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on Sunday, April 29, 2018 
at approximately 12:30 PM

King's Chapel, at the Corner of School and Tremont Streets  Boston, Massachusetts

Directly following Morning Prayer, the Annual Meeting of the Society of King's Chapel will take place at the Chapel for the purpose of: (1) electing Members of the Vestry, Committee Chairs, and the Nominating Committee; (2) hearing reports by the Senior Warden, Senior Minister, Trustees, Parish Council Chair, and Current Committee Chairs; and (3) affirming the results of the visioning process undertaken this year, which determined that our Community Action work should focus for the next three years on three priority partners: The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, Common Cathedral, and the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry;   (4) such other business as shall come before the Meeting.
From the Minister: I'm Learning from You
 "Those who say, 'I love God', and hate their brothers or sisters, are liars."
Isn't this a bit harsh? Because in my situation....
Years ago I participated in an 18-week church course about living a Christian life in community - in our church and in the world. Not about Christian virtues while we sat quietly alone, or in a pew soaking in the silence and peace. Rather, Christian life in the real world - when our own family says hateful things, a co-worker demeans us, a stranger is rude, the world doesn't care. In the course, a gifted minister would offer a reflection each week, then for an hour participants would talk together in a small group. We'd be randomly assigned to a group of 12 for the duration of the course; spouses and good friends were affirmatively split up. None of us knew it, but based on years of experience across the nation, a pattern for this class would likely hold: we'd start out liking the other members of our group more as we shared and bonded; then after 6 or 8 weeks we'd reach a crisis where tempers flared and people threatened to leave; but by the end, if we persisted, we'd have learned to love each person in the group, even if we didn't like them.
It worked.
Steeping ourselves week by week in the acts and words of Jesus, and with the help of trained group facilitators, by the end of four months we did come closer to loving other group members in God's way: caring about how each of them fared, with no desire to inflict harm on them, and choosing to always treat them with great respect and kindness, even if we really didn't like them. To act in a loving way wasn't a feeling, but a decision. And that decision could be perfectly consistent with quietly deciding not to co-chair a project with a particular person.
We might love without liking.
Church has always been fertile grounds for practicing God's kind of love, from the first small group of 12 disciples, to the churches described in Acts. I see you practicing this love all the time at King's Chapel: forgiving past hurts, understanding better each others' pain, listening patiently to those with whom we disagree, generously loving and helping sisters and brothers. Thank you. I'm learning in this place.

"Beloved, we love because he first loved us...those who love God must love their brothers and sisters also." (1 John 4)
Ten Hills Farm Book Group Extended | Tuesday, May 1 | 6 to 7:30 PM | Parish House
For the last three Tuesday evenings, a group of about 15 has read together excerpts from Ten Hills Farm: The Forgotten History of Slavery in the North by C.S. Manegold. Due to our rich discussions, we have added an additional session on Tuesday, May 1. All are welcome, whether or not you have attended before. The book follows the history of the owners of one property -- Ten Hills Farm in Medford -- where the mansion of King's Chapel member and donor, Isaac Royall, Jr. was located, and still can be visited today along with its slave quarters. No preparation is required, although participants are urged to read this excellent book (copies available in our church library).  For more information, contact Rev. Fallon at
                           Professor Samira K. Mehta
The Minns Lectures | Saturday May 5 | 6:30 PM | King's Chapel Parish  House

The Religiously Complex Congregation in the Religiously Complex World. Americans are more likely to develop religious lives that pull from multiple religious traditions. What do these changes mean for how Americans experience their lives? This year's lecturer, Professor Samira K. Mehta is a scholar of religion and the politics of the American family. She studies families' practices and how families create meaning. Lecture 3 of 3: Saturday, May 5, 6:30 PM: "Beyond Chrismukkah."
Julian of Norwich: British Mystic - A Sunday of Music and Learning | Sunday, May 6 | Both Services | King's Chapel
On Sunday, May 6, we welcome guest preacher Lee Hittner-Cunningham to preach about one of their favorite mystics, Julian of Norwich, a 14th century author and the first known woman to publish a book in English. Special music based on Julian's writings will be performed at both services, at 9 AM by Dean Denniston and at 11 AM by our full choir.
Bistro 64: Gourmet Pizza - As You Like It | 
Saturday, May 12 | 6:30 PM | Parish House
Bistro 64 continues with a cozy, informal evening of gourmet pizza prepared by Amanda Cegielski and Chris Allen on Saturday, May 12 at 6:30 PM in the Parish House. Your hosts will provide handmade dough (sourdough, Sicilian, Neapolitan, flatbread), as well as tomato sauce, nut-free pesto, and mozzarella. The event will begin at 6:30 PM, and the main course will be served from 7-8:30 PM, directly from the oven. What's your role? You provide pizza toppings, a side dish, salad or a dessert to share. 

RSVP online or send an email to Chris Allen at or Hospitality Chair (aka pizza-making assistant) Gregg Sorensen  at

Join us!  "Special orders don't upset us. Have it your way" at Bistro 64 in the Parish House. 
Walk with Us and Walk for Peace on Mother's Day! | May 13 | 8 AM or 9:30 AM | Fields Corner, Dorchester or Roxbury Crossing

Get ready to walk!
Join us as we walk in solidarity with Louis D. Brown Peace Institute to promote compassion, dignity, and peace. 
To register for the King's Chapel team to walk (or to make a donation) click  HERE
The Mother's Day Walk for Peace supports the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, which was founded by last week's guest preacher Tina Ch é ry. The Institute promotes healing, teaching, and learning for families and communities impacted by murder, grief, trauma, and loss. The heart of their work is with families impacted by murder on both sides.
Sunday, May 13, 2018 
Town Field Park, Fields Corner
1520 Dorchester Avenue
King's Chapel team members will gather at Town Field Park at 8:00 AM for a short program and a 6 mile walk.  Many members will join us at Madison Park High School at 9:30 AM for a 3 mile walk. Wear purple!

We will participate in the walk almost to the very end, which is at Government Center/City Hall Plaza but will peel off at King's Chapel in time for the 11:00 AM Morning Prayer service. 
Questions? Contact Carol at:

The Mother's Day Walk for Peace is an inspiring day of Love, Unity, Faith, Hope, Courage, Justice, and Forgiveness.
  •  It's for everyone: families impacted by violence, community members, organizations, college students, musicians, architects, artists, and -- simply put -- anyone who cares about supporting survivors and community healing.
  • The walk started in 1996 as an opportunity for mothers of murdered children to receive support and love from their neighbors. Twenty-one years later, the Mother's Day Walk continues to be a powerful way to honor loved ones who have been murdered and embrace a shared responsibility to create more peaceful communities.
  •  King's Chapel's fundraising goal is $2500. Please join us! Ways to get involved include: A) registering to walk, B) donating, and/or C) promoting the walk on social media! 
The official Louis D. Brown Facebook event can be found  HERE.  #mothersdaywalk4peace
Membership Dinner | Tuesday, May 15th | 6 PM

Are you interested in membership? Come to the Membership Dinner, Tuesday May 15th, to learn about King's Chapel's history and traditions, while getting to know other members of the community over a meal.

RSVP required: email or speak with Cathy Price, Head of the Membership Committee, at to learn more. 
Choral Evensong for Pentecost Sunday | May 20th | 4:30 PM | King's Chapel

The grand finale of the choir season will be coming up on Pentecost 
Sunday, May 20, when we celebrate Choral Evensong. Heinrich will play a prelude recital at 4:30 PM, and the service will begin at 5. Music by Widor, Vierne, Baker, Møller, Stopford, Gardiner, and more.

Admission is free, an offering will be accepted. 
Happy Spring!

Spring must finally be here, as seen at staff meeting this week! 

Pete's tree, in the Parish House Garden, given by Betsy Peterson in honor of her husband Pete.
Look Back
Chaplain Tina Ch éry, the founder of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, reminded us of God's call to us to be peacemakers in our lives and in our world. 

See the sermon HERE.
On Sunday, we heard Tina Chéry, founder and president of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, speak to us about peace and forgiveness. She started the Peace Institute after her son was killed by a stray bullet when he was caught in a crossfire. After hearing her words of wisdom and inspiration, a question arose during our Church School program: how can a person immediately forgive someone who has just killed her child?  Finding the resolve to forgive someone takes time. One has to undergo a journey within in order to find the peace that forgiveness brings. Tina Chéry has dedicated her life to cultivating peace in our city. Teaching someone to turn the other cheek takes a long time to set in. It takes dedicated mentors and teachers, role models willing to talk through hard questions. If you found Tina's words moving, helping out the Church School is an excellent way to take that action toward peace. 
From the History Program

Coming in May: Art & Architecture Tours

Join the History Program beginning this May on an Art and Architecture Tour.  Explore the sanctuary from new perspectives, focusing on themes of continuity and change throughout King's Chapel's 332 year history. On this tour, guests explore both floors of the sanctuary to experience the stories the building itself can tell us about the church's history. From what we know about the first wooden chapel to why the church is no longer painted pink like it was 200 years ago, there is so much to learn about the architecture and material culture that construct how people experience the space today.

Daily Tour Times:
Mondays through Saturdays: 10:15 AM and 4 PM
Sundays: 4 PM
$5 per person
April School Vacation Week

Last week, the History Program opened its doors to students and families from across Massachusetts and the world during April School Vacation. Over the course of the week, we welcomed 5,613 visitors, some coming to support friends and family running the Boston Marathon, and others visiting Boston to commemorate the start of the American Revolution right here in the Boston area on April 19, 1775. Forty-five percent more visitors took guided tours than during April Vacation in 2017, and our new scavenger hunts proved extremely popular. Of the visitors who joined us for guided tours, many came from Massachusetts, but we had visitors from as far away as Mililani, Hawaii and Surbiton in southwest London! 
From the Parish House
Help Needed:  Walk for Hunger | Sunday, May 6 | 7 AM to 7 PM | 

King's Chapel will be hosting the Walk for Hunger's "command central" team at the Parish House during the event on May 6.  They will be at the Parish House from 7 AM to 7 PM on the day of the walk. 
Because we have a policy of having a staff or church members at the parish house while it is in use, we need your help to enable them to be here. Time slots are 7 - 10 AM, 10 AM - 1 PM1 - 4 PM, and 4 - 7 PM.  Please contact Gretchen at administrator@kings-chapel. org to sign up.
From the Church School
In the past few months, the Church School Committee has met to discuss the current state of our program, the direction in which we wish to proceed, and the methods we'll take to get there. On Sunday, May 6th at 10 AM, the Church School Committee will meet in the Parish House for the final time this programming year to plan our events beginning in the fall 0f 2018. As the Church, we should have an investment in passing on our faith tradition to the next generation. If you are interested in being involved with our youngest generation of King's Chapel, I invite you to attend this vital meeting regarding the future of our Church School program. 

- Ryan Harrison, Church School Director
We rejoice with the family of Elizabeth and Christopher Barnett on the wedding last weekend of their son Alex to Laura Hand. Family members from across the globe came to King's Chapel for the joyful occasion. The flowers that have graced the Governor's Pew this week are from their wedding.
We hold in our prayers our member Jane Kuchefski, who has shared that she will be moving to her childhood home of Bloomington, Illinois in early May. Jane has been a warm and caring member of King's Chapel for several years. We will all miss her and will also celebrate with her this decision that leads her into new life!
In This Issue
For Video Sermon Please Click Image
Sunday Services 
April 22

Morning Light | 9 AM
The Rev. Joy Fallon

Morning Prayer  | 11 AM
  • The Rev. Joy Fallon, Senior Minister
  • The Rev. Amelia Nugent, Assistant Minister
  • Heinrich Christensen, Music Director
  • Mary Sears, Soloist
  • Louise Perkins, Lay Reader
  • Paul Luca, Head Usher
  • Sylvia Soderberg, Usher in Charge
  • Karen Dalton, Todd Lee and Paul Luca, Ushers
  • Clark Aitkins, Verger
The Readings:
  • Psalm 22:25-31
  • First Reading, 1 John 4:7, 18-21
  • Second Reading, Acts 8:26-38
Chancel flowers are given today in celebration of Christopher Allen and Amanda Cegielski's anniversary.

After the service, all are invited to coffee hour, hosted by Joan Hunt and Friends of the Hospitality Committee.

At the communion rail following the service, Bill Kuttner will greet those interested in learning more about King's Chapel.
From the Bench
The organ voluntaries this Sunday are Vaughan Williams'  Three Preludes on Welsh Hymn Tunes . The choir will sing a newly composed setting of Christina Rossetti's lovely text  Tune Me, O Lord:

Tune me, O Lord, into one harmony
With Thee, one full responsive vibrant chord;
Unto Thy praise all love and melody,
Tune me, O Lord.
Thus need I flee nor death, nor fire, nor sword.
A little while these be, then cease to be,
And sent by Thee not these should be abhorred.
Devil and world, gird me with strength,
To flee the flesh, and arm me with Thy word:
As Thy Heart is to my heart, unto Thee
Tune me, O Lord.

- as well as a few chestnuts on the theme of Love: Thomas Tallis'  If Ye Love MeJohn Stainer's  God So Loved The World , and John Ireland's  Greater Love Hath No Manfeaturing soloist Mary Sears.
Tuesday Recitals
12:15  May 1: 
Michele Pinet (harp)
Bach, Corelli, Salzedo and more
Save the Date
Sunday April 29: Annual Meeting

Tuesday May 1: Ten Hills Farm Book Group

Sunday May 6: Praying with the Mystics: Julian of Norwich

Sunday May 6: Church School Committee Meeting

Saturday May 12: Bistro 64: Gourmet Pizza - As You Like It

Sunday May 13
: Mother's Day Walk for Peace

Sunday May 20: Evensong

Tuesday May 22: Joint Vestry/Council Meeting

Sunday June 3: Blessing of the Animals

Sunday June 10: King's Chapel's 332nd Birthday

Sunday June 10: New Members Join and Brunch at Parish House
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A sound system has been installed in the sanctuary of The Chapel to amplify the sound during worship services. Hearing assistance devices are available for your use. Please see an Usher for assistance.