Keeping King's Chapel's members and friends connected each week while we are Physically Closed but Spiritually Open.
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Annual Meeting this Sunday
Sunday, May 16 | Noon | Please register here
King's Chapel has had an incredible year despite the pandemic!  With legions of members and friends engaged in a plethora of activities, the parish community was most active and fully engaged as you can probably tell from the Annual Meeting packet sent earlier this week. 

Please plan to join us this Sunday (register here for the Zoom link!) to hear all about the accomplishments of the year past and the plans for the year ahead from the Ministers, Trustees, Treasurer, Parish Council and Committee Chairs as well as the History Program and the Memorials Committee.  

We are looking forward to seeing you all!!!!  

Lee Glenn and Kathe German, Wardens
From the Minister

In my report for the Annual Meeting this week, I reflect that everything we did this year had two goals: to bring the congregation closer together as a community, though we were physically apart; and to nurture your souls, because our spiritual strength is vital in life's storms. We've tried to do this by providing over 100 worship services over the course of the year (two each Sunday), and by creating lots of on-line small groups, where you could be with one another, to learn and grow.
I know that virtual worship is not the same as hearing our choir live in our historic sanctuary, or listening to Skip Lewan lead us in song gathered close at the Little Chapel. But for those of you who have ventured out into our new ways of gathering, necessitated by the pandemic, I've seen new friendships grow, saw new insights gleaned, and witnessed countless occasions when from many, we became one. Not one in unanimous opinion or outlook - certainly not at King's Chapel, where we prize our independence - but we became one in our commitment to this church and to one another, in love.    
That's what the Gospel of John is about this week. John continues recount Jesus' last words to his disciples, when Jesus knew that soon he would no longer be physically present with them. It grieved him, as it has grieved us, to acknowledge the separation; we humans relish time in each other's company. But Jesus always retained his vision of us being united, despite physical separation, just as he and God were united, always, by a love that knew no bounds of time or space. Jesus' prayer to God was that all of us could be "one," as he and God were.
It's my prayer, too. I hope to see you all at our Annual Meeting this Sunday! 

News and Announcements

From the Stewardship Committee

Stewardship Wow!!!

What a wonderful response we have had to our Stewardship Appeal this year.  As of this writing, we are less than $5,000 ($220,362!)  from our budgeted goal of $225,000.
This is amazing and a credit to everyone who has so generously pledged and given.  In September, we will be reaching out again. There are many of you who make your annual gift each fall and we need your help in order to fund the important work that Joy, David and our terrific staff do on a daily basis. To anyone who hasn't contributed yet, please do.  While we may be close to our budgeted goal, we have a way to go to match last year's total of $279,000. Wouldn't it be something to match or exceed that amount this year and with 100% participation?

From the Stewardship Committee, sincere and heartfelt thanks!

Mike Bergeron, Gail Danckert, Alison LaRosa, Gregg Sorensen
Upcoming Minns Spring 2021 Lecture Series
First lecture: Friday, May 14th at 8:00 PM

This year's lectures are by Anthony Pinn, PhD. Pinn is the Agnes Cullen Arnold Professor of Humanities at Rice University and a renowned scholar of African American religious thought. His series is called, "Overlooked and Despised: Lectures on a Humanist Re-Thinking of Biblical Outsiders." 

The first lecture, "Job's Wife and the Price of Integrity", will be held on Friday, May 14th at 8:00 PM. 
In This Issue
Sunday Services

May 16, Morning Light  9:00 AM on Zoom 
  • The Rev. Joy Fallon, Senior Minister
  • David Waters, Minister for Education and Membership
  • Skip Lewan, Music
May 16, Morning Prayer
Available to watch all day on YouTube 
  • The Rev. Joy Fallon, Senior Minister
  • David Waters, Minister for Education and Membership
  • Heinrich Christensen, Music Director
  • Cynthia Perkins, Lector
  • Kathe German and Lee Glenn, Lay Readers
Scripture:  John 17: 11, 14-18

Did you miss last Sunday's service? If so, click here to watch the sermon. 
From the Bench
Our Homilius series of chorale preludes continues this week with Herzlich lieb hab ich dich and O gro├čer Gott. The choir will usher us gently from Ascension toward Pentecost with perennial favorite If Ye Love Me by Thomas Tallis, directed by Dan Perry.
Upcoming on Zoom

Minns Lecture: Job's Wife and the Price of Integrity
Friday, May 14 | 8:00 PM 

Annual Meeting
Sunday May 16 | 12:00 PM

Theology on Tap
Wednesday May 19 | 6:00 PM

Coffee with the Clergy
Thursday May 20| 10:00 AM

Giving to King's Chapel

Please consider a stewardship offering in a spirit of thanksgiving to help us through this challenging time.  Every single gift in any amount is equally valued and helps enormously.

Prayer Circle 

The King's Chapel Prayer Circle, led by Cynthia Perkins, stands ready to pray for any who request it, in complete confidence.  

To request prayers, contact one of the clergy: Joy or David
or Cynthia Perkins:
Contributing to Between Sundays

Our e-newsletter is sent each Thursday afternoon.  Want something in Between Sundays? Feel free to email Communications Coordinator Jennifer Roesch with a written piece and/or pictures before Wednesday at 5:00 PM.
Need to reach us?

While we are not physically at our offices, you can reach us via email. You can find our contact information with office hours on our website.
Theology on Tap
Wednesday, May 19 at 6:00 PM on Zoom 

Join us for Theology on Tap on Wednesday, May 19, for a discussion about the Holy Spirit in anticipation of Pentecost Sunday. How do you think about the Holy Spirit: wind, fire, dove? Come for a great discussion!
Membership Information Gathering
Tuesday, May 18 at 5:00 PM on Zoom

Thinking about joining our King's Chapel community? Have questions about our history, traditions, governance? Interested in hearing the stories of a cross-section of our membership while meeting new people? Come join us for a virtual gathering on Tuesday, May 18 at 5 PM where we'll answer these questions and more! Contact David Waters for more information. 
History Program
Thursday, May 27 at 5:30 PM on Zoom

The old saying "if walls could talk" is especially true at King's Chapel. With over 300 years of history within the walls of the 270 year old church, the building itself provides insight into the chapel's social history. Remnants of the past throughout the building, both intentionally preserved throughout its history or previously removed, inform us about the lives and challenges faced by congregants and members over the previous three centuries.

Join the History Program on May 27 for this virtual program, during which we will "deconstruct" King's Chapel, exploring themes of class, race, and gender as they are found - or were previously found - in the building's structure and decor.

This program is free and open to the public. Donations appreciated. Please register in advance here to join.
Pentecost Fun
Sunday, May 23

This Pentecost our Church School children will be enjoying a fun event in our Parish House garden to welcome the arrival of the Holy Spirit with kite-making, candle-making, and mosaic-making! We look forward to celebrating a great Church School year and enjoying fellowship and fun together!

Small Steps to Greener Living
From the King's Chapel Environmental Action Initiative

Did you know that the City of Boston has a community compost pilot called Project Oscar? 

Americans threw away more than 292 million tons of trash in 2018 and 63 million tons or 22% of it came from food waste.This astronomical quantity went straight into landfills and incinerators, creating harmful greenhouse gases and ground water pollutants. Composting food scraps can reduce gas emissions and prevent unnecessary landfill waste. 

Find out more here  and fill out this brief survey here to help the Boston find homes for 12 more bins.
Make Sandwiches for Common Cathedral on June 6th

Dust off your aprons and sharpen your bread knives!  King's Chapel is providing 150 lunches for common cathedral's June 6th program of sandwiches and worship.  Although we still can't join them in person, it is always so good to break bread with our unhoused neighbors who worship on Boston Common every Sunday, rain or shine.  

To sign up to help with this or future sandwich making events, please contact Carol Genovese.
Save the Date!
King's Chapel's Birthday on July 13, 2021

This year we will celebrate our 335th birthday! Save the date for June 13th where we will also welcome our new members. 

More information to come. 

Looking Back

Last Week's History Program

In case you missed last Thursday's virtual history program on Madame Bulfinch's Boston: Boston's Changing Landscape Through the Eyes of One Woman, the recording is now available to watch on the History Program's YouTube Channel! 

Last Sunday's Virtual Walk with the LDB Peace Institute: Walking, Donating, and Showing Up for Peace

Last Sunday, the Mother's Day Walk for Peace celebrated its 25th year, with a beautiful livestream that wove together poetry, music, and words from clergy, city and state leaders, athletes, activists, and survivors in an event that celebrated the potential for more peaceful communities, and help survivors and victims of violence.

And while we couldn't walk in person, King's Chapel members and friends showed up with beautiful homemade signs to snap photos and show our support.  You can see a few of the many wonderful photos here! Or, you can see a few of the many wonderful photos on our Facebook page here

We also marched with our wallets: the King's Chapel team has raised $7,135 of its $10,000 goal for the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, and the Peace Institute as a whole has raised $486,896 of its $600,000 goal.

Did you miss the livestream, or did you forget to donate?  Good news!  You can still catch the livestream here  and donate for the King's Chapel team here The fundraiser has been extended to Father's Day on Saturday, June 20, so it's a good time to remember that many fathers experiencing loss find support and healing thanks to the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute.

All donations will support the Peace Institute's many programs, providing consistent services for families of murdered loved ones and families of incarcerated loved ones to prevent cycles of violence, as well as running numerous advocacy and training programs.  We are so grateful to all who donated for helping us support this important social partner.
We rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.               ~Romans 12:15

We rejoice with David Waters, our Minister for Education and Membership, who celebrates his birthday today. 

Happy Birthday, David! We are grateful to have you part of the King's Chapel family.