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We are so happy to have you here. Each month, we’ll provide a deep dive into one of the 2021 media & marketing trends, solicited from our experts across the company. Our goal? To inspire and guide your marketing strategy as we navigate another challenging year. Reflecting SJC’s multi-platform approach to brand storytelling, the trends cover everything from virtual conferences and shoppable social media to magazine brands and print.

For each issue, we’ll also give you a heads up about events you might be interested in, links to ones you might have missed, plus a selection of topical stories from SJC Media — Canada’s largest publisher delivering trusted, entertaining, authentic and inclusive journalism and storytelling.

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Media & marketing trends 2021
Following an extraordinary year, we asked our team of multi-platform experts for the trends impacting how we engage with consumers in our Covid-altered world. Print, media brand trust and sustainability are all on the list.
Content to live buy: 5 ways to
drive the e-commerce experience
How marketers are integrating content into platforms like Amazon, Flipp and Pinterest to inspire consumers on the new digital customer journey.
Reimagining e-commerce apparel photography
New to SJC studios: a best-in-class, tech-powered production process for high-volume, high-quality and variable apparel photography, specifically designed for e-commerce.
Content marketing trends from Global Voices’ kick-off webinar
The new collective of marketing leaders from across the globe includes SJC’s EVP of Customer Innovation, Jacqueline Loch. Here are the top predictions and insights shared at the first in a series of webinars held on January 14, 2021. See below to register for the next webinar this month.
Success strategies from 5 of TikTok's most inspiring Canadian entrepreneurs
Including how to carve out time for yourself when you run your own business and how to find community on TikTok.
Stories shaping Canadian culture and consumers from the brands of SJC Media.
Big Shots
For nearly a year, a Covid-19 vaccine felt like a pipe dream. Then, seemingly overnight, it was here. What it meant to the front-line workers and long-term care residents who were first in line.
The Self-Education Of Bee Quammie
Neither Blackness nor anti-Black racism is exclusive to the country to the south. Stories about the brilliance, beauty and complexity of Black Canadians might be ignored, but they aren’t hard to find. All you have to do is try, like I did.
Jameela Jamil on self-Love and creating genuine authenticity online
"When you can learn to see your body as a vessel that carries your beautiful mind and spirit, then you can really start to respect it."
Inside the Curtis Stone Masterclass, Presented By TSC And Chatelaine
March 5
Chatelaine editor-in-chief Maureen Halushak sat down with Chef Curtis Stone for an inspiring live virtual event.
Maclean’s in Conversation with Mark Carney
March 18, 7 p.m. ET
After seven years as Bank of England governor, former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney is back in Ottawa with a new book about the things we pay for and the things we care about. He’ll talk to Maclean's senior writer Paul Wells.
Beyond the Hype: Global Insights on the Role of Influencers
March 25, 9 a.m. ET
Learn how best to approach influencer marketing for your business, including how to know when you should (and shouldn’t) include it in your marketing efforts.
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