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From the Minister

A part of me wishes that summer could be all sun and fun, all calm and refreshment, a break from the routine. And it is, in some wonderful ways. Longer evenings before the sun sets. Birds up early every morning full of song.

But even in summer, storms erupt, of course. The world, or our own health has an annoying way of ignoring our plans, our calendar. Sometimes the very things that are supposed to be about refreshment or healing, unexpectedly change tenor and we're caught off guard. A vacation gives us too much time to think, or a little too much time with loved ones. The long anticipated visit of a guest ends up meaning
lots of extra cooking and laundry. A peaceful protest where police officers and marchers seem supportive of one another, understanding each other, erupts in gunfire.

It's hardest if we feel we're alone. Everyone else skating along in their summer, ignoring the tough things we face, while we bear the burden alone. Does anyone else get it - do they care?

"Do you even care?" people ask Jesus, in times just like this. When the gentle sea suddenly is whipped by storm. When hosting a celebration is drained of all the fun and becomes just too much work. When our summers become rougher than we'd hope. What does he do? What can we do? We don't have to be alone, facing it.

Our Morning Prayer Service and Offering Response

Our Minister Emeritus, the Rev. Dr. Carl Scovel, has been writing a Commentary on
our Prayer Book that is in its final stages of editing. A few of us have been privileged
to be reviewing the book with him. Carl recalls that the Rev. Joe Barth began the practice in 1961 of having the congregation sing this response:

We give Thee but Thine own,
What'er the gift may be
All that we have is Thine alone,
A trust, O Lord, from Thee.

It's a beautiful response, that some of us have sung in other churches. More recently
at King's Chapel we've sung a Doxology to the tune of the Old Hundredth. For this
summer, I've suggested that we try the older response sung during most of Carl's
time as our minister, as a way of honoring our past history. Let Shawn, Heinrich,
and me know what you think!

- Joy
Upcoming Events...

Hymn Sing! | July 20 | 7PM 

Join us on Wednesday, July 20 at 7PM for a special Theology on Tap Hymn Sing! We will be joined by Music Director Heinrich Christensen; bring copies of your favorite hymn! We will have copies of the Pilgrim Hymnal. We will gather at our Parish House 64 Beacon Street. Light appetizers will be provided.  All are invited to bring refreshments to share. R.S.V.P. to 
Summer Barbecue |  August 16  |  6 PM

Last night, on July 12th, about 20 members - old and new - gathered at the King's Chapel garden for a summer barbeque. Bob Fallon slaved over the hot grill, and a good time was had by all.

Following our tradition, please plan to join us for an informal barbecus in the beautiful garden behind the Parsonage and Parish House.  This is a time of fun and fellowship, a chance to connect with old friends and meet new ones. Our final summer barbeque will be held Tuesday, August 16.

The main course and drinks will be provided, but we'd love you to bring a side dish or dessert. If it rains, we'll eat indoors.

To RSVP, contact Gretchen Horton,
Parish Administrator,, 617-227- 2155 x 108.

 It's fun for all ages!
Historic Sermons Series 
Delivered each Sunday in August, 2016

During the month of August, on Sundays at 
11AM, King's Chapel will be reading aloud past sermons preached from our historic pulpit. Our history will be made alive as ancient words are read anew. 

We will hear how British Boston mourned the death of King George II and how we struggled to live into our new fledgling democracy when the nation was in its infancy.  We will explore how the nation tried to make sense of the assassination of President Lincoln and how each of us could follow the good example of Boston native Charles Sumner. 

These are more than just passing words. They are sermons that captured and reflected upon key moments in this nations history. Join us as we step back in time and hear again the sermons that defined a nation.

August 7
Holy Communion 
(1662 Liturgy) 11 AM
"A Sermon upon the Occassion of the Death of Our 
Late Most Gracious Sovereign King George II"
The Reverend Henry Caner
January 1, 1761
August 14
Morning Prayer 11 AM
"A Sermon on American Independence, Political Discourse and Unity"
The Reverend James Freeman
July 4, 1796
August 21
Morning Prayer 11 AM
"A Sermon on the Death of President Abraham Lincoln"
The Reverend Henry Foote
April 19, 1865
August 28
Morning Prayer 11 AM
"A Sermon in Memory of Charles Sumner"
The Reverend Henry Foote
March 22, 1874
News from the Parish House....

Violence and Racism: A Faithful Response

The events of the past week have shocked many of us. We were horrified by the two videos of black men murdered by the police. We were shocked by the killing of five police officers as they protected peaceful protesters. We are feeling sad, fearful, confused, angry. What should we do about the racism and violence plaguing our country, our city, ourselves? What is the faithful response? What does the Gospel call us to do? This past week's New Testament lesson was of the Good Samaritan-appropriate and chilling. View Rev. Fiedler's sermon on the events of the past week
Labyrinth Walk | Thank You

Many thanks to Dick and Cynthia Perkins for hosting a labyrinth walk at their home in Stow, Massachusetts. A fun (and spiritual) time was had by all! A labyrinth is a single path (similar to a maze) or unicursal tool for personal and spiritual transformation. In the medieval church, Christians would walk labyrinths as a form of prayer or discernment. One of the most famous labyrinths in Europe can be found on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France. 
Sam Learner | James Freeman Presentation

Last Sunday over 30 people stayed after Morning Prayer for a presentation by Sam Learner on James Freeman and King's Chapel's unitarian identity. Sam studied James Freeman in preparation for his senior thesis at Bates College. His presentation was very informative and interesting. Did you miss it? Don't worry! Here is a link to a video of his presentation: 
No Wednesday Evening Services or Morning Light in August

During the month of August, we will give our worship spaces time to rest and recover from a wonderful year of worship and music together. There will be no Wednesday 6PM or Sunday 9AM (Morning Light) services throughout the month of August. All are invited to Morning Prayer on Sundays at  11 A.M.

Our regular worship schedule will resume in September. 
We Rejoice with those who Rejoice and Weep with those who Weep
                                               Romans 12:15

Last weekend, our former Senior Warden Denton Crews performed the wedding of
his granddaughter Rachel Chapman. We rejoice with him and his wife, former Junior Warden Kathe German.

We offer prayers and support this week to several of our members facing surgery.

Tomorrow, July 14th , longtime member Leo Johnson, will have a heart catheterization procedure at Massachusetts General Hospital, as part of the
continuing exploration of his heart function. He and his wife Dorothy are in their new home in Dedham, which unfortunately suffered from water damage when an adjoining apartment had a fire recently. Hold them both in your prayers, we ask.

Next Monday, July 18th, Ray Hardin will have spinal surgery at New England Baptist Hospital. This is one of a series of surgeries Ray anticipates in the next several months.

Sadly, Anne Perkins, the mother of Louise Perkins, our long-time member and Wedding Coordinator, suffered a stroke this past weekend. Please hold both Anne and Louise in your prayers and they prepare for Anne's necessary rehabilitation.

We also continue to hold in prayer Joie Perry, a member of our choir and Vestry, who has completed one-third of her chemotherapy appointments. This week Joie's mother Cleo, who has been visiting for the last 5 weeks, returns home. We give thanks for the love and support Joie, Dan and their two twins have received from Joie and Dan's families.

Sam Perry, long-time member and Trustee, had his kidney removed two weeks ago. His recovery is continuing more rapidly than expected. We keep him and his wife Melissa in our prayers.

If you would like prayers offered for you, either publicly or privately, please let us know by contacting one of the ministers or the parish administrator, Gretchen

In This Issue
Click to watch last week's sermon by Rev. Shawn Fiedler
Wednesday, July 13 |  6 PM
The Rev. Shawn Fiedler, Preaching
  • Amy Meyer, Hospitality
  • Sudeep Argawala, Soloist

  • Gretchen Horton, Verger

Sunday, July 17 | 11 AM

Morning Prayer
The Rev. Joy Fallon, Preacher
  • David Wheeler, Lector
  • Thomas Gregg, Soloist
  • Anne Sexton & Paul Luca, Head Ushers
  • Sylvia Soderberg, Usher in Charge
  • KC Dalton, Todd Lee, and Betsy Peterson , Ushers
  • Amy Meyer, Verger
The Readings:
  •  Psalm 15
  •  Old Testament:         
     Genesis 18:1-8 
  •  New Testament:         
     Luke 10:38-42 
The flowers on the Communion table are given in thanksgiving by William and Mary Sears.

At the communion rail following the service, Todd Lee  will greet those interested in learning more about King's Chapel.

After the service, all are invited to Punch on the Bricks,  hosted by Betsy Peterson and friends of the Hospitality Committee.
From the Bench
By Heinrich Christensen

The pre- and postlude consist of chorale preludes by J.S. Bach and Johannes Matthias Michel. Contemporary German composer Michel took some of Bach's favorite chorale tunes and created jazzy pieces, reminiscent of Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" and Bernstein's "America".

Today's solos, selected by tenor Thomas Gregg, are from two American composers of the early 20th century, prominent in their day but rarely heard today. "Just for To-day", published in 1910 with a text by Samuel Wilberforce, is by Mary Turner Salter (1856-1938). She was born in Illinois and studied music in Boston, taught singing at Wellesley College, published at least 30 art songs, and sang in local churches. She was one of the founding members of the American Society of Women Composers.    "The Prayer Perfect", published in 1912 with a well-known text by James Whitcomb Riley, is by Alexander Russell (1880-1953).    He was born in Tennessee, studied at Syracuse University and in Europe, and worked as a teacher, conductor, composer, pianist, and organist.    He was the first Frick Professor of Music at Princeton University, but is most remembered today as the long time organ impresario for the Wanamaker Department stores.
Tuesday Recital
Tuesday, July 19, 12:15 PM

Katharina Giegling, violin
Bach and Telemann
Upcoming Meetings...
Tuesday July 19 |  7:30 AM
Building and Grounds Committee Meeting

Tuesday July 19 | 7:15 PM
Adult Religious Education Committee Meeting
From the Chancel Committee
Have you ever thought you would like to donate flowers for the Sunday Service but are unsure what one needs to do?

Flowers are placed on the chancel table every Sunday of the year with the exception of the 6 week Lenten period.

Flowers can be donated for a variety of reasons. They can be in memory of a loved one who has died, in thanksgiving for a special occurrence, or in celebration of a new birth or anniversary. They may also be donated as living prayers and symbols for peace an hope.

Please confirm with Anne Sexton if you have a regular Sunday that you would like to continue. Anne can be reached at the following email:
Sign up for Hospitality
Stewardship Campaign

Our Stewardship Campaign is still going strong, and we are grateful for the support from so many of our members and friends  To date, our pledges meet 78% of our goal of $195,000.  There is still time to make your pledge! Stewardship is about working together to be stewards of King's Chapel. Pledges of time and talent are also necessary to help us grow!
Thank you to those who pledged this past week:

Harriet Hofheinz
Madolyn and Bill Wilson

Need a pledge form?  Contact for a form! Thank you!

Interested in Membership?
More News from  The Parish
Contributing to Between Sundays

Want something in Between Sundays? Feel free to email Brad at with a written piece and/or pictures before Tuesday at noon!
Accessibility Assists

Our beautiful Georgian sanctuary designed by Peter Harrison and completed in 1754, has been lovingly maintained by the congregation since its completion. One of the box pews has been made wheel-chair accessible. Ushers are available to assist those who are wheelchair-bound to that pew.

A sound system has been installed in the sanctuary of The Chapel to amplify the sound during worship services. Hearing assistance devices are available for your use. Please see an Usher for assistance.