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Beyond NPS®: Support EXP Unveils Next-Generation Dashboard 
for Net Referral+ CX™ Platform

DAYTON, Ohio - April 11, 2018 - Support EXP, the leader in innovative, real-time Member Experience (MX) Actionable Analytics for the credit union community, has announced the release of its next-generation EXP Actionable Analytics Portal™ Dashboard for its Net Referral+ CX™ Platform. Featuring at-a-glance centralization of key elements of all voice-of-the-member analytics, the dashboard is an intuitive and dynamic interface for managing actionable MX intelligence. The comprehensive display of real-time results from major organizational dimensions provides an executive-level view of feedback data from the entire member journey. The result: credit unions immediately know where they are living up to their brand promise to their members - and where they are falling short.

Bringing together powerful technologies, intuitive applications, and proven processes in a single solution, Support EXP's Net Referral+ CX™ Platform delivers powerful insight from direct member feedback to inform strategy, improve practices, and create loyal members for life. Net Referral+ CX™ not only captures Net Promoter Score®, it dives underneath the number to identify the drivers of your members' loyalty. The dashboard brings it all together, effectively linking functional areas of an organization to operationalize member feedback on an enterprise level. Drill-down functionality offers the ready option to explore any aspect of the data at a granular level.

One of the biggest challenges organizations face in this era of digital transformation is not lack of data - it's the overwhelming amount of data. The sheer volume makes it daunting to begin to derive any actionable value from it. The Net Referral+ CX™ dashboard delivers not just descriptive snapshots of the data - telling you merely what happened. It provides prescriptive analytics, telling you what to do to effect profound and immediate change. These prescriptive analytics, based on leading indicators that go beyond NPS®, are a crucial tool for informing strategy and adjusting practices, as they identify not just what isn't working but get at the root causes or drivers to suggest a best course of action to fix the MX problems that emerge.

According to Rhonda Sheets, founder and CEO of Support EXP, the prescriptive insight provided by the dashboard is a value-added upgrade that delivers impactful results: "Using actionable analytics, our clients can adjust by anticipating member needs in real time, adapt to deliver optimal engagement across all stages of the member journey, through any channel, and align the entire organization around the shared purpose of serving its members."

The VP of Member Experience for one of Support EXP's clients describes the dashboard as "Amazing! I can see how our MX team will use every data point in the new dashboard to effect improvements in their particular area of focus."

Credit unions struggle to know if they are actually living out their brand promise. The new Net Referral+ CX™ dashboard makes it easy for credit unions to discover if they are meeting their members' expectations by delivering what they value most.

For more information about the Net Referral+ CX™ solution or its latest features, please contact Ron Larry, Support EXP's Director of Marketing, at or 937-535-1395.

About Support EXP: Support EXP is the leader in innovative, real-time Member Experience (MX) Actionable Analytics for credit unions seeking to differentiate themselves through building authentic, trust-based member relationships. From resolving member friction, throughout all channels, to creating high-performing front office and back office teams, our Voice-of-the-Member solutions profoundly and sustainably enable our clients to uniquely Live Their Difference™ every day.