Winter 2018 Newsletter -  Issue #56
Another year is almost behind us. 

Having been a part of the chronic illness community for nearly 22 years, I'm excited and hopeful in seeing the rate at which things are moving forward.

Lyme disease and mold illness are finally something that many people have at least heard of.  There is more focus now than at any time in the past on finding new solutions to improve the lives of those dealing with these conditions.

As we move into 2019, I feel more hopeful than ever that we are making progress and that we can get our lives back!  

My wish for all of us in 2019 is obtaining better health.  Thanks for your ongoing interest and support!  

In Better Health,
The Toxic Mold Summit

The impact of exposure to water-damaged buildings cannot be overstated in recovering from Lyme disease and many other chronic conditions.

The Toxic Mold Summit  is finally here. 

Don't miss hearing from experts such as: Dietrich Klinghardt, Kelly McCann, Scott Richmond, Terry Wahls, Jeffrey Smith, Wendy Myers, Todd Watts, Evan Brand, Mary Ackerley, Amy Myers, Christine Schaffner, Mark Hyman, Annie Hopper, Ann Shippy, and many more on this important topic.

This FREE online event runs January 28 - February 3.  Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Learn True Health
It was an honor to be on two recent shows with Ashley James from the Learn True Health podcast.

We talked about many of the key points that I raised in my article " Casting a Broad Net to Maximize Lyme Disease Recovery".

Ashley was great fun to talk to, and she knows her stuff!  I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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Vital Plan Select

I have shared the work of Dr. Bill Rawls and Vital Plan for some time and been very pleased with the products and information they make available.

Vital Plan Select Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD) has just been launched.  The product is "e xtracted from USDA-certified organic hemp, rich in CBD and native terpenes" and "contains up to 10 times more native terpenes than any activated CBD on the market".
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Recent Blogcasts
Since my last newsletter, I've had the opportunity to interview several more amazing guests!  Select the image below, and you will be taken to a page on my website with all of the listening options available.  Enjoy!

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: Triggers, Symptoms & How to Cope recently shared " Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: Triggers, Symptoms & How To Cope".  Mast Cell Activation Syndrome has become a key player in Lyme disease, mold illness, and many other related conditions.

Addressing this very early in treatment can often make a huge difference!
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ILADS 2018 Chicago

ILADS 2018 was held in Chicago in November.  

While I did not get to as many of the lectures as I have in years past, I did summarize a couple of the talks on Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.  

I hope you find them helpful.
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The Forum for Integrative Medicine

TFIM Seattle is just around the corner.  Speakers include:

  • Mary Ackerley, MD
  • Ann Corson, MD
  • Amy Derksen, ND
  • Kristine Gedroic, MD
  • Andrew Heyman, MD
  • Annie Hopper
  • Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD
  • Michael McEvoy
  • Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC
  • Neil Nathan, MD
  • Morley Robbins, MBA, CHC
  • Christopher Shade, PhD
  • Allison Siebecker, ND
  • Anju Usman Singh, MD
  • Tony Smith, DC
  • Theo Theoharides, MD, PhD
  • Ty Vincent, MD
Note: This is a practitioner-only event so please share with any practitioners that may benefit.
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Immune Defense Summit

Don't miss the Immune Defense Summit on February 18-24, 2019.  


Speakers include: Dietrich Klinghardt, Christopher Shade, Judy Mikovits, Stuart Nunnally, and many more. 


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