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From the Minister:  

Yesterday, the President banned transgender soldiers from serving. This week the Senate is voting on whether we fund health care to the poor, disabled, addicted and
elders. What are the core values that ground these decisions? What are yours?

Here's the bottom line: our core values are known by what we do.

At our Wednesday evening service each week, we offer a confession, and then rise together to recite this assurance of pardon, that we are forgiven by a loving God. It's taken from the New Testament Book of Romans. It reflects our core values:

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God.

If we trust this, then what do we have to fear? Nothing can separate you from God's love.

Of course, few of us are convinced of this each moment, or perhaps never fully convinced of it at all. We can't always feel that or sometimes even imagine it - that a
loving God exists and loves even me. But all of us do make a choice , every day, of whether to give our hearts to that vision of the world. Daily, is this my hope that I'm
willing to live by: that each and everyone is treasured beyond our imagining, by a force in the universe that continually works to support us becoming our best selves? What some would call God's dream for humanity, the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Here's my radical notion: it's extremely important whether we too are "convinced" about the lines from Romans above, or choose to live as if they are true. That will define our core values, what we do.

It will determine whether we are driven most by fear, or leap to dignify and help all others, because each is so dear to the God we serve.

More on Sunday - with some reflections on another president, Thomas Jefferson, and how this all may have applied to his vision for America.

Summer Services

This coming Sunday, July 30, will be our last Morning Prayer service at the Little Chapel for the summer.  All are welcome to join us at this informal service, beginning at 9 AM.

During August, there will be no Morning Light or Wednesday Communion services.  Morning Prayer services will continue each Sunday at 11 AM.  

We welcome everyone to join us back to our full schedule beginning again in September. 

Enjoy the summer!
Spotlight On

Amelia Nugent's Ordination    
Amelia will be ordained at Old South Church in Boston on Thursday, July 27, at 6 PM, during the regular Thursday Evening Jazz Worship, which includes music and communion. 

She joyfully invites members and friends of King's Chapel to attend  this celebration with her Old South Congregation, family and friends.
Worship with Amelia Nugent
Sunday, August 13, Amelia will begin to lead Sunday morning worship with the Rev. Joy Fallon and with other summer guest preachers.
Sunday, August  27, Amelia will offer the sermon at our Sunday Morning Prayer service (11 AM).
Upcoming Events...

Film Screening | August 3| 6 PM | MIT

The Racial Justice Program at King's Chapel invites you to join us August 3rd at MIT for a public screening of I Am Not Your Negro  (2016). (Directed by Raoul Pec k. 95 min.)   Location:  20 Ames St Building E15, Atrium Level, Cambridge, ( Bakalar Gallery in the MIT  List Visual Arts Center)

The film envisions James Baldwin's unfinished project "Remember This House," a proposal to his literary agent that was to be a revolutionary, personal account of the lives and assassinations of three of his close friends: Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr. At the time of Baldwin's death in 1987, he left behind only 30 completed pages of this manuscript. 


Screen time: 6:00 PM,  gathering at 5:30 in front of the gallery 
For more information, email me at Be a part of RJ@KC on Facebook 
Visit to Louis D Brown Peace Institute 
Friday August 11 | 2 PM

In our ongoing support of the Louis D Brown Peace Institute (LDBPI), King's Chapel  has the opportunity to meet Rev. Wayne S. Daley, a staff member, who will talk us about the work at the institute in many areas to address the immediate and long term needs of victims of murder, and to promote peace in our community.  As written by their founder, Chaplain Chery, "At the Peace Institute, we remain committed to serving all families of murder victims with the dignity and compassion they deserve regardless of the circumstances. We are here to support families so they can lay their loved ones to rest with respect. "  You can learn more about Rev. Daley and the LDBPI HERE.

King's Chapel has been a supporting the LDBPI by participating in the Mother's Day Walk for Peace, their main fundraiser, for 4 years. It is a profound experience to walk with and stand beside many victims of violence while supporting the work of the organization.

You are invited to join us on Friday, August 11 to hear first hand about the many programs of this organization,  Please contact Carol Genovese at if you are able to join us.

All-Church Barbecue at the Parish House Garden
64 Beacon Street, Boston, MA | Wednesday, August 16 | 7 PM
The main course and drinks will be provided; you are invited to bring side dishes or desserts.  For our planning, please RSVP to Gretchen Horton,, although you are always welcome!

Save the Date|  Sunday, | September 10
Homecoming and Celebration of Our History

Carl Scovel, Minister Emeritus:
Preacher |  11 AM

Celebration at the Parish House | 12:30 PM

The unveiling of the portrait of Carl Scovel, plus the introduction of  
'The Prayer Book Companion" by Carl Scovel, with signing by author. 

This is also our annual Homecoming party, welcoming back all of our members and friends who travel during the summer months.

More information to follow in later editions of Between Sundays. 
Please note that Joy will be at this ceremony so as to bless the home of the Baez-Silva family.  We hope that you can join her there!
From the Parish House

Over 30 people turned out last night for our second of the summer barbeque in the Parish House garden.  The food was excellent, thanks to the fine grilling techniques of Bob Fallon as well as all of the delicious salads and desserts provided by the party goers. 

An extra special treat was the introduction of Amelia Nugent, our new Assistant Minister.  Amelia and her partner Jacob, and were heartily welcomed by the King's Chapel family. 

Thank you Herman Woerner for your wonderful photos!

The final barbecue of the summer will be held on
Wednesday August 16 at 7 PM.  We hope that you can join us!

Our 2017 Stewardship Appeal
This has been an interesting year for our Stewardship Appeal.  While the committee has set a goal of $225,000 to raise in funds, the budget was approved with a goal of $200,000. To date, we have pledged funds of $120,000.  While this helps, knowing that by the end of the year funds will come in, pledges are far short of our needed goal.  Additionally, contributions received to date for the Stewardship Appeal are low. We have only $87,000 of a budgeted $100,000 in hand at our half-year mark.

This is a critical year for King's Chapel.  We have a wonderful staff who work hard to bring us our worship services, tell our history,  and keep us connected;  three historic buildings whose upkeep is critical; and a host of activities to feed us spiritually.   All of this cannot happen without your continued financial support.  

Please join the over 100 members and friends today, and help to support King's Chapel with your contribution.  If you choose to remit via check, you can  send to the Parish House, or drop in the offering plate on Sundays and note "Stewardship Appeal 2017"  in the memo line. Donations can also be made online

"We Rejoice with Those Who Rejoice, and Weep with Those Who Weep" 
                                                     ~ Romans 12:15
We rejoice today with Amelia Nugent, our new Assistant Minister, as she is ordained. It's an important day in her life, and we are blessed to share it with her. All praise and thanks to our God of Love! Our prayers flow out to Amelia, as she marks this special day in her life of ministry.

We rejoice with Bill Kuttner that the Boston Landmarks Orchestra chorus will be performing at the Hatch Shell, not far from the Parish House, in a free concert next Wednesday, August 2nd at 7 PM. They are singing Beethoven's Ode to Joy, in German, a language Bill has been working on more, since his son's family (and grandson) now live in Germany. For more information on the concert, click HERE.
In This Issue

Sunday Services
July 30
Morning Light | 9 AM
At the Little Chapel
Morning Prayer | 11 AM
The Rev. Joy Fallon will Preach
  • Carson Cooman, Guest Organist
  • Denise Konicek , Soloist
  • Paul Luca, Head Usher
  • Cathy Price, Usher in Charge
  • Paul Luca, and Amanda Pickett, Ushers
  • Zachary Charette , Verger
The Readings:
  • Psalm 119:129-135 
  • Old Testament:    
     1 Kings 3:5-12
  • New Testament:  Romans 8:26, 35-39

The flowers on the Communion table are given in loving memory of Patricia Doak Allan,
by her son-in-law and daughter Christopher and Jessica Schmidt.
At the communion rail following the service,
Bill Kuttner will greet those interested in learning more about King's Chapel.
After the service, all are invited to Coffee Hour, hosted by
Joan Hunt and friends of the Hospitality Committee. 

Tuesday Recitals
Tuesday, August 1 |         12:15 PM

Robert Simonds, violin
Bach, Bacon, Tartini

Staff Absences

Heinrich will be away on sabbatical during the months of July and August.  Carson Cooman and Sean Lair will provide music for our services in his absence.
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