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From the Minister:  

There are things attributed to Apostle Paul with which I strongly disagree: his crabbed views on sex generally and sexual orientation in particular; his diminishment of gays, women and slaves; and his counsel to obey oppressive authority. Those who listen carefully to my sermons know I've questioned whether the letters ascribed to Paul containing some of these views really were written by Paul himself, or by later followers, writing in his name.

But there are also statements by Paul that I love, to which I've clung over the years. This Sunday we'll talk about one of them: the very humanizing concession by Paul that the things he wants to do, he often fails to do; and the very things that he tries to avoid, he ends up doing anyway.

I understand. Don't we all? It's frustrating to reaffirm an intention, to determine with clenched teeth to do better the next time, and then to realize I've blown it again. It's as if there is something within me that keeps dragging me down, that can't be overcome.

What's the answer? Over the years, some have opined that humans are simply born with "original sin," and need to double down with greater discipline. Others urge us to abandon unrealistic strictures; to eat, drink and be merry! Then there's Paul's own solution - having something to do with amazing grace.

What's your own approach? Is it working for you, or might there be another, wonderful way? On a summer day, we'll explore together....

From the Parish House

Summer BBQs | Beginning this Wednesday

Following our tradition, please join us for informal barbecues in the  beautiful garden behind the Parsonage and Parish House on these summer  evenings, all beginning at 7 PM:   
  • July 12 and 26 
  • August 16
The main course and drinks will be provided, but we'd love you to bring a side dish or dessert. If it rains, we'll eat indoors.   RSVP to Gretchen Horton,  Parish Administrator, g letting her know what you will bring.

July picnics are held after our Wednesday Communion services in The Little Chapel at 64 Beacon Street. Services are at 6 PM.

We look forward to having you join us!
Summer Services

For the month of July the Wednesday Communion service will be held at the Little Chapel at 64 Beacon Street at 6 PM each week. 

During August, there will be no Morning Light or Wednesday Communion services.  Morning Prayer services will continue each Sunday at 11 AM.  

We welcome everyone to join us back to our full schedule beginning again in September. 

Enjoy the summer!
King's Chapel Kolozsvár Partner Church Visit and Habitat Build

Seven members and friends of King's Chapel are in Cluj (Kolozsvár), Romania, for a partner church visit, a Habitat build, and a Unitarian pilgrimage. Our partner church, First Unitarian Church of Kolozsvár, is a mostly Hungarian-speaking faith community, and serves as our gateway to explore our Unitarian heritage. The work project organizer, Habitat Cluj, utilizes our skills on work sites together with other international and local volunteers and local contractors. DifferentRomanian ethnic communities are represented at the work site.


Worship in the Unitarian tradition is central to our pilgrimage. After a long journey we are in Kolozsvár for the confirmation of 16 young adults into our faith tradition. The young women are wearing high heels in public for the first time. One young man is striking in traditional Transylvanian attire. There is a lot to cover; the service lasts over two hours.

Their religious study is organized in a catechism unique to Transylvanian Unitarians. One by one a Confirmand steps to the microphone and is asked one of 136 questions. As we hold our breaths, a confident answer is clearly enunciated inHungarian. Each Confirmand will come to the podium multiple times.

The catechism covers many topics, all of interest, several compelling. As I follow in an English translation I reach the five spiritual gifts: faith, reason, free will, conscience, love. Immediately I realize how succinctly these characterize our liberal Christian tradition and begin to appreciate why I traveled so far to have them presented to me in a foreign language by a teenager.


Our labors with Habitat Cluj complement our partner church activities. Our time is pretty much consumed by the two programs. This is not a vacation. Plans are being developed between First Unitarian and Habitat Cluj to apply Habitat resources to expand our partner church's programs with Kolozsvár's youth and elderly.
In two days we have worked at two different work sites. The first day we poured concrete and dug ditches (my specialty) at duplex #8 of a planned 60 duplex community. The second day's work was at a 6-unit apartment to be occupied by members of the Roma (Gypsy) community to facilitate their entry into Romanian Society. A young Roma is working with us. A local contractor is also working at this location and we prepared the site for the equipment and materials required to apply the exterior stucco.

Looking Ahead

In the days ahead we will learn more about the history and contemporary life of Unitarians in Transylvania. On the weekend we will visit significant locations in Transylvania, notably Torda, site of the historic 1568 edict. We are also developing team skills to be productive with Romanians, both in the building trades and in religious ministry. This is in addition to 5 more days on the worksites.

Bill Kuttner
Cluj, Romania
July 5, 2017

Stewardship 2017

If you did not receive a pledge card, contact Gretchen Horton at the Parish House offices at 617-227-2155 x 108, who will be happy to send one to you!

From the Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail Program Team offers a huge thank you to everyone who helped make Harborfest 2017 a success. Harborfest, America's largest 4th of July celebration, took place from Friday June 30 through Tuesday July 4. King's Chapel was busy all weekend, leading tours and presenting our revolutionary-era history. Over these 5 days, we received a whopping 10,321 visitors to the chapel, and the educators led 234 visitors on Bells and Bones tours. Thanks to all who participated and supported the Freedom Trail Program staff over the long weekend. 

"We Rejoice with Those Who Rejoice, and Weep with Those Who Weep" 
                                              ~ Romans 12:15

We rejoice with Ray Hardin that he is returning home, after a period of convalescence at Sherrill House, following his double knee replacement surgery. Those able to support Ray during this time are encouraged to check his page on the website "Lotsa Helping Hands."

This week we mourn with Jessica Allan Schmidt, on the death of her father, Nelson Allan, on Sunday July 2 in New Hampshire. Jessica has been spending much time in NH caring for her father, especially since the death of Jessica's mother about one year ago. We hold Jessica and all her dear family in our prayers, especially husband Christopher and daughters Ali and Julie. May God's grace and healing be known to them.
In This Issue

Sunday Services
July 9
Morning Light | 9 AM
At the Little Chapel
Morning Prayer | 11 AM
The Rev. Joy Fallon will Preach
  • Sean Lair, Guest Organist
  • Emily Bieber-Harris, Soloist
  • Paul Luca, Head Usher
  • Julie Hyde, Usher
  • Lia Atanat, Verger
The Readings:
  • Psalm 145:8-14
  • Old Testament:        
    Zechariah 9:9-12
  • New Testament:  
    Romans 7:15-25a 

At the communion rail following the service,
Jim Power will greet those interested in learning more about King's Chapel.
After the service, all are invited to Punch on the Bricks,
hosted by Julie Hyde and friends of the Hospitality Committee.

Wednesday Service
July 12

Holy Communion |  6 PM 
at The Little Chapel
Rev. Joy Fallon will preach
  • Dan Perry, Soloist
  • Brad Werner, Verger
Tuesday Recitals
Tuesday, July 11 |  12:15 PM

Kelly Hopkins, soprano
Timothy Marci, flute
Ralph Vaughan Williams:
Blake Songs    

Upcoming Meetings

July 18:
* Stewardship Meeting - 6 PM
Staff Absences

Heinrich will be away on sabbatical during the months of July and August.  Carson Cooman and Sean Lair will provide music for our services in his absence.

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