September 2014 Fall Newsletter

  Manners Monday
"Joan Rivers - Brassy Girl from Brooklyn was Pure Class"
We lost a legend last Thursday, comedienne Joan Rivers. That brassy girl from Brooklyn was pure class. A national treasure, a legendary pioneer, she worked tirelessly for over fifty years bringing audiences to their knees with her acerbic and self-deprecating wit. Read more. 
  Manners Monday
"Seeing White - Why It's Particularly Appealing Now"
No longer chained by the stringent rules of summertime, this color on the spectrum has finally cut loose and is primed and ready to head full throttle into fall. But why is the color white so particularly appealing now? Read more. 
  24 Karat Etiquette: Golden Rules from the World's Most Glamorous Zip Code
We are thrilled to announce the newly titled paperback book, Beverly Hills Manners to be released November 2014. This updated and revised version will contain new chapters on such delicate topics ranging from money manners and pets to divorce and bereavement. Click here to purchase a hard copy while they last!
FingerStringPost is the answer to your personal greeting card needs. Their concierge will help schedule and select quality cards and send you pre-addressed and pre-stamped cards when you need them. All you have to do is sign and send! Perfect for the busy lifestyle, plus the cards are amazing! Reference the coupon code BeverlyHillsManners3for2 to receive a special discount. Click here to order!
Dine with Decorum
Selecting an inspired menu of whole, healthy foods raises the dining experience to a higher level. Each month we will bring you a list of seasonal ingredients to incorporate into your grocery shopping list. In September, include the following fruits and vegetables into your Fall meal planning: Acorn Squash, Butternut Squash, Apples, Pears Cranberries, Pomegranates, Pumpkin and Brussel Sprouts.

Happy September! The kids are finally back in school, the leaves are beginning to change color, and our mindset has officially shifted from one of rest and leisure to one of work and productivity. It may be 90 degrees here in sunny California, but summer is quickly slipping away and it is time once again to roll up our sleeves and make the most of the remaining quarter of 2014. 

What personal or professional goals would you like to accomplish?  Are you looking for new employment? Will your child be applying to a new school?  Do you have a formal event you will be attending? Are you dipping back in the dating pool? Would you like to dramatically improve your friendships? Are you or your employees interested in increasing their executive edge? 

In today's society, where we are bombarded by the complexity of everyday life and burdened by information overload, it takes tremendous effort and mindfulness to move forward with grace and present our best selves. As the "go to" resource for all things etiquette and manners, we understand and we are here to help.  

Our fall lineup of courses for professionals, adults, teens and children is available now with a wide variety of options to address your particular needs. Prefer your instruction in private? We are also available for etiquette consulting and coaching opportunities spanning the subjects.  If timing is a factor, contact us to arrange a 1-hour phone session and have all your burning etiquette questions and conundrums answered.  

Embrace this autumn with a maturity and wisdom and make every minute count!
Very best wishes,

Beverly Hills Manners, Inc.
"Let's Dance!" Cotillion - Season 6 - Begins Oct 29th
Beverly Wilshire Hotel
"Dancing with the Stars" meets Cotillion! Beverly Hills Manners is proud to present Season 6 of its modernized cotillion. Designed to meet the needs and desires of children today, our friendly, interactive and entertaining approach provides them with the social and communication skills necessary to feel comfortable and confident in any situation. Register here or for more info and pricing contact
"Modern Manners" for Kids, Teens & Adults 
Tired of watching your children eat with their fingers? Bothered by your teen's relentless relationship with their smartphone? Interested in a little added polish for yourself? Don't use these classes as a threat. Everyone can benefit from smoothing out a few ruffled feathers. To register, click here for complete list of classes or contact for more info and pricing.
Corporate Training for Executives & Employees
"Outclass the Competition", "Dine Like a Diplomat" & 
"How to Succeed in the International Arena"
We are pleased to offer our extensive corporate training programs for business executives and employees. In a rapidly expanding global economy, executives on all levels need to distinguish themselves from the competition. From the negotiating table to the dining table, participants will be coached on all aspects of business etiquette and protocol. To arrange group instruction for your organization of 10 or more, contact or call 310.276.9078. For more details about each program, click here.
"Stand Out Interviews" for Students & Professionals
Stand Out Interviews
Is your child applying to middle school? Your teen embarking on the admissions process for college? Are you currently in between employment? In today's fiercely competitive society, acing the in-person interview is essential. An awareness of proper etiquette and good manners provides you or your child with that extra edge to land a spot at their first choice school or land your dream job. To register, click here for complete list of classes or contact
"Mitzvah Manners"  for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah 
The "Mitzvah Manners" course is designed to assist the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child with everything they need to know in order to shine with grace and ease on their special day. Jewish culture, customs and proper etiquette are explored as they relate to this time-honored celebration.  For more information or to inquire about pricing, contact
"Dine with Decorum" for Adults & Kids
Table manners and fine dining skills are one of the greatest tools anyone can learn that will enable them endless opportunities and unlimited invitations. Participants will learn how to properly "Dine with Decorum" while discovering a passion for the dining experience as a place of gathering and connection. Click here to view select class offerings or contact for more info and pricing.
Reminder: Rosh Hashanah - Evening of September 24th 
This month marks the Jewish New Year.  Reach out by phone or by handwritten card with wishes of good health and happiness. If you are invited to someone's home, offer to contribute a savory dish, a dessert or bring a bottle of wine. Flowers, a seasonal plant, scented candle or other small gifts are also lovely gestures of appreciation. Don't forget to send a thank you note to let your host know how much you enjoyed their company.