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July 2020
Donor Spotlight: Mary & Tom Chase Use An RMD to Support the Library
Mary and Tom in Kona, Hawaii, Nov. 2019
Thank you to this month's featured donors: Mary and Tom Chase. Retired educators from Pennsylvania, the Chases have lived in the Village since 2012, and one thing they love about the Village is Sedona Public Library. "As life-long learners, we value and treasure all libraries. We order all of our books on-line and feel so blessed to have a wonderful library in the Village, especially with Cheryl at the helm," they said. Tom taught history, Mary taught music, and they now spend their time reading and travelling (when they can). The Library is grateful to have savvy supporters like the Chases who followed their accountant's advice: Use your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for charitable giving. They are happy to receive the tax savings, and we are grateful they chose Sedona Public Library to be the recipient of their annual gifts! Thank you, Mary and Tom!
Required Minimum Distributions - A Great Way to Support Your Library!
The Friends Used Bookstore is Open!
Did you know that when you shop at the Friends Used Bookstore, you support the Library? AND they have the best used book selection in the area, carefully curated by a team of hard-working volunteers. The Friends of the Sedona Public Library is a separate 501c3 non-profit organization, and when you shop or become a member, you support us. Their support, which is nearly as old as the Library itself, is vital to our operations. We are so grateful for all they do for the Library. Thank you, Friends! The Friends Bookstore, adjacent to the main library on White Bear Road, is open 10am-4pm Monday through Saturday. See you there!
What Are You Reading?
We miss book talk! We're all avid readers, and we bet you are, too! We love learning about what our donors and volunteers read - what magazines or papers you like, what websites you follow, what books have become your new favorites. How has your reading changed these last few months? We're all spending more time indoors these days, and we'd love to know: What are you reading? Send me a note, and I'll post a list of favorites next month. Thanks!
CARES Act Makes Supporting the Library an Even Better Idea!
And here's yet another reason to make a gift to your public library. If you do not itemize your taxes, you can take a $300 above-the-line deduction for cash contributions to a qualifying non-profit in 2020, like Sedona Public Library . Please read more at the link below, and thanks for thinking of us in 2020!
Library Grateful for Recent Support
We are in receipt of two recent grant awards: one from the Arizona Community Foundation, and one from the Langston Family Foundation, and both will fund the development, design and launch of a brand new library website. We are excited about this project that will begin early in 2021. Our plan is to have a website that serves as our 24/7 digital branch, providing an online experience valued similarly to walking through our doors. Stay tuned for development on this exciting forward-facing project, and thank you to our donors!
What's Happening at the Library?
The Library staff continues to work diligently to bring you the service, and services, that you have come to expect. During these days of COVID-19, we've had to make many changes to assure the safety of our patrons and staff. But we're still here, and we are currently offering holds pick up at both locations, an impressive array of digital offerings from our website, our amazing collection in conjunction with Yavapai Library Network, and service with a smile, although it's behind a mask. We miss you, but we're available. Call Anne Marie at 928.282.7714 x125 and Reference at 928.282.7714, option 3.
Stay well!

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