February 2017 Edition 
Beware of Tax Torpedoes!

Why You Need to Think About Your Retirement Taxes Now
Too many seniors face a  "tax torpedo"  in their later years. They may have saved all their money in traditional IRA or 401(k) accounts, which have taxa ble withdrawals that will cut into your spending power.

Tax diversification is often overlooked. Workers often spend a great deal of time diversifying their investments, but it's equally important to diversify the taxation that comes with a person's savings. If pre-tax money is all your savings, then you're going to be floored at how much you'll pay in taxes in retirement.
A note from the Accounting Sleuth:
"Now it's time to make money."

Unlike this time last year, the mood among investors is bullish. Is this optimism misdirected? As ever, there is no shortage of pundits trying to stir panic and angst to gain media attention. Nothing sells investment newsletters more swiftly than fear mongering.
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18 companies that will score big if Trump chops taxes

If Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress cut the corporate tax rate, companies will suddenly have to set aside far less money for deferred tax liabilities, providing an immediate boost to earnings. Many investors are now hunting for companies that pay high U.S. taxes because they stand to benefit the most.

But the real accounting sleuths are looking elsewhere for the hidden gems that may get the biggest boost. They're digging up the companies that have the largest "deferred tax liabilities" on the books.
Who started the 401(k)?

Did you suffer loss in you retirement savings during the last financial crisis?

Financial consultant Ted Banna, commonly known as "The father of the 401(k) " took a hit on his retirement too.