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July 2021 Newsletter
I am continuing to enjoy interviewing some of the brightest minds in the field on the "BetterHealthGuy Blogcasts" podcast.

Every discussion leads to new insights and a puzzle that becomes more and more put together. I hope you are enjoying them.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Beth O'Hara about detoxification and drainage. You will find our talk below.

In the upcoming couple of months, there are several excellent educational summits planned which you will also learn more about below.

I'm looking forward to learning from many of the experts at these upcoming events.

I hope you are doing well and moving towards better health!

Best of health,
Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness Summit is just around the corner on July 12-18, 2021.

According to the World Health Organization, chronic illness and disease are the leading causes of death worldwide – and they’re on the rise.

But nobody is talking about what’s behind many of these chronic illnesses, especially the ones that don't respond well to treatment. Mold and mycotoxins (small toxins produced by fungi present in our food and homes) are one of the major complications often found in chronically ill patients.

There are multiple ways that mold exposure can cause inflammation and toxicity in the body, complicating treatment for complex illness such as Lyme disease, ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), cognitive and neurological issues, chemical sensitivity, and fibromyalgia and other kinds of chronic pain.

If you have an underlying issue with mycotoxins, then your chronic illness may be treatable and reversible.

That’s why Gordon Medical's Dr. Nafysa Parpia and Dr. Eric Gordon are hosting the Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness Summit July 12-18.

They have brought together the world’s leading experts in chronic illness, mycotoxins, Lyme disease, mold, and more to help you thrive with a chronic disease.

At this extraordinary summit, you’ll learn the latest medical and scientific data connecting mycotoxins to illness and how to heal yourself and your loved ones.

The featured presenters and hosts will tackle topics like weight gain, SIBO, Lyme disease, autoimmunity, leaky gut, chronic stress, detox, brain health, memory, cancer, PCOS, MCAS, stress, and even libido.

Most importantly, the summit will give you the resources and tools you need to live an empowered life – even with a chronic illness or undiagnosed symptoms.

Get your free pass here.

Lyme Coinfection Comparisons Charts: What Your Symptoms Could Be Telling You
The team at RawlsMD.com has put together some beautiful charts that discuss the symptoms of various microbes involved in Lyme and co-infections.

You will not only find their "Telltale Signs" and "Shared Symptoms" illustrations, but you will also find a chart for each of the key microbes involved in Lyme disease such as: Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia, and Mycoplasma. They also provide a "Symptoms Overview" table that can help to distinguish symptoms of these pathogens.

My Recent Talk with Beth O'Hara on Detoxification and Drainage
It was an honor to be an invited guest recently on Beth O'Hara's Mast Cell 360 Facebook Live.

We talked all things detoxification including:

• Common Mistakes in Detoxification
• Role of Heavy Metal Detoxification
• Inflammation and Detoxification
• Difference Between Detoxification and Drainage
• Tools for Supporting Gentle Detoxification

Recent "BetterHealthGuy Blogcasts" Podcast Episodes
I've recently had the opportunity to interview several more amazing experts!  

Select the show graphic below, and you will be taken to a page on my website with all of the listening options available.  

To view past episodes, visit the BetterHealthGuy Blogcasts library.

If you are enjoying the podcast, please subscribe and rate the show on your listening platform of choice. The more subscribes and ratings the show gets, the more we can reach a broader audience with important information.  

Electro-Pollution Fix Online Course
EMF experts Nick Pineault and Brian Hoyer have teamed up to create the Electro-Pollution Fix Online Course.

This is such an important topic to consider in restoring health.

There's also an online quiz that can help to determine if your home is "electro-polluted".

They are so confident that you will find the course helpful that they even offer a 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee.

Future of Health Leadership Summit 2021
The Future of Health Leadership Summit begins on Sunday 1 Aug 2021!

The speaker line-up is top notch, and I'm honored to be among the speakers at this event.

Speakers include: Sarah Myhill, Dietrich Klinghardt, Michael Ruscio, JJ Virgin, Christabelle Yeoh, and many other great speakers...

Topics include: Autism, Complex Chronic Illness, Oral Health, SIBO, Functional Lab Testing, Fertility, Self-Healing, Environmental Illness, CIRS, Lyme, and more...

Upcoming Online Summit Events
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