LIVE, In-Depth Final Cut Pro X Seminar
And FIVE More Editing Truth Contest Winners!

Tomorrow marks the two-week anniversary of the Final Cut Pro X launch -- it seems a lot longer ago than that, somehow.

Tempers have cooled, but, based on my emails, the sense of deep personal loss remains.

On Friday, I sent an email to my contacts at Apple asking if they would post a timetable of updates to FCP X, or whether they were considering bringing Final Cut Studio (3) to the market.

I write this newsletter on Sunday night and, as I type this, there's been no answer. I've learned this is Apple's way of saying "No" without actually saying "No."

Which means we each need to make a choice.  I wrote my latest blog about this -- called "Moving Forward" -- if you want  my current recommendations.

- - -

I've spent the weekend working on the content and demos for our upcoming Final Cut Pro X training seminar.  I've written an 28-page detailed workbook, which you'll get free, along with a very cool mousepad covered with great keyboard shortcuts.

I highly recommend this one-day session if you are the least bit curious about this new software.

I'll show you how it works, how to make it work better, plus give you step-by-step instructions on ways to edit, trim, and create effects.

All our seminars are fun and filled with solid, useful information. This one is especially so because we have a lot of great companies showing their latest products and talking about how they fit into a FCP X workflow.

Come, see for yourself. Discover how Final Cut Pro X can work with your projects. Spend a bit of time and get all your questions answered.

Click here to register.  (Plus, SAVE $30 -- use LJAFCPX as the registration code.)

I look forward to seeing you there.


We have two ways you can learn more about Final Cut Pro X - our in-depth seminar OR online training.

For the last two months, I've been creating an entire training series on the new software.  In-depth, step-by-step tutorials. 

Plus, everything I do explains not just which buttons to click, but WHY you need to click them.

The reviews have been great - once you see this training, you'll understand why.

88 movies, over 11 hours of training.  

ONE GREAT PRICE - only $99!

Click here for more details!!

Editing Truths Contest Winners!

Editing aphorisms to live by. Written by some of the wisest editors on the planet. Four winners and a runner-up this week. 

#1 Joshua Rosenbaum:
If it's short, they'll watch it. If it's good, they'll remember it.

#2 Dave Marcus: What's the best way to ruin your favorite song? Put it in your next project.

#3 Mike Chapman: The time spent making an HD project with tons of text looks squeaky-clean is proportional to the probability that the client will ask for a 320x180 WMV as a deliverable.

#4 Lydia Robertson: Attention Producers: Snapping your fingers is to risk losing them!


Julie Stoecker: When the client has no script, it means it's gonna be a LONG day.

To learn more about our contest - and our free prizes - click here.


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New Final Cut Pro X webinars are coming -- Wednesdays in July. 

There's a LOT of new stuff to learn!

I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan & Associates

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 July 12


Final Cut Pro X Seminar 


Burbank, CA



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Look forward to seeing you there!