Dearest Mustang Community:

We miss our students dearly and we know that these are tough times for us all.

We begin every morning reciting the poem Invictus, which reminds us that we are masters of our own fate and captains of our own souls. Because we all have different beliefs and values, we know that there are many more factors/forces at work in our own lives that we cannot control. Nevertheless, there are some things within our control.

We need your help!

We cannot "require" that students participate in our eLearning Plan that the staff has created, but we can encourage you to speak with your son/daughter about participating as much as possible.

We have provided a schedule of hours that each teacher will be available providing DIRECT instruction- not just assignments- based on 4th quarter content.

As a student in an optional school, our students understand the importance of continuing to learn in these times. The content that each core teacher will offer is QUALITY instructional time. We will send elective teacher schedule next week. Stay tuned!

We know that many students in our community may not have access to internet or smart phones, thus we are poised to support all of our students. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance during this time if you do not have access to the internet or smartphone.

In our eLearning plan, students will have access to teachers using zoom or teams live stream according to the schedule attached in this email. We spent a lot of time developing this schedule and your teachers are working around the clock to provide engaging activities and to teach in this new format.

Stay home. Log on. Learn always.

Click here for access to the eLearning Plan for TSTEM Academy.

Even Beyonce is excited!

Stay tuned for more student engagement activities this week...

Please make sure your son/daughter is on our Remind

as the fun is about to begin:

Class of 2020 send @7h6age text to 81010

Class of 2021 send @tstemco2 text to 81010

Class of 2022 send @tstem22 text to 81010

Class of 2023 send @tstemco20 text to 81010