September 2019 Newsletter -  Issue #59
2019 has been an interesting year so far.  I'm continuing my regular exercise focus with Vasper, and loving it.  It's the first time in years that I have been consistent about exercise and look forward to it.

My biggest challenge health-wise this year has been a new one.  I have slept well my entire life, but things shifted around January, and I've struggled with sleep for most of the year.  Fortunately, I'm optimistic that I'm getting a handle on it and will share more details in an upcoming blog post.

I continue to enjoy doing the podcast and learning from so many excellent guests.  I hope you are enjoying it as well.

The website has been moved to a new hosting platform which has increased the performance and reliability of accessing the site.  This was long overdue, and I'm very pleased that this project has been completed.

The photo here is from a recent training with Simon Yu, MD.  I'll be blogging about that experience very soon as well.  It was a powerful learning opportunity.

Thanks for your ongoing interest and support!  

In Better Health,
Body Electric Summit

For me, the Body Electric Summit is essentially the "Disneyland Summit" or maybe the "Toys R Us Summit".

With my interest in energy medicine and my belief that complex illness is best supported with light, sound, and frequency therapies, this event just could not get any better. 

Speakers include: Dave Asprey, Dan Pompa, Joe Mercola, Donna Eden, David Musnick, Evan Brand, Dietrich Klinghardt, Nick Pineault, James Oschman, Gerald Pollack, Kelly Halderman, Caroyln McMakin, Paul Anderson, Michael McEvoy, and many more. 

I am buying the recordings of this event as so many of them I can't wait to hear.

This FREE online event runs October 7-13.  Sign up now to reserve your spot .

AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine
In 2010, I read Simon Yu, MD's excellent book Accidental Cure: Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients.  

It was a book that shaped my health journey and ultimately led to me seeing Dr. Yu as a patient.  That work led to dental cavitation surgery as well as parasite treatment.

Dr. Yu's second book  AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine: Battle Plan for Your Life was just released and is an amazing compilation of leading edge information based on his work as a clinician working with many different types of complex, chronic illnesses.  

I highly recommend this book for those interested in learning more about the often overlooked factors that Dr. Yu so expertly identifies and treats with his patients.  

I also just recently had the opportunity to attend Dr. Yu's practitioner training in St. Louis and will be writing about that on the website very soon.  

Recent Blogcasts
Since my last newsletter, I've had the opportunity to interview several more amazing guests!  Select the image below, and you will be taken to a page on my website with all of the listening options available.  Enjoy!

TFIM 2020 - Downtown Seattle
Details on the upcoming TFIM 2020 can now be found on the  TFIM website .  The event will be held in Downtown Seattle on March 26-28, 2020.

Speakers include:
  • Dale Bredesen, MD
  • Joseph J. Burrascano, Jr., MD
  • Jill Carnahan, MD
  • Ann Corson, MD
  • Jill Crista, ND
  • Gerry Curatola, DDS
  • Katie Dahlgren, ND
  • Mark Filidei, DO
  • Kent Holtorf, MD
  • Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD
  • Ben Lynch, ND
  • Kelly McCann, MD
  • David Musnick, MD
  • Neil Nathan, MD
  • Sonia Rapaport, MD
  • Elisa Song, MD
  • Simon Yu, MD
This is a practitioner-only event so please share with your practitioners if you would like for them to learn from these amazing minds.

Learn More
"Rope Worms" - What Are They?
While the topic of rope worms is one that is still debated and needs more research, a recent article by Dr. Todd Watts, DC expertly summarizes what is known about this mystery today.

Learn More
Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

I recently had the opportunity to co-author an article on Mast Cell Activation Syndrome with Raj Patel, MD and Thalia Farshchian, ND.  

Considering Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is often a key exploration in recovering from chronic Lyme disease, mold illness, and related conditions.

Learn More
Sunlighten Sauna 20th Anniversary
I have been a fan of Sunlighten since my own sauna was delivered in 2008.  It still works as well today as it did over a decade ago.

Someday, I look forward to upgrading to one of their newer units that contains near, mid, and far infrared.

Detoxification is a foundation of wellness, and sauna therapy can be a very helpful tool in support of reducing toxicity and improving our internal terrain.

Sunlighten is offering a $100 discount to followers of  Just mention and get your special discount today.

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