece tags are a good long term management tag solution! See comparisons below.
Generic NLIS Cattle tags! With every 100 you buy, receive 25 Free!
High quality tags with cost savings.
Plus, add a free applicator with your first order for 200+ tags.
Allflex A-Tag is available in 2 sizes with LazaFX black printing as standard
Leader Q-1 Piece Tags are available in 2 Sizes. Cow or Calf, blank or laser printed
ZeeTags Original No-Snag One Piece tag is available in 3 sizes with PureBlac printing
Why not make life easier? Ask for Tray Packing.
We can arrange for your tags to be packs in sequence whether it's one piece and NLIS tags, TSU plus NLIS or Management tags with NLIS. For a small additional fee your tagging time will be shorter and errors avoided.
We also offer weigh scales, platforms and readers systems! Did you know?
Everyone knows we're just better 4Tags but to make the most of your tags to manage your animals weighing systems, data collectors (EID tag readers) and drafters are essential. That's why we're now your One-Stop-Shop for systems, accessories and spare parts.
Finding it hard to decide what you need? Read our article "Choosing the right Gallagher System"....
Finding it hard to decide what you need? Read our article "Choosing the right Tru-Test-System"....
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Whatever size, style, type or brand of cattle management tag you need we've got the solution.

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