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Choral Evensong for Pentecost Sunday | May 20th | 4:30 PM | King's Chapel

For an extra festive Pentecost  Sunday, we will close out the choir season with Choral Evensong this  Sunday, May 20, at 5 PM, with an organ prelude recital beginning at  4:30 PM.

Disclaimer: Most of the choir will be back for the church's birthday celebration on  June 10, but two of our graduating tenors, Quinn Bernegger and Daniel Lyng, have already flown the coop as they were all done with graduate school at Boston and New England Conservatories. And summer travel season is about to kick in - so do come say a collective Happy Summer to them all  on Sunday! Individual choir members will of course serve as cantors/soloists for our summer  Sunday services as is our custom.  

The prelude recital will feature mostly French works, by Widor, Vierne, and an  Evocation in memory of Louis Vierne by American composer George Baker. From there we will segue into some Pentecostal selections: You will hear  The Wonder of Pentecost by Danish composer Peter Møller, representing the generation of organists weaned on the music of Olivier Messiaen, whose influence is clearly audible in this description of the coming of the Holy Spirit as described in the Book of Acts. The piece is written in an A-B-A form, with the B section being a treatment of the plainchant used in the Danish Lutheran service for the congregational singing of the Apostle's Creed. Møller sets it in three different keys at three different tempi - a musical version of speaking in tongues.

Thomas Gregg and Albert Craig will sing a setting of  Veni Creator Spiritus by César Franck, and the choir will offer two very different settings of  Veni Sancte Spiritus, first a Renaissance antiphon version by Gregorio Allegri, then the text of the sequence for Pentecost, set to music by popular contemporary American composer Morten Lauridsen. From there, we segue into the standard Evensong texts. The Psalm assigned for the day is 104, the  Magnificat and  Nunc Dimittis are from Belfast Evening Canticles by British composer Philip Stopford, currently serving a church in Bronxville, New York. Stopford is also responsible for the  Queen's Responses. The cantor is Daniel Perry. The evening will close with Henry Balfour Gardiner's  Evening Hymn, and we come full circle with Louis Vierne's  Toccata from his  Pièces de Fantaisie for the closing Postlude.

Admission is free (as it is for all our services), but ushers will be standing by to gratefully receive any contribution you may wish to make as you exit.
From the Minister: It's Pentecost: Wear Red, Yellow, Orange, the Colors of Fire
You're the tourist in a foreign country, and the guide is excitedly pointing out sights, important things to understand, but you have no idea what's being said. She's too far away, so you can't hear. She's talking in her native tongue, and you don't know a word of it.
Then suddenly the guide's words comes through, amplified and in English! The small black box with earphones that she gave you is finally working, translating her words through a wonder of high tech, and you're fascinated by what's being explained. You worry about what you've missed. You intently listen, joining with the crowd around you, all mesmerized. It's a relief -- you've gone from being an outsider to being included, learning with everyone around you.
Church "speaks your language."
On Sunday, we celebrate Pentecost, the first time church spoke everyone's language, met them where they were, made sense to them despite all their different homes, customs, tongues.
Does church today speak your language -- meet you where you are, whoever you are, and wherever you are on your journey? Back then it was the work of the Holy Spirit, binding people together across vast differences. What's the Spirit trying to do now?
Come and wear red, orange or yellow, symbolic of the Spirit, fiery and alive!

-- Joy
Praying with the Mystics: Catherine of Siena and Hafiz | Sunday, May 20 | 10 to 10:40 AM | Parish House (Joy's Office)
Join co-chair of ARE Kent Wittenburg in an informal discussion of these two world mystics, from the Christian and Muslim traditions, respectively. Short poems attributed to them will be provided, drawn from the text we have read all year: Love Poems from God, translated by Daniel Ladinsky. First time participants welcome.
Blessing of the Animals | Sunday, June 3 | Parish House Garden

A service of thanksgiving and celebration of pets!   If you cannot bring your animal, we will gladly bless photos and even stuffed animals. We welcome all.
Look Back

Mother's Day March for Peace

The Community Action Committee has wonderful news to report! 
This year the King's Chapel Mother's Day Walk for Peace team had 38 walkers and raised over $3,360 to support the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute in their important work promoting peace and helping families impacted by murder, trauma, grief and loss. 

This increase of numbers I attribute partially to King's Chapel decision to support The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute as one of the three organizations on which to deepen our concentration on and commitment to. 
Thank you so much to all the enthusiastic walkers and generous donors. Also thank you to Jim Power for his leadership and beautiful signs, as well as Amanda Pickett, Judy Luca, Ryan Harrison, Miguel Gomez-Ibanez, Gretchen Horton, Reverend Amelia and Reverend Joy for all your behind the scenes work and ongoing support.  Thank you King's Chapel!!!
New Members Dinner 

Members and friends new and old met on Tuesday night to learn about King's Chapel history, tradition, and community. 
Many thanks to the committee chairs who came to meet new members and talk about the work of King's Chapel, and to Cathy Price and the Membership Committee who hosted the event.
Bistro 64 Pizza Party

Bistro 64 rounded out its first season with a Gourmet Pizza dinner at the Parish House last Saturday evening. Seventeen hungry King's Chapel members and friends enjoyed homemade pizza crusts and sauces created by Amanda Cegielski and Christopher Allen. Who knew that the kitchen could also double as a pizza parlor? Guests topped off the meal with a variety of delectable meats and vegetables, as well as sumptuous desserts, including Elizabeth Barnett's legendary biscotti. 
From the Church School
Some might ask: why would you get up early on Sunday morning on a chilly, cloudy day, rain or shine, to walk a few miles while carrying signs and, for some, pushing small children in a stroller? 

The answer is because King's Chapel believes in peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation. We acknowledge that the road one takes to offer forgiveness is not easy, so we walk every year on Mother's Day, step by step, to support the work of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute. I'm very proud of our Church School families for donating and participating in this event last Sunday, and I'm looking forward to continuing our conversation about peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation as we plan our program for next year.
"We rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep."
Condolences to former choir member and occasional musical visitor Mary Sullivan, whose father passed away on May 13th. 
We hold in our prayers Elise Wilmerding, who had surgery this week, and Gordon Holmes, who continues to recover from his surgery.  Both are beloved to us!
We also rejoice this week with Amanda Pickett, who turned 30!  She is such a voice of wisdom, light and strength among us.  Congratulations Amanda!
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Sunday Services 
May 20 - Pentecost

Morning Light | 9 AM
The Rev. Joy Fallon

Morning Prayer  | 11 AM
  • The Rev. Joy Fallon, Senior Minister
  • The Rev. Amelia Nugent, Assistant Minister
  • Heinrich Christensen, Music Director
  • Thomas Gregg and Albert Craig, Soloists
  • Marie Wells, Lector
  • Paul Luca, Head Usher
  • Todd Lee, Usher in Charge
  • Karen Dalton, Pam Bergeron and Mike Bergeron, Ushers
  • Gretchen Horton, Verger
The Readings:
  • Psalm 104:24-34, 35b
  • First Reading,
    Acts 2:1-12
  • Second Reading,              Romans 8:22-27
The flowers on the communion table are given in loving memory of Lydia and Jose Gomez Ibanez by their children and grandchildren.

After the service, all are invited to coffee hour, hosted by Julie Hyde and Friends of the Hospitality Committee.

At the communion rail following the service, Todd Lee will greet those interested in learning more about King's Chapel.

Evensong | 5 PM
The Rev. Joy Fallon
The prelude begins at 4:30 PM
From the Bench
Our  Sunday  morning music is comprised of selections from our Evensong repertoire by Widor, Allegri, Franck, Lauridsen, and Møller. Read more details in this week's spotlight article on Evensong. 
Tuesday Recitals
Tuesday  May 22, 12:15 PM 
Yi Li Chang, violin
Nicholas Southwick, flute
Mary Jodice, organ
Works by J.S. Bach
Save the Date
Sunday, May 20: Evensong

Sunday, June 3: Blessing of the Animals

Sunday, June 10: King's Chapel's 332nd Birthday

Sunday, June 10: New Members Join and Brunch at Parish House
Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, May 22 | 6 PM: Joint Vestry/Council Meeting

Thursday, June 14 | 7 PM: Changing of the Guard
Welcome to new staff

We are grateful that we have new staff to assist us with our weekly programs!

Rebecca Bowler is our new  Wednesday Evening service verger.  Rebecca just finished her M.Div work at BU, and has been interning at Old South for over three years.  She has lived and worked in Italy, Switzerland and Massachusetts, and in each place has been involved in church life of various denominations and cultures.  She came to King's Chapel to help broaden her abilities through a different ministry setting.

Andrew Stauffer is our new summer verger for our Morning Light service.  Andrew is an M.Div candidate, just finishing at Harvard.  His focus is on religious studies and education, and he has been active with tutoring and teaching classes and discussions in religions of the Middle East and Asia.  Andrew worked as a coordinator with Social Action Massachusetts, organizing and motivating faith communities to take action to end homelessness.

Kayla Popik is our new summer Nursery Care Provider. Kayla has just moved back to the area, having done prior work here with the Life is Good Kids Foundation. She has spent time working as teaching assistant and child care provider for children ages birth through age six, while also working as co-founder of the Vermont Student Climate Coalition and also the Tree House Program in Burlington, Vermont.
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Accessibility Assists

Our beautiful Georgian sanctuary designed by Peter Harrison and completed in 1754, has been lovingly maintained by the congregation since its completion. One of the box pews has been made wheel-chair accessible. Ushers are available to assist those who are wheelchair-bound to that pew.

A sound system has been installed in the sanctuary of The Chapel to amplify the sound during worship services. Hearing assistance devices are available for your use. Please see an Usher for assistance.