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Transylvanian Sunday, Holy Communion

This Sunday we will celebrate our Unitarian heritage with our annual Transylvanian Sunday. Unitarianism began in 1561 by a curious and courageous group of theologians, lay people and a young king who believed that living as Jesus did meant speaking truth and reason, and lifting up tolerance as a religious right. The Unitarian tradition began by emphasizing that God is one rather than three and that all people had the right to believe differently. We continue such a tradition at King's Chapel as Unitarian Christians with a wide spectrum of theological perspectives. This Sunday, we will celebrate our Transylvanian brothers and sisters and our joint religious heritage with a simple Holy Communion liturgy used in Transylvania. In the  Transylvanian tradition, Holy Communion is celebrated four times a year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. The congregation gathers in a circle around the Communion Table as the bread and wine are passed not with words, but with eye contact. King's Chapel has observed this tradition for the past decade. Please join us.

(Pictured: Holy Communion celebrated in our partner church The First Unitarian Church of Kolozsv├ár in Transylvania)
From the Minister
This Sunday, the New Testament reading tells of the Transfiguration of Jesus. This is a strange tale of Jesus being  transfigured
or  changed,  and becoming radiant with light and glory upon a mountain.  The disciples are overcome with fear. Then Peter blurts out his desire to set up three dwellings there to capture the experience. He wants to stay--who wouldn't? But the glory evaporates as fast as it gathered, and Jesus doesn't linger. He gathers his disciples, brushes them off, and they all trudge back down the mountain, back to the crowds. 

For centuries, church leaders have tried to make the case that this moment--this transfiguration --is part of the major milestones of the life of Jesus. They say it belongs right up there with his baptism, his crucifixion, and even his resurrection. They claim this is the moment when human nature meets God. With Jesus as the bridge, or the connection, heaven and earth grow closer. Is that really the point of this week's scripture lesson? Jesus shines with light and glory upon a high mountain and that's the moment human nature meets God? That's the moment heaven and earth come together? Or is there something more to this story? I think so. 

Join us on Sunday.
Upcoming Events
Mardi Gras Party
/Talent Show at the Parsonage | Friday, February 5, 7 PM

Please join Joy and Bob for a Mardi Gras party at the Parsonage, 63 Beacon St., Boston.  They will provide drinks and dessert, and ask for you to bring the entertainment!  Two years ago, at the first party, members and friends of King's Chapel sang, read written projects, gave history presentations, danced or just watched and applauded.  What talent would you like to share? Come one and all, for a fun evening on a cold February night.  Performers, please send an email to our parish administrator, Gretchen Horton so we can plan the lineup: g .   RSVPs for those planning to attend but not perform are helpful, although not required.

Shrove Pancake Breakfast | Save the Date, February 7 10AM

Who can say No to the aroma of pancakes and waffles wafting through the Parish House on a cold February Sunday morning? We welcome you to stop by the Parish House at  10AM  for a savory breakfast treat before attending the  11AM  Morning Prayer at King's Chapel. Your pancake and waffle options include blueberries, chocolate chips, and cinnamon and brown sugar. Your chefs and servers will be none other than the Church School Staff and participants.
Ash Wednesday | February 10

Lent begins on Ash  Wednesday, February 10 . Lent is the forty day season of preparation for Easter. Services of Prayer and Imposition of Ashes will be held at  12:15PM and 6PM . Clergy will be available all day at the church for the imposition of ashes and prayer. 
Coffee with the Clergy | February 14

Curious about King's Chapel? Got questions? Are you a new friend or a familiar face? The clergy of King's Chapel will be available for casual conversation and coffee on February 14th at 10AM in the Vestry of the church (located behind the pulpit). All are welcome. 
Theology on Tap | February 17 7PM

What is Evil? Is Evil the opposite of good or is evil the absence of good? Do we need evil to understand goodness? Did God create evil? Are humans intrinsically evil? Join us for Theology on Tap as we discuss "Evil: 101" No homework required. No previous knowledge needed. Curious and confident minds welcomed. Anyone 21 and over is welcome to join.  We will gather at The Kinsale located at 2 Center Plz, across from City Hall. R.S.V.P encouraged and appreciated
Guest Preacher | Sunday, February 21: Preview Number Three

K ing's Chapel will have the honor of welcoming William F. "Bill" Schulz, D.D as our guest preacher on Sunday, February 21. Bill is currently the President of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. On Community Action Sunday, Dr. Schulz will deliver a sermon at Morning Prayer on "The Blessedness of Bodies" with readings from the Hebrew Scriptures (Job 7:1-9) and the Christian Scriptures (John 13:4-17).
About the Preacher

William F. "Bill" Schulz (born 1949) was the president of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) from 1985 to 1993 and the Executive Director of Amnesty International USA from March 1994 to 2006. He is currently the president and CEO of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.  He is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and served as president of the Unitarian Universalist Association from 1985 to 1993.  He is married to the Rev. Beth Graham, who is also a Unitarian Universalist minister.

To learn more about him and the UUSC,  click here!
Luncheon On Community Action  Sunday | February 21

The Community Action Committee will host a luncheon at the Parish House on February 21. Dr. Schulz, who is preaching at the Morning Prayer service, will answer questions about his work. Please RSVP to
Parish Administrator Gretchen Horton:
Annual Meeting  | February 28

The  Annual  Meeting will be held  Sunday
February 28, immediately following the Morning Prayer service.
Concert Series, Music for Viola & Organ | February 28 5PM
Lenten Study: Voices from the Gospel of Luke | 
Wednesdays at 7 PM at the Church, March 2, 9, 16. 
Includes a Light Supper

Have you ever wanted an overview of the whole life of Jesus - a summary, so you could get the gist?  Here's your opportunity.  On three Wednesdays, we will read the Gospel of Luke, the lectionary text that King's Chapel will be following throughout the year. We'll read from a simple play script written by a colleague of mine, using voices of men and women from Luke.  Participants can "read" a voice from the Gospel script, or just listen. Each reading will be followed by a discussion led by the Rev. Joy Fallon. No preparation is required; scripts will be provided. You may choose to worship at the 6 PM service beforehand, or not; all are welcome. We'll serve a light dinner of soup. 
New Member Profiles
John Natoli

John Natoli is a longtime resident of Beacon Hill, where he brought up his two sons William and Charlie who were baptized at Kings Chapel in 1990 and 1991 respectively, and both now work and live in the Boston area.  He has worked as in-house counsel for a number of corporations in the Northeast, and most recently served as Vice President and General Counsel of the Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) Information Services Group.  John currently works for the City of Boston as Special Legal and Investment Advisor to the Chief Financial Officer. John is the Chair of the Audit Committee of the Climate Works Foundation in San Francisco, and recently stepped down as Chair of the Board of Overseers of The Boston Conservatory. John has also served as a board member for the Old South Meeting House, the Beacon Hill Nursery School, the Hill House Community Center, and the Shady Hill School, and as a member of The Stewardship Council of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Gregg Sorensen
A native of Chicago, Gregg Sorensen studied clarinet at Northern Illinois University and the Vienna Academy of Music. His teachers include Larry Combs, principal clarinet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO), and Peter Schmidl, principal clarinet for the Vienna Philharmonic. Gregg has performed with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago (CSO's training orchestra) and the orchestra of the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria. Mr. Sorensen has had an active career in the field of marketing and public relations for the performing arts. Currently, Gregg runs a freelance marketing business serving arts organizations throughout New England. Clients have included Boston Baroque, Monadnock Music and the New Philharmonia Orchestra.
In This Issue
Wednesday, February 3, 6PM

The Rev. Joy Fallon,  Preacher
  • Joei Perry, Soloist
  • Carol Genovese, Hospitality
Sunday, February 7, 9AM at The Little Chapel

The Rev. Shawn Fiedler,
Sunday, February 7, 11AM with Transylvanian Communion

The Rev. Shawn Fiedler,
  • Lee Ridgway, Guest Organist
  • Louise Perkins & Denton Crews, Lectors 
  • Anne Sexton, Head Usher
  • Betsy Peterson, and Cliff Allen, Ushers
  • Carolyn Conley-Das, Verger
The Readings:
  • Psalm 99
  • Old Testament: Exodus 34:29-35
  • New Testament: Luke 9:28-36
The flowers on the communion table are given in loving memory of Agda Maria Soderberg by Sylvia Soderberg and Amy Soderberg Nichols.

At the communion rail following the service, 
Bill Kuttner will greet those interested in learning more about King's Chapel.

After the service, all are invited to Coffee Hour, 
hosted by Anne Sexton and friends of the hospitality committee.
 Volunteer to Host Coffee Hour!
From the Bench
By Heinrich Christensen
While Heinrich is off gallivanting and playing an organ recital at St. John the Divine in NYC, the loft will be ruled with an iron fist by Mr. Lee Ridgway, serving up music by Buxtehude, Tallis, and Palestrina, early music connoisseur that he is.

Lee Ridgway has been an organist, harpsichordist, and choral director in the Boston area for over 40 years. Now free-lancing, for 25 years he was music director and organist of historic First Parish Church, Unitarian Universalist, Lexington. following 10 years as organist and choir director of Trinity Episcopal Church, Topsfield. He holds degrees from the University of Oklahoma and New England Conservatory, with further study of organ and harpsichord in Europe. He is currently on the board of the Boston Early Music Festival, and is active in the American Guild of Organists. 
Tuesday Recital
Tuesday, February 9, 12:15 PM

Floyds Row
Early, Folk & Classical Music
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News from
The Parish House
We Rejoice with those Who Rejoice

This week Alex Sandell, hockey player and otherwise great athlete, had to get to church on crutches!  Here he is with sister Mia, who came to church with their mother, and new member, Jacqui Fahey Sandell.
We gathered for fellowship after Morning Light last week.

Here are George Boitano and his son George. Father George has recently agreed to serve as Chair of the Church School Committee. Thanks!
Twins Caroline and Roger Wellington
Hallie White Speight and son Will.
Morning Light Worshippers
King's Chapel recently sent 80th Birthday Wishes to our member in Austalia, John Bunyan.  As penned by our Minister Emeritus, Carl Scovel, the missive included these words, in part:
"When we were revising our prayer book in the early 1980's, John was a wise and ready source of information, advice and texts as well; several of his prayers are in our prayerbook. He has visited us several times and preached to us, but only once, because he said he preferred to be in a pew and enjoy the service. 
We wish him well in this new decade, in his life and ministry, which shows no sign of slowing down, including his faithful visits to the sick of every faith and none in a distant hospital. 
We close our greeting with the collect for the 21rst Sunday after Whitsunday in our prayerbook, which John wrote for us:
'O God, whose wisdom is radiant and unfading, the mother of all riches, grant that we may ever desire and seek thy wisdom and thereby enter into that kingdom proclaimed by Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.''
Upcoming Meetings
Parish Council 
Tuesday, February 16 at 5:45 PM

Vestry Meeting -
Tuesday, February 23 at 6 PM
King's Chapel Needs Your Help!

After our Morning Light service, we offer refreshments and coffee as we catch up with each other about the past week's events. We need volunteers to help supply the refreshments (the Parish House will supply the coffee). There is a sign up sheet available every Sunday after the service. The Morning Light service needs readers and offering collectors! Next to the refreshment sign up sheet, there is another sheet for children, youth, and adults who would like to volunteer to read the passage for the service and/or collect the offering. If you would like to sign up in advance of Sunday morning, send an email to
Accessibility Assists

Our beautiful Georgian sanctuary designed by Peter Harrison and completed in 1754, has been lovingly maintained by the congregation since its completion. One of the box pews has been made wheel-chair accessible. Ushers are available to assist those who are wheelchair-bound to that pew.

A sound system has been installed in the sanctuary of The Chapel to amplify the sound during worship services. Hearing assistance devices are available for your use. Please see an Usher for assistance.
Contributing to Between Sundays

Want something in Between Sundays? Feel free to email Simon at with a written piece and/or pictures before Tuesday at 2 PM!