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January 2022 Newsletter
The new year is here, and I am excited about the opportunities that will present for reaching better health.

At no time in my own Lyme and mold illness journey have I felt more optimistic about the future of treating these conditions.

There is more of a focus now on research and new treatment options than I have witnessed at any prior time.

I look forward to the year ahead and to the new research findings and new tools that will continue to emerge.

Happy New Year!

Best of health,
FREmedica's DÉJÀ YOU Event
FREmedica is hosting another event in their "Changing Lyme For Life" series.

Join me and Dr. Rikst Attema, ND at the DÉJÀ YOU event on January 27th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST.

Not only will we hear Dr. Rikst's amazing personal story, but we will learn more about the WAVE 1 technology as well. One lucky participant will win their very own WAVE 1 device as part of this event.

Make 2022 the year you get back to the life you enjoyed before Lyme.

Overcoming Chronic Illness Masterclass: Infections, Toxins & Mindset
Toxic Mold Masterclass is just around the corner on February 21-27, 2022.

Speakers include: Michael Rubino, Beth O'Hara, Jill Carnahan, Brian Karr, Evan Brand, Gabrielle Lyon, Ari Whitten, Matt Pratt-Hyatt, JW Biava, William Shaw, Mary Ackerley, Jaban Moore, Brendan Vermeire, Eva Detko, and more.

You will also find my talk as part of the bonus lectures provided as part of the event.

Exposure to water-damaged buildings is arguably the top reason people become and remain sick.

I personally can't wait to learn from these amazing speakers.

Sign up now to save your free spot.

My Interview on Thrivality
I recently had the honor to be a guest on Eric Shadd, FDN-P's Thrivality podcast where we talked about "Rethinking Lyme & Mold Recovery".

I hope you enjoy listening to our talk.

Recent "BetterHealthGuy Blogcasts" Podcast Episodes
I've recently had the opportunity to interview several more amazing experts!  

Select the show graphic below, and you will be taken to a page on my website with all of the listening options available.  

To view past episodes, visit the BetterHealthGuy Blogcasts library.

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The Forum for Integrative Medicine 2022
The Forum for Integrative Medicine will be holding their 7th annual conference as an online, virtual event March 4-6, 2022.

Expert speakers include:

Daniel Amen, MD
Paul S. Anderson, ND
Scott Antoine, DO
Ann F. Corson, MD
Tania Tyles Dempsey, MD
Amy Derksen, ND
Emily Givler, DSC
James Greenblatt, MD
Alena Guggenheim, ND
Ashok Gupta, MA (Cantab), MSc
Magda Havas, PhD
Ruth Kriz, MSN, APRN
Sarah B. Myhill, MBBS
Greg Nigh, ND
William A. Seeds, MD
Amber Walker, PT, DPT, CFMP, CNPT
Samuel F. Yanuck, DC, FACFN, FIAMA

Event registration is open. Come join us!

Upcoming Online Summit Events
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