Keeping King's Chapel's members and friends connected each week while we are "Physically Closed but Spiritually Open."
Spotlight On: 
Lecture by Peter Walker: The Diaries of  the Rev. William Clark | Thursday July 30, 5:30 PM | Zoom
Building off of recent conversations about the lives of Boston's Anglican clergymen during the American Revolution, this  event will dive deeper into this theme, as Peter Walker explores his in-depth research into the life of a Massachusetts clergyman, the Reverend William Clark. Peter Walker is an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Wyoming, specializing in early modern Britain, the British Empire, and the Atlantic World, with particular interests in religion, empire, and revolution. He holds a BA from the University of Oxford and a PhD from Columbia University, where his dissertation --  currently in the works of becoming a book -- explores how colonial Anglicans engaged - politically, intellectually, theologically, and spiritually - with the religious modernity emerging in the Age of Revolutions. We are delighted to host Peter Walker for this event, and hope you will join us!

Pre-registration is required by 12pm on Thursday July 30, by clicking HERE .   Please contact  with any questions. 

From the Minister 
My Dear Friends-

What a joy it is to be back! As many of you know I've been away these past few weeks helping my parents to settle into their new home-just across a cul-de-sac from my brother and his family! It's one-stop family shopping in the northern suburbs of Atlanta! That time was a blessing in so many ways: spending time with my adorable niece and nephew, Bella and Lucas; enjoying a few libations at my brother Eric's well-appointed basement bar; savoring Mom's delicious cooking... it was a reminder that even amid all the trials and tribulations of the world (and aren't there many?!), still, pockets of joy abide.

This week we're abiding with the parable of the sower in Matthew's Gospel. Many of us are familiar with the story of the sower whose seed falls in different patches of land, some more hospitable than others. In a rare moment, Jesus actually goes on to explain the parable to his perplexed listeners. (Aren't they always a bit perplexed?) But I wonder if we can spare a moment this week to encounter the parable again with fresh eyes and imaginations... I wonder if a shift of focus might reveal something we've never seen before.

I'll say more about this on Sunday, including the story of my own fresh encounter with the parable of the sower a few years ago. But for now, as we move through these summer months, let us attend to our own small patches of land-savoring the blooms of joy we may find there, and sowing the seeds of comfort in the midst of our challenges.

In faith and love,

King's Chapel Welcomes All to our Sunday Services  

Morning Light Service 
Sundays from 9:00-9:30 AM on Zoom 
Come join us for an intimate service of contemporary music and prayer as we gather to listen to the Word, share our joys and concerns, and abide with one another in fellowship. The music is led by Roland Skip Lewan from the piano, incorporating elements of jazz and improvisation.  

Contact Laura Zeugner Administrative Assistant, for login information.

Morning Prayer Service
New virtual services posted by 11 AM on Sundays on YouTube

Each week we film the elements of our traditional Morning Prayer service, featuring beautiful music, stately prayers, and our ministers' reflections on the week's lessons. Our choir members and music director Heinrich Christensen provide newly recorded material as well as occasional pieces from our past recordings and CDs, as we explore the virtual new frontiers of making music. 

Visit our King's Chapel From Home page  to view the most recent service or explore the King's Chapel  YouTube channel .

Parish News
King's Chapel: A Praying Church
King's Chapel is a praying church and we have added a new link to our website page to make easy any request you may have:   Requests sent here will be received by Joy Fallon, David Waters, and Cynthia Perkins, Prayer Circle Chair. If you prefer, know that you can always reach out to any of us individually also. To learn more about King's Chapel as a "praying church," click here.

Joy away

Dear friends, I will not be working from July 24-August 24; David, 
Heinrich, and Gretchen will be available to take good care of you all. Be in touch with them directly if you have any needs. They'll also know how to reach me if it's urgent. My family is not travelling, given the pandemic, but I look forward to some "retreat" and beach time. Aren't we blessed to live in a coastal state along the Atlantic! I have good books piled up, and some walks and bike rides planned. I hope you all get some refreshing retreat time also, day by day. We all need it -there's even a commandment about sabbath rest. May it be yours.
With many blessings always, Joy
The Banners are Up...... Again!
As Joy stated in last week's newsletter, our banners have been vandalized over the past months.  Three times we have replaced the banner stating our support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Pride banner one time since June.  

The two banners now hang from the banister at the front of the church.  We will not be deterred and stand firmly in stating that all are welcome at King's Chapel. 

Musical Notes

New Music in the Time of COVID - Part 1 of a series

This past Saturday night,  Heinrich got together with his composer and videographer friend Graham Gordon Ramsay and recorded a series of videos of new music after dark. Check out the spookiness HERE.

Read Heinrich's commentary on the piece HERE

Block Party: Welcome back, David! |  Hosted by Joy and David | Friday 5 PM | Zoom 
 | Mondays  3 PM | Zoom

Bible Study  | Weekly on Wednesdays  6:15 PM |  Zoom
Coffee with the Clergy Weekly on Thursdays 10 AM | Zoom
Save the Dates - Coming in August

Sandwiches for  common cathedral | for delivery Sunday August 2
Environmental Action Initiative Open Meeting on Electoral Justice | Monday August 3, 3PM | Zoom

Are you concerned about the national election in November and how its outcome might affect environmental justice among other things? The Environmental Action Initiative is gathering information and getting involved in getting out the vote campaigns with non-partisan organizations. Check out the discussion board "Take Action for Electoral Justice".
 Contact for a Zoom invite to the open discussion.
Theology on Tap| Wednesday August 19 | 6 PM | Zoom
Looking Back

Conversation with the Educators

Last week's Conversation was a great continuing dialogue in the series of Revolutionary King's Chapel.  Contact for a copy of the recording.

Heinrich's 20th Anniversary at King's Chapel
Last Friday, July 17, thirty of Heinrich's King's Chapel family celebrated the 20 years he has served our church as our Music Director. Members and friends of the church, elected leaders, past and current choir members, and illustrious Music Committee members all toasted Heinrich. We shared stories - of Heinrich's blessed selection as our Music Director, his talent for directing singers to encourage their best, his masterful choice of a varied music repertoire that keeps us learning and growing, and his gift as a composer and world-class organist (always with special trills on the third verse of a hymn).   Most of all, we all gave thanks for Heinrich's grace, kindness, friendship and wonderful good cheer. Nary a toast was given that did not say, "Here's to another 20 more years!"
Thank you, Heinrich. You mean the world to us.
In This Issue
Sunday Services 

July 26th Morning Light | 9 AM via Zoom
  • The Rev. Joy Fallon, Senior Minister
  • David Waters, Minister for Education and Membership
  • Skip Lewan, piano
  • Paula O'Keeffe, Lector
  • Mary Katherine Morn, Zoom assistant
contact for login information
July 26th |  Morning Prayer  |  11 AM via YouTube
  • The Rev. Joy Fallon, Senior Minister
  • David Waters, Minister for Education and Membership
  • Heinrich Christensen, Music Director
  • Emily Bieber, soloist
  • Cathy Price, Lector
  • KC Dalton, Gordon Holmes and Mary Sears, Lay Readers
  • Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52
Did you miss Sunday's Virtual Service?  If so, click here to see the full service. 
From the Bench
Since David is preaching on the parable of the sower this week, the music is entirely seedy. We have two hymns we hope are familiar to you: "Sow in the Morn Thy Seed", and "Behold a Sower From Afar". For the motet, we are taking the liberty of repeating Emily Bieber-Harris' beautiful rendition of "What Will Your Harvest Be", since that question seems right on message.  
Giving to King's Chapel
Our stewardship giving to King's Chapel continues even as we are not physically together each week. This includes our annual pledges and gifts as well as our ongoing contributions to the Sunday plate. If you have not yet sent in your pledge or gift please  do so now and help us in this moment when we truly need it. If you are used to putting money in the Sunday Plate each week to support our community partners and our operating budget, you still can. The loss of this income, about $30,000, has an immediate impact on our community partners and our bottom line. Consider a monthly donation to the Sunday offering--maybe $50,$60,$75, $100 to make up for the lost weeks of attendance. Embracing our stewardship role is a way to joyfully and thankfully support the daily ongoing work that keeps King's Chapel thriving. Thank you. 

Staying Connected with King's Chapel
While we are physically closed we are spiritually open and are working to find ways to continue our connection with you, our beloved members and friends.  

Ways in which you can reach us are:

Morning Light Worship via Zoom, 9-9:30 AM each Sunday. Contact Laura Zeugner at for login information. 

Morning Prayer services are posted each Sunday at 11 AM on our website at 

Prayer Connection
For those in need of a prayer, or a virtual pastoral call, please reach out to Joy  at 617-227-2155 x109 or email  , or you can reach David at 617-227-2155 x 105 or email
Internet Fraud - Protect Yourself

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, churches across the nation have seen a steep rise in incidents of internet fraud and scams, especially using ministers' names and targeting church members. So far in the last two months, we've had twenty or more. Please watch out for these. I promise, we will never ask you to send us gift cards.  We will never ask for your personal identifying information or bank account info.  If we ever purport to say that we can't be reached by phone, be suspicious. 
Some other hints to protect yourselves: Double check the "from" address to see who really has sent it, and double check the email of the person to whom you're supposedly replying. Verify suspicious emails by phone, especially if the email says not to call. Click the link below for more information on how to protect yourself and your family from internet crime. 

Contributing to Between Sundays

Our e-newsletter is sent each Thursday afternoon.  Want something in Between Sundays? Feel free to email with a written piece and/or pictures before Wednesday at 5 PM.