Price Increase October 1

I have not increased my prices since opening my business in 2014. I thought about doing it several times but constantly decided patients come first and put it off. In 2014 a bale of coastal hay cost me $5 out of the field - it now $8.50 out of field and $2. to put it in my barn... Alfalfa hay was 12 now its 22, I didn't feed Timothy but due to health concerns - now that's their main hay at $39 a bale!!! A new Chevy Truck capable of hauling the horse trailer was $50,000 today it's $75,000. So unfortunately to continue to afford my lifestyle - my prices need to be adjusted. And you all feel the change at the grocery store... and on and on...

If you are on a set income and this will cause you hardship - please have a conversation with me. It is easy to save the credit card fee by paying with a check - I'll be happy to work something out.

I've been busy

In April Tom Mayes was at my place for a course on treating horses. It was a wonderful time and they stayed almost the whole month. I treated patients between the course work so I didn't have a day off that whole time. It was worth it to keep both businesses going... He was back last week for just a weekend course. This was much easier to schedule and I'm starting to take better care of myself - so I took off the day before and the day after the course work (as it is WORK). The great thing about it is the stuff I learn on horses increases my feel for the work I do with you and vice versa. I've been working on two amazing horses - one who competed in the Run for a Million completion in Las Vegas in August. So having missed his Derby completion as I was out of town doing my MFR 3 Class (in June) - I promised I'd go along to Vegas and keep both the horse and human ready for battle. It was a great trip - he came in lower than I think he deserved but in a respectable place.

My next adventure on the books is I am representing Bemer at the Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus Ohio Oct 3-10. I'm choosing to drive up as I hate flying in the best of times... Now I really prefer to drive. So I will be unavailable from Oct 1-13 at the office. I got to present the Equine unit at the live Dallas event Bemer held here in July and I did a private presentation for 10 distributors two weeks later at my barn in Valley View. It was fun and I got kudos from all the big wigs in attendance about how good my presentation was. I will be eventually hosting meeting in Denton when I get myself reined in and on a schedule. I'll keep you posted.

For the April Clinic - I had to do cross fencing, finish my gate, put in RV electrical hook up and general clean up around the place. I had the help of a local young man four weekends in a row with both of us working 8-10 hours to prepared for the courses. This trip around - he was not available. I did hire a neighbor to paint the house which looks great! I tore down the front porch railing as it had rotten boards but he did the rest, I power washed my 6 stalls (it's amazing how much horse snot Grimes up the walls - and I though I was just cleaning out cob webs and dust... Not hardly... I cut down and hauled off 8 tractor loads of brush out of the front pasture,( I gave up with about 1/3 to go as I just ran out of time to get every thing). I burned the burn pile which was quite large and burned mostly in one day but continued to be hot for a week... I did the weed eating and mowing of the whole place to prepare for this clinic... managed to sell my 41 round bales of hay and get that loaded 8 bales at a time over 5 evenings... It was always something (they had to go so the front lawn could become a truck and trailer parking area for 16 people... you get the idea - busy busy!!

I have meant to do this letter to you all (since April) - but kept going from one project to another- even with Bemer regular use there are only so many hours in the day. I had the energy to get all that work done but kept running out of time to write this letter and do the videos I planned...

My intention is to start producing video clips to help you learn stretching and strengthening exercises that will benefit you that you can refer back to on the web site. But that's also a learning process... I now have the Pivo that should make it easier (Amy use to run the camera...). I need to get over it and just start... and then I'll figure out how to put them on the web site. I did just revisit the website due to the price increase to edit everywhere the change needed to happen. I would not let me remove the non functioning video that is there but I will persevere till I get it changed.

I am actually going to take a REAL vacation in November. I'm booked in at Lake Tahoe (hopefully it didn't burn in the fire that is there). I have not taken a real - do nothing vacation since I got divorced. I always go take class and call it a vacation. I have a bucket list of getting to Alaska and Hawaii and to help make me do that - I bought into a timeshare with Diamond Resorts. It has a 10 year opt out clause so I'll be paying from now till then and taking my leave from the resort package at 71. Sounds about right to me... So I'm planning on Hawaii in January or February. This Lake Tahoe thing is the get acquainted with my time share weekend... We'll see what happens.

I continue to listen to Biofield Tuning audios and recommend you do as well. I am now offering Tuning fork sessions if people do not want to come to the office. (due to CoVid). It's a process that can be done at a distance or in person. Please check out Eileen's latest FREE session Acute and Long haul viruses as I believe it will help everyone. Her book Electric body, Electric Health is also full of wonderful information.

I would like to remind you that the Bemer can help you increase your circulation in the micro capillary bed where the cells function to keep you healthy. Now more than every - Every one needs a Bemer. I offer sessions at the office for $35 or weekly rentals for $200 - one week of renal price will be applied to your purchase if you go ahead and decide you need one. You have to understand that in two weeks of use - my energy level was significantly improved but it took three month of consistent use for the chronic rib discomfort which I had as a constant thing for 17 years to just magically go away...

Please consider tuning in this Wednesday to hear Dr. Berka address how Bemer supports wellness: Click on Wellness Wednesday September 22 at 7 pm CT for the zoom link

Our daily habits and choices are directly related to how we age and live. In addition to healthy lifestyle choices, BEMER Therapy can serve as an adjunctive treatment intervention that supports healthy aging and longevity. Dr. Berka will explore how Lifestyle Medicine and BEMER therapy can support you and your patients in their health, wellness, and longevity.

Wellness Wednesday

"Healthy Aging with BEMER"

September 22

7:00 pm CT

According to modern science, we have the capacity to live much longer and healthier than we are currently. Dr. Berka will explore how lifestyle choices and BEMER Therapy can support you in aging healthier so you may live the life you deserve.

Seeing is believing - Bemer works

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2016 - 4 man team comes in same time as 8 man team... 2018 8 man team beats record!!! Athletes love Bemer!

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