Volume 5 | September 20, 2019
Upper School News
Hello Upper School Families -

While Autumn officially begins tomorrow, we are certainly still wearing the face of summer. Let's enjoy the last moments of warm weather this weekend!

This week marks an important turning point in the year - the first midquarter!

  • Over the weekend, teachers will write midquarter reports for all 9th graders, all students new to Roycemore, and any student receiving a C- or lower. They may also write reports for any other student who they feel should receive one.
  • These are not official grades that are reported on a grade report or transcript, but are progress report check-ins at the middle of the quarter. The goal is to give an update on student progress and, if a student is struggling, outline suggestions for improvement in the final half of the quarter.
  • Mid next week, if your son or daughter is receiving any midquarter reports, you will receive an e-mail through RenWeb with a link to the report. Again, not all students receive these - if your son or daughter is a returning Roycemore student doing well in every class, you will likely not receive a report.
  • Students will also review these reports with their advisors in advisory this coming Thursday.

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
On Tuesday, September 24th at 10:15, we will have a short induction ceremony to formally welcome students to the National Honor Society. It will take place in the MPR and we ask that all new members sit in the front row so that they can come up and receive their membership certificates. The ceremony will conclude in under 30 minutes with some time to relax before C block. If you have any questions, please let Mrs. Byrnes know.

JST Kick-Off
This coming Wednesday, all US students will attend our JST kick-off assembly during Activity Period. This is an opportunity for teachers to present their group projects and for students to seriously begin thinking about what they might want to participate in. If you have any questions about JST, feel free to email myself or Bill
Horine, JST Coordinator.  

K ids Guernica-Nagasaki Peace Mural Project-September 23rd  & 26th
Roycemore will be participating in a global collaborative art project this month to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of WWII. Our students will work with Dr. Miyazaki, Professor of Anthropology at Northwestern University and Roycemore parent, to create a peace mural that will be displayed next summer at the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki. Painting will take place after school that Monday and Thursday. All students welcome!

Adobe and Northwestern Creative Jam, November 15th
Roycemore will be the 1st High School in the world to host a Creative Jam!
Creative Jams are Adobe events where local design thought leaders share a behind-the-scenes peek into their processes and projects. Teams compete in a tournament-style event that puts their creative skills to the test using Adobe Creative Cloud products. Roycemore is proud to partner with Adobe and Northwestern University to embark on this quest to host the first Creative Jam for High School students. All Upper School Roycemore students are encouraged to participate and more information will be coming soon. What an amazing opportunity for our students!

Please see below for a few reminders:)

Yours Truly,
Stefanie Rivera
Upper School Division Head

Loaner Chromebooks
There are a very limited number of Chromebooks available for students to use if their personal devices are not working. Please return immediately when finished. Thanks!

Medical Forms
If your child is a new student, we must have copies of their Certificate of Child Health Exam and Proof of School Dental Exam and Eye Exam Report forms by the first day of school. If your child is returning to Roycemore and entering 9th grade, we must have copies of their Certificate of Child Health Exam form by the first day of school. These forms are available on our website at  https://roycemoreschool.org/parents/roycemore-school-parent-resources/  State law requires this form be on file by the first day of school and your child cannot attend school without them. 

If you know your student will be absent on an upcoming day due to a medical appointment, college visit or other needed reason, please be sure to email: attendance@roycemoreschool.org. Students who will miss school should also take a form to their teachers for signatures and to get information on any classes they will miss. Forms are available in the Upper School office.