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From the Minister:  

The image of God on a cloud:  has that ever been your vision of what the God-force must be like? All those cartoons of a human male form with graying beard, high above us in a fluffy, gated heaven?

I've never been drawn to that picture, not even to the acclaimed image from the Sistine Chapel of a burly, bearded God, side-stroking across the clouds, stretching toward Adam.  Maybe it's because I feel left out, as a woman.  Maybe my Protestant work ethic recoils at a reclining God, my activist impulses hoping God is busy solving the anguish of the world.  Perhaps I want assurance from a gentler image, closer to a Pieta or Madonna and child, where we are held, Another gazing into our eyes with understanding. Clouds seem fluffy, but far away.  Maybe I hope God is nearer, as close as my breath.

Those conflicting hopes are what interests me about the Ascension story, as told by Luke in Acts.  We do get the cloud:  as the disciples "were watching, [Jesus] was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight."

But we also immediately get two angels poking the disciples:  "Why do you stand looking up towards heaven?"  Didn't you notice, they seem to say, that even as Jesus was "ascending," he was also asking you to do things here on earth, saying you'd get "power" to speak to all the world?  Stop craning your necks up to the clouds! Find God where God really is - in the life you have alongside others.

Then these regular, living and breathing women and men turn and go back into the city-regular folks with real names, like Phillip and Simon and James and Mary.. and us.  That's an image worth pondering.  
From the Church School

This Sunday, May 28th, is our last Church School for the year before we have Children's Sunday on June 4th. To celebrate all we've learned, we'll test our knowledge of Bible characters and themes in a trivia style game. If you've missed some Sundays, that's ok. We will freely offer hints and prizes to everyone who participates.
From the Freedom Trail Program

Last Friday, the Freedom Trail Visitors Program hosted a Tour Guide Open House, inviting the city's tour guides and tour operators to engage more deeply with King's Chapel. The evening was a huge success! Those in attendance included representatives from several local organizations including the Freedom Trail Foundation, Boston By Foot, Lessons in Liberty, executive members of the Greater Boston Tour Guide Association, and independent tour operators. The group networked, toured the crypt and sanctuary, and had lively discussion about the chapel's history and all we have to offer visiting tour groups. Since the event, we have already seen an increase in walking tours visiting and engaging with King's Chapel!
Upcoming Events...

Racial Justice: Addressing Whiteness 

Book Group | Wednesdays, May 17 - June 7  | 7 PM

Waking Up White by Debby Irving. A book group 
meeting at 64 Beacon  Street, Boston (King's Cha pel Parish House).
Whiteness results in white people and peop le of color having different lived experiences and levels of awareness about how race,
 racism, and power  function in the United States.  The aim of this book club is to ground participants in an understanding of how they are impacted by/perpetuating issues of whiteness and to motivate participants to see, confront, challenge, and transform whiteness.  Whiteness is, after all, a social construct.  This means that while individuals and groups are shaped by whiteness, we also have the agency to shape it. 
Light refreshments provided at Parish House events at 7 PM.  RSVP to Gretchen Horton, Parish Administrator at  
Join the conversation online:  Racial Justice at King's Chapel Facebook group
Children's Sunday | June 4 | 11 AM

On  Sunday June 4th, the Morning Prayer service at King's Chapel will be a proverbial grand slam! We'll celebrate Pentecost, close the Church School year with Children's  Sunday, share in Holy Communion, and witness a baptism. Join us at  11AM. All are welcome!
Pride Parade | Saturday June 10 
Join the King's Chapel community in our celebration of Pride on Saturday June 10th in downtown Boston! King's Chapel will be marching again this year. 

We want to celebrate this year's theme of 'Stronger Together' ( We'll  be decorating the Chapel and the Parish House (located at 64 Beacon Street) before Pride to show our support. Marchers will be meeting about 10:30 AM downtown on Boylston Street and the Parade runs from 12 - 3 PM on June 10th. 

For additional information or to volunteer, please contact Gregg Sorensen ( or Chris LaRoche (

Celebrate our New Members and Birthday |  June 11

King's Chapel celebrates its 331st birthday on June 11, the same day that we welcome new members to our congregation.  Please join us at the Morning Prayer service to formally welcome our new friends.  A brunch at the Parish House will follow, provided by the Membership Committee.  We hope that you can join us!
If you would like to help with the brunch, contact Cathy Price at

King's Chapel Habitat for Humanity-Boston Build | June 17

We are gearing up for the King's Chapel Habitat for 
Humanity-Boston build.   The build runs on Saturday June 17,  from 10 AM   to 3PM with a lunch break.   The build will be at one of  the HFH-Boston sites now under construction in  Roslindale, Mattapan, or Dorchester.  The exact location  will be selected by HFH-Boston based upon the specific  build site requirements.  Work will be available for all  skill levels (including none). For more information on  HFH-Boston and the site where they build, go to  and 

King's Chapel has supported HFH-Boston both financially and with multiple volunteer efforts.  If you haven't done this before, please consider joining now. The minimum age to participate is 16. To enroll or for more information contact Emanuel Genovese at 617-738-6367 or

Stewardship 2017
We are on our way with our Stewardship Pledge Drive of 2017.  To date we have reached almost 33% of our goal in five short weeks!  Please remember to submit your pledge soon, so that we count that toward our ambitious goal.

If you did not receive a pledge card, contact Gretchen Horton at the Parish House offices at 617-227-2155 x 108, who will be happy to send one to you!

From the Parish House

Second Annual Beacon Hill Garden Club Soiree

Last Wednesday, during that brief warm spell that came through Boston, King's Chapel hosted the Beacon Hill Garden Club (BHGC) and guests for their second annual soiree. Held in the Parish House garden, the festive event kicked off the garden club's Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill annual tour. 

We are grateful to BHGC for their support in making our garden more beautiful.  Planning was done last fall, and a landscaper arrived the week prior to remove the old lilac, plant a new one and add other trees and bushes as requested.  Last year's plantings were in bloom, and the lawn continues to look amazing.  

Thank you to our King's Chapel members Alecia Manning and Karen Cord Taylor, both members of the BHGC in helping to make this happen, and to Betsy Peterson who hosted the evening.  It was a lovely night, and we look forward to partnering with the club in the future!
Garden Club soiree 2
Garden Club soiree 1

"We Rejoice with Those Who Rejoice, and Weep with Those Who Weep" 
                                              ~ Romans 12:15

We hold in our prayers all those who are recovering from recent hospitalizations and surgery.

We rejoice that Beth Chapin is making good progress at home after her shoulder replacement surgery two weeks ago. She needs to take thing slowly, and wait six weeks before moving her right arm at all, or beginning physical therapy. Emails continue to be best, rather than phone calls or visits.  

Leo Johnson needed another hospital visit over the weekend so that the medical team could control the pain he suffers from his multiple lower spine fractures, but we rejoice with him that he has been released to Newbridge on the Charles Rehab in Dedham ( 781-234-9500). He'd welcome calls or visits from his friends at King's Chapel.

Betsy Peterson had successful hip replacement surgery on Monday this week, and is back at home. We rejoice with her!

We also ask for prayers for our Assistant Minister Search Committee, as they continue to seek a new minister for our congregation.  Upholding them in prayer will be a wonderful gift to this hard-working team:  Chair Levina Wong, Dean Denniston, John Natoli, Amanda Pickett and Cathy Price. Pray also for our next Assistant, whoever that may be. 

May azaleas
In This Issue
Sunday Services
May 28

Morning Light | 9 AM

Church School | 10 AM

Morning Prayer | 11 AM
Joy Fallon will Preach
  • Sylvia Soderberg, Lay Reader
  • Paul Luca, Head Usher
  • Charles Perry, Usher in Charge
  • Marie Wells, David Wheeler, & Amy Meyer, Ushers
  • Rosalie Wilbur, Verger
The Readings:
  • Psalm 68:1-10   
  • Old Testament:        
    Daniel 7:13-14
  • New Testament:  
    Acts 1:6-14
At the communion rail following the service,
Marie Wells will greet those interested in learning more about King's Chapel.
After the service, all are invited to Coffee Hour,  hosted by 
Anne Sexton and friends of the 
Hospitality Committee.

Wednesday Service
May 31
Holy Communion |  6 PM
The Rev. Joy Fallon will Preach
  • Joei Perry, Soloist
  • Lia Atanat, Verger
From the Bench:
By Heinrich Christensen

While the choir enjoys a much deserved 3 day weekend, Karen Gardner will sing Bach Cantata arias for  this Sunday's  service. The organ voluntaries are also by Bach, Prelude and Fugue in E Flat Major, BWV 552. 
Tuesday Recitals
Tuesday, May 30 |  12:15 PM

Craft String Quartet
Works by Fanny Mendelssohn & Caroline Shaw

Update From our Library:

There is a new addition to the Parish House Library donated by Betsy Peterson: 

"In Memoriam: A Practical Guide to Planning a Memorial Service" by Amanda Bennett and Terence B. Foley is now available to be read at our location at 64 Beacon Street.
Upcoming Meetings

* Tuesday, June 13:
   Parish Council Meeting 6 PM
   Changing of the Guard 7 PM

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Accessibility Assists

Our beautiful Georgian sanctuary designed by Peter Harrison and completed in 1754, has been lovingly maintained by the congregation since its completion. One of the box pews has been made wheel-chair accessible. Ushers are available to assist those who are wheelchair-bound to that pew.

A sound system has been installed in the sanctuary of The Chapel to amplify the sound during worship services. Hearing assistance devices are available for your use. Please see an Usher for assistance.