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May 2019
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Introducing Judy Poe - "Let's Connect!"
Welcome Judy Poe - Sedona Public Library's new assistant library director. Judy hails originally from Pennsylvania, and most recently from Prescott, but she is thrilled to be in Sedona. In her many years of public library service, Judy sees her most important role is to make connections within the library and out in the community. " We are not just librarians—we are neighbors and friends and voters; we are not just providers—we are participants, too." Judy is excited to help lead this non-profit library, and her connecting skills will be vital to growing our donor base with more supporters and more consistent support. "I am happy to join the fundraising team. Asking people to support something I truly believe in comes naturally. I'd love to talk to you about how your gifts make a difference at this amazing Library."
Your Support Makes a Difference!
Donor Spotlight: Victoria Clark
Local author Victoria Clark is one of our newest donors, and we’re so happy to have her on board. She grew up in Tucson, but camped here as a child and as an adult brought her own children on Sedona camp-outs. It was a natural move in 2000 when the Clarks relocated to Sedona, and it was also a natural choice to volunteer at Sedona Public Library. Victoria spent many hours here surrounded by books and was further inspired to take the leap and become an author herself. She has published four books and No. 5 is in the works. Victoria uses our ILL system because she appreciates access to books she can’t get locally. She loves our slate of programs and that so many groups use our meetings rooms, including the Sedona Car Club, one of many groups to which Victoria belongs. Thanks, Victoria, for your support, your attendance at our programs, using our services, and for putting your own local history books on our shelves! We couldn’t do it without support from someone like you!
Did You Know?
Did you know Sedona Public Library holds nearly 200 books written by Sedona and other local authors? Local and Sedona authors whose books are on our shelves include Victoria Clark, Mary Heyborne , Jim Bishop, Robert Shields, David Arnett, and children's authors Jim Pryke and Adrian Jaimes Gonzalez. These authors cover topics from the beautiful landscape to the lives of cowboys; from natural healing to cooking with cactus; from creating rock art to learning what makes the red rocks red. Whether you're new to the area, or just love where you live, there's always more to learn about Sedona, and the best place to connect with that information is at Sedona Public Library. Looking for a Sedona or local author? Come on in and ask a librarian!
Our Mission
Sedona Public Library enriches lives by fostering lifelong learning and by ensuring that every member of the community and visitors have access to engaging ideas, information services, and cultural and civic activities.