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From the Minister:  

In the dog days of August, the Church gives us two blockbuster scriptures in one Sunday:  what were they thinking?  These are big-deal, banner stories, and they're tucked away while most people are on vacation.  What's with that?

The first story is the about greatest prophet Elijah - the one who departs earth in a flaming chariot ("Swing lo, sweet chariot"), the one whom Jews expect to return at Passover, saving a chair for him.  Elijah the greatest prophet is sick and tired of his thankless work, trying to get people to pay attention to God, and he hides away in a cave, as if God might not find him there.  Then God - the amazing God - offers to actually show himself to Elijah, something that God never does, even for great prophets like Elijah.  I'll come to you, God says to his discouraged, exhausted friend. But God isn't where Elijah expects, where God had been when the Ten Commandments appeared.  God is not in the huge hurricane that hurtles by the cave. God is not in the flames that make Elijah jump away from the cave's mouth. God is not in the earthquake that makes Elijah lose his footing. Elijah strains to hear, looks out the cave mouth to watch, and discovers the still, small voice of God.  Still. And Small. And Quiet.  Can you quiet enough to hear....?

The second story is about Jesus and his friends, heart broken to learn that Herod has viciously murdered John the Baptist, their friend, and their colleague in the God business. What did it mean? Were they safe or the next to be slaughtered?  Jesus the troop leader knows the team needs a break, to get away to talk and grieve. But when their boat reaches the far shore of the lake, people are there waiting for them - people with their own needs and questions and broken hearts. Jesus puts the retreat on hold, and feeds the people - figuratively feeds their souls, and literally feeds their stomachs - 5000 people fed with more left over.  But the day's still not through: Jesus gets off by himself to pray, while the disciples make slow circles near shore in their boat, waiting and waiting for Jesus to wrap up.  The wind rises, Jesus isn't back, they panic, freaking out that Jesus hasn't reappeared. It's pandemonium until Jesus steps into their midst again, and the sea grows calm. They all grow calm.

Wherever you are, think on these things. Whether with us or far away, all can listen for the still, small voice. Feel the calm that comes from God. A peace that surpasses our understanding.  

Summer Services

During August, there will be no Morning Light or Wednesday Communion services.  Morning Prayer services will continue each Sunday at 11 AM.  

We welcome everyone to join us back to our full schedule beginning again in September. 

Enjoy the summer!
Spotlight On

Hello from your new Assistant Minister!
It has been a pleasure (and a whirlwind!) coming on board at King's Chapel this week. With Reverend Joy, Gretchen, and the rest of the staff, I have been diving in to learning about our church life-from the renovations to the social justice initiatives and everything in between. There is much to cover, but the more I learn about King's Chapel the more blessed I feel that God called me to do ministry with you.
I have been very warmly welcomed by the many of you who came to the July picnic, attended my ordination, or who are on committees that gathered this week. I am looking forward to meeting many more of you when you return from your summer adventures- blessings to all those who are away enjoying this beautiful season.
This fall Reverend Joy and I will be leading a series of activities to help us lean into our identity as a praying people. Stay tuned for information about a prayer focused book study and a Centering Prayer group. In the meanwhile please hold me in prayer as I get my feet on the ground in this new community. I look forward to the exciting ministries we will do together.

Second Sunday Offering | August 13

Our Second Sunday offering is for the UU Urban Ministry.  For nearly 200 years, the UU Urban Ministry has been working side-by-side with individuals and communities in Boston to create opportunities and instill hope for a brighter future. For more information about their work, go to

Upcoming Events...

Visit Louis D Brown Peace Institute | Tomorrow,  Friday August 11 | 2 PM

In our ongoing support of the Louis D Brown Peace Institute (LDBPI), King's Chapel  has the opportunity to meet Rev. Wayne S. Daley, a staff member, who will talk us about the work at the institute in many areas to address the immediate and long term needs of victims of murder, and to promote peace in our community.  As written by their founder, Chaplain Chery, "At the Peace Institute, we remain committed to serving all families of murder victims with the dignity and compassion they deserve regardless of the circumstances. We are here to support families so they can lay their loved ones to rest with respect. "  You can learn more about Rev. Daley and the LDBPI HERE.

King's Chapel has been a supporting the LDBPI by participating in the Mother's Day Walk for Peace, their main fundraiser, for 4 years. It is a profound experience to walk with and stand beside many victims of violence while supporting the work of the organization.

You are invited to join us on Friday, August 11 to hear first hand about the many programs of this organization,  Please contact Carol Genovese at if you are able to join us.

All-Church Barbecue at the Parish House Garden |  Wednesday, August 16 | 7 PM
Join us for our final garden picnic for the summer.  A time to visit with friends old and new, and enjoy the gift of our Beacon Hill garden. 
The main course and drinks will be provided; you are invited to bring side dishes or desserts.  

For our planning, please RSVP to Brad Werner at,   although you are always welcome!
Save the Date|  Sunday, | September 10
Homecoming and Celebration of Our History

Carl Scovel, Minister Emeritus:
Preacher |  11 AM

Celebration at the Parish House | 12:30 PM

The unveiling of the portrait of Carl Scovel, plus the introduction of  
'The Prayer Book Companion" by Carl Scovel, with signing by author. 

This is also our annual Homecoming party, welcoming back all of our members and friends who travel during the summer months.

More information to follow in later editions of Between Sundays. 
Please note that Joy will be at this ceremony so as to bless the home of the Baez-Silva family.  We hope that you can join her there!
From the Parish House

New Habitat Houses Open in Boston!

Last Sunday afternoon, several members of King's Chapel attended the dedication and blessing of three more Habitat for Humanity homes built in Boston, through the labor of some of our members and many other volunteers in Boston.  The new homes are now occupied by three more families, each of whom contributed at least 300 hours of "sweat equity" to build the homes.  Habitat believes in giving families a "hand up," with dignity, rather than a "hand out."  

Located in Roslindale, not far from the Forest Hills T stop, the cluster of homes now consists of four large buildings, each containing 2 beautiful townhouses, and a common parking lot in the middle, in which kids play and we all celebrated with food made by the families, from many different cultures. The Rev. Joy Fallon had been asked by one family she knew to bless their home: the Baez-Silva family, who has daughters ages 4 and 11.  Joy called forward members of King's Chapel to join her in the blessing, to represent all the volunteers from many churches and organizations who had made the day possible. King's Chapel members present included our Habitat leaders Emanuel Genovese and Peter Sexton; builders Herman Woerner, Carol Genovese and Ciael Hills; and Boston Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Lark Palermo.  Congratulations to all who made this day possible.  God's presence was surely felt in this place.
Memories of the July Transylvania Habitat Build

From the Freedom Trail: 
Goodbye to Taylor

This week, please join the Freedom Trail Program in thanking Taylor Hughes and wishing her the best as she embarks on her next adventure. After two and a half years as both an Educator and Head Educator at King's Chapel, Taylor will be moving to Montreal to pursue her graduate degree in History at McGill University. During her time at King's Chapel, Taylor grew particularly interested in the church crypt, and conducted extensive research on our Stranger's Tomb. Her passion and enthusiasm for King's Chapel's history captured the interest of our visitors, who frequently gave her tours rave reviews. We wish Taylor all the best at McGill and thank her for her outstanding work sharing our history with the public.
"We Rejoice with Those Who Rejoice, and Weep with Those Who Weep" 
                                                     ~ Romans 12:15
Megan Gray, a former member of the King's Chapel Choir, gave birth to a baby girl, named Eva, on Friday, August 4 at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital in Brattleboro, VT, where she now lives with her fiance' Cody Berwick. Eva is healthy and beautiful, Megan's first child. Megan is the daughter of Bernie Gray and the step-daughter of Lee Glenn, a long-time member of King's Chapel. Happiness abounds!
Our 2017 Stewardship Appeal

In This Issue

Sunday Services
August 6
Morning Prayer | 11 AM
The Rev. Joy Fallon will Preach
  • Carson Cooman, Guest Organist
  • Thomas Gregg, Soloist
  • Paul Luca, Head Usher
  • Julie Hyde, Usher in Charge
  • Pam and Michael Bergeron, Ushers
  • Zach Charette, Verger
The Readings:
  • Psalm 85:8-13
  • Old Testament:    
     1 Kings 19:9-18 
  • New Testament:  Matthew 14:22-33

At the communion rail following the service, Jim Power  will greet those interested in learning more about King's Chapel.
After the service, all are invited to Punch on the Bricks,
hosted by Julie Hyde and friends of the Hospitality Committee.

Tuesday Recitals
Tuesday, August 15 |         12:15 PM

Gershwin, Berlin, and More
Staff Schedules & Absences

Gretchen Horton will be away from the 14th to the 18th of August.

The Rev. Joy Fallon will be away from August 21st until September 8th.

Heinrich is away on sabbatical during August.  Carson Cooman and Sean Lair will provide music for our services in his absence.

Upcoming Meetings

Parish Council
September 12th | 6 PM 
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Accessibility Assists

Our beautiful Georgian sanctuary designed by Peter Harrison and completed in 1754, has been lovingly maintained by the congregation since its completion. One of the box pews has been made wheel-chair accessible. Ushers are available to assist those who are wheelchair-bound to that pew.

A sound system has been installed in the sanctuary of The Chapel to amplify the sound during worship services. Hearing assistance devices are available for your use. Please see an Usher for assistance.