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September 2020
Spooktacular 2020 - We're Going Online!
This year, our Spooktacular is going online! Everyone is invited to enjoy the fun on Friday, October 30. Prepare for a day of pop-up spooky readings with poems, riddles, stories, jokes, and more! We're hosting a photo contest, so sharpen your selfie skills, and we'll have story times with special guests. So much has been cancelled this year, but as your 24/7 Library, we make our services and collection available online! It's your support that makes it possible for us to take a fun event like our annual Spooktacular and bring it to you in a new format! Please participate in this year's Spooktacular, and please consider supporting your library and the technology and online programming we offer. We're here for you, wherever you are. Download flier here.
Featured Donor: Jamie Hinman
Anne Mare and John prepare display for a new plaque
Thank you to Jamie, our newest patron-level donor in our entryway display. Jamie says that books have always been an important part of her life. In early childhood her parents read to her and her brother, and once she could read herself, every Saturday she walked to the Carnegie library in Greeley, Colorado where she grew up. She believes in the power and importance of books. "They can take you somewhere, cheer you up, and they give you a way to share knowledge with others." Jamie truly appreciates Sedona Public Library and she shows her appreciation both by supporting the Library and volunteering at the Friends' Used Book Store. You can learn more about our entryway plaques and how to be included in this list of generous donors by clicking here. Thank you, Jamie!
Do You Know about the New Above-the-Line Tax Deduction?
Your Gift to the Library May Qualify!
Not itemizing? Then you may appreciate the
Temporary Universal Charitable Deduction. According to the Association of Fundraising Professions (AFP), "Taxpayers who do not itemize their deductions can take a one-time deduction of up to $300 for gifts made to charitable organizations. The provision is intended only for the year 2020; however, in the text of the bill, it states taxable years 'beginning in 2020 …' and does not include a sunset date, thus it conceivably could extend beyond 2020. The deduction is ONLY for gifts of cash made in calendar year 2020 and does not cover other types of gifts or contributions made to donor-advised funds or private foundations." Click the button to learn more, and remember, this year, your cash donation of up to $300 to Sedona Public Library may qualify for this new tax deduction. Thanks for thinking of us!
What Are You Reading Now?
It was so fun to hear from several of you about what you were reading in July. Well, it's two months later . . . What are you reading now? C'mon everyone, join the conversation. And please include what you're reading to your grandkids! We're all avid readers, and everyone loved learning about favorite titles and articles last time around. Okay, I'll start! I'm reading "Squeeze Me," the new novel by Carl Hiaasen. It's very funny and certainly makes me glad I live in the high desert and not swampy Florida! A fun read for sure! So . . . what are you reading now? Click the button to send me a note, and I'll post a list of favorites next month. Thanks!
Make an Online Gift Today from Anywhere!
Did you know that you can make a gift to Sedona Public Library from just about anywhere, even camping in the woods? Our online giving makes it easy! So much has changed in our world, but one thing that remains the same is the simplicity of giving. Whether you've traveled out of town or have chosen to lay low at home, you can be philanthropic from wherever you are. Visit our website and thanks for thinking of us!

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