Keeping King's Chapel's members and friends connected each week while we're "Physically Closed but Spiritually Open."
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Learn this Sunday about the global arm of the Unitarian Universalist Association, the UU Service Committee (UUSC),  led by our own King's Chapel member, the Rev. Mary Katherine Morn. The UUSC is our voice for those whose world-wide basic human rights are denied. UUSC works with local organizations to address the dislocation caused by climate-change; natural disaster crises (such as the hurricane that destroyed Abaco in the Bahamas ); Central American immigrant rights; and human rights abuses across the globe (in Syria, Haiti, Burma and Nepal). Since the pandemic, they've focused on COVID safety within the camps in Bangladesh where Rohingya people have been forced to take refuge after fleeing BurmaAs we learn together this Sunday, I hope King's Chapel becomes energized again to become involved in the vital work of the UUSC. -- Joy
From the Minister 

I am thrilled to welcome to our pulpit this Sunday King's Chapel member Mary Katherine Morn, President and CEO of the UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee), high-lighted this week at the annual General Assembly of the UUA.
On Sunday, Rev. Morn will discuss the current work and history of the UUSC which began in the shadows of WWII, when a Boston minister's family saved many children who otherwise would have died in the Holocaust.
Rev. Morn brings a wealth of experience to her current position. She was the Director of Stewardship and Development and Special Assistant to the President for the national UUA; a minister leading congregations in Virginia, Texas, Alabama, Washington, DC, and Georgia; President of the Senior Ministers of Large UU Congregations; and the former co-chair of the UUA President's Council.
Come to be inspired!
For a complete list of activities and events happening at King's Chapel,  go to the calendar on our website  and click on the entry for more information. 

History of King's Chapel's Memorials | 
Today at  5:30 PM|   Zoom

Join the King's Chapel  Zoom "Block Party" | Toast Farewell to Longtime Member Karen Hawthorne | Friday 5 PM | Zoom
Children's Zoom Event

We're excited to gather the children of our Church School for KC Kids' Time on Monday, June 29, at 4pm. This half-hour Zoom session with David Waters will feature time for prayer, sharing joys and concerns, and envisioning what future Kids' Time sessions will include! For more information, please contact David at and don't forget to bring your candles!
David Away

David Waters, our Minister for Education and Membership, will be away from July 1 - 20 to spend time with his family in Atlanta. He's looking forward to helping his parents settle into their new home and celebrating his goddaughter Isabella's First Communion! While he's away, Joy remains available for pastoral care and ministerial needs.

Weekly Bible Study Wednesdays  6:15 PM |  Zoom
Coffee with the Clergy Weekly on Thursdays 10-11 AM | Zoom
Conversations with the Educators: Revolutionary King's Chapel | Thursday July 2, 12 and 5:30 PM | Zoom
Save the Dates: Joy's Sermon Series "Do Not Be Afraid"
On Sundays July 3, 10, and 17, Joy will preach on the message found throughout the Bible: "Do Not Be Afraid." In a time when so much is changing in our world, and the future is uncertain, let's live into these hymn lyrics, based on Christ's words: "Be not afraid, I go before you always, Come follow me, and I will give you rest".
In This Issue
Sunday Services 

June 28th Morning Light 
9 AM via Zoom
  • The Rev. Joy Fallon, Senior Minister
  • David Waters, Minister for Education and Membership
  • Skip Lewan, piano
June 28th Morning Prayer 11 AM via YouTube

  • The Rev. Joy Fallon, Senior Minister
  • David Waters, Minister for Education and Membership
  • Heinrich Christensen, Music Director
  • Emily Bieber-Harris, soloist
  • Amanda Pickett, Lector
  • Carol Kemp, Denton Crews, Heinrich Christensen and Gregg Sorensen, Lay Readers
  • Matthew 10:40-42
Did you miss Sunday's Virtual Service?  If so, click here to see the full service. 
From the Bench
For this Sunday's service, choir member Emily Bieber-Harris has undertaken another recording experiment, multi-tracking herself. It's the new frontier of cloning, everybody!

The piece she selected, "What Will Your Harvest Be", is from a collection Emily found browsing around an antique bookstore. P.P. Bilhorn's Soul-Winning Songs were published in 1898 and definitely represents both the music, poetry, and theology of its day:

This is the golden seed-time, what will your harvest yield?
What is the seed, O sower, dropped in the waiting field?
Into the open furrow, under the sunlight free,
Seed from your hand is falling, Oh! What will your harvest be?

In observance of the virtual general assembly of the UUA this weekend, we are using hymns from the newer UU hymnals, including one with a text by our new member and guest preacher Mary Katherine Morn.

Giving to King's Chapel
Our stewardship giving to King's Chapel continues even as we are not physically together each week. This includes our annual pledges and gifts as well as our ongoing contributions to the Sunday plate. If you have not yet sent in your pledge or gift please  do so now and help us in this moment when we truly need it. If you are used to putting money in the Sunday Plate each week to support our community partners and our operating budget, you still can. The loss of this income, about $30,000, has an immediate impact on our community partners and our bottom line. Consider a monthly donation to the Sunday offering--maybe $50,$60,$75, $100 to make up for the lost weeks of attendance. Embracing our stewardship role is a way to joyfully and thankfully support the daily ongoing work that keeps King's Chapel thriving. Thank you. 

Staying Connected with King's Chapel
While we are physically closed we are spiritually open and are working to find ways to continue our connection with you, our beloved members and friends.  

Ways in which you can reach us are:

Morning Light Worship via Zoom, 9-9:30 AM each Sunday. Contact David Waters at for login information. 

Morning Prayer services are posted each Sunday at 11 AM on our website at 

Prayer Connection
For those in need of a prayer, or a virtual pastoral call, please reach out to Joy  at 617-227-2155 x109 or email  , or you can reach David at 617-227-2155 x 105 or email
Contributing to Between Sundays

Our e-newsletter is sent each Thursday afternoon.  Want something in Between Sundays? Feel free to email with a written piece and/or pictures before Wednesday at 5 PM.
Parish News
Virtual UUA General Assembly through Sunday

The first-ever virtual General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association takes place this week with speakers, workshops, general business sessions, and festive events. Over 4,000 devoted UUs are registered, some from King's Chapel. The full program of events is on the UUA/GA website.  For more information on highlights expected to draw interest from King's Chapel, or to find out how to get a "reserved seat" virtually to the UUA/GA, click HERE

                                                      Cynthia Perkins                                  Joan Hunt

Two Members Assume Leadership Roles

Longtime King's Chapel member Cynthia Perkins has agreed to serve as leader of the King's Chapel Prayer Circle, a group of ten church members who pray regularly and confidentially for those who have requested prayers. The Prayer Circle offers regular prayers for those who do not wish to be publicly named on the Bede List; those names are read aloud during Morning Prayer. To read more about the Prayer Circle, click HERE.

Thanks to Joan Hunt for agreeing to chair the Chancel and Decorating Committee.  We trust that she will have many hands to support her in fulfilling this important role once we return to the sanctuary for Morning Prayer.
From the Environmental Action Initiative, sponsored by Adult Religious Education
Compelled by spiritual and moral imperatives, a group of members of King's Chapel has formed to discuss the climate crisis and what we might do about it.   To that end w e have  formed a new discussion board called Box Pew Climate Forum .  We invite all to read and participate in the discussion.
Our initial project focus is on plastics waste.  Read more about it HERE

You're Invited to Walk the LABYRINTH

Cynthia and Dick Perkins invite King's Chapel members and friends, who may be seeking a safe, out-of-town activity in nature, to come and enjoy a contemplative walk in their labyrinth. Read more HERE

Anti-Racism Resources and Ways to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

Click HERE for resources compiled by Minister for Education and Membership David Waters, Community Action Committee Chair Amanda Pickett, and the King's Chapel History Program. We encourage you to do what you are able to combat racism and police brutality, whether it's physically attending a rally, contributing financially to the cause, or educating yourself on our communal history of injustices. We encourage you to check our page regularly, as we will continue to make updates. 
Looking Back
Poor People's March - Speaking Up for 140 Million Poor Americans

Joy and David participated last weekend in the Virtual Poor People's March on Washington, which highlighted the needs of 140 Million poor Americans, and presented a comprehensive legislative agenda to Congress to transform lives. For more information, click here.

Worship Reflections: The Benefits of Worship by Video or Zoom
Like you, I miss worshiping together in our beautiful spaces, hearing our live musicians and congregational singing, and enjoying conversation during coffee hour. Now I preach to a little camera on the back of my phone and sing by myself while muted on zoom. But I'm learning the unexpected benefits of our virtual worship! Click here to see if you agree with my Top Five Benefits of Virtual Worship.

Heinrich's recital at the great organ of Methuen last week was viewed over 1,000 times in the first 48 hours after it was streamed!    If you missed it, you can still catch it here.
"We Rejoice with Those Who Rejoice, and Weep with Those Who Weep"                                                                                 ~ Romans 12:15

We rejoice with member Jane Kuchefski on the wedding of her daughter, Kathryn, to Kyle Cousins at the couple's Weston home last weekend. Rev. Fallon officiated at a small ceremony using the wedding liturgy from the King's Chapel prayer book. Skip Lewan, pianist at the Morning Light service, provided the music. Jane had driven from her current home in Illinois several weeks ago to quarantine prior to the ceremony and will be in the area for a short time before returning home.
We rejoice with long-time member Karen Hawthorne, as she moves to LA in July to be closer to her daughter, Simone. 

Karen raised her children in our church school. She journeyed with us as they grew, as she suffered the death of her husband from cancer, and cared for elders in her family. In the last seven years, Karen served regularly as a host at hospitality events, worshiped at Morning Prayer, and enjoyed King's Chapel music events. Karen has been a professor of English at Bunker Hill Community College, and a longtime English teacher.  She hopes to return to the Boston area multiple times a year, once travel is eased post-COVID.