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Fifteen years ago I never dreamed that an ordinary lunch encounter with a young African man in a seminary cafeteria would grow into such an extraordinary and expansive ministry across the African continent. What has happened is beyond our wildest dreams. 
When we look back on Reach Out’s last twelve years in Africa, filled with Jesus stories, it causes a deep longing to rise up in us to live forward into the next generation of Jesus stories. 
Look Back to 2003
I met Charles Juma in 2003. By 2005 he had completed our Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry (JFYM) training and promptly equipped 15 leaders in Nairobi, Kenya at our first JFYM Forum.
Year One : One Forum, a few school assemblies and no other trainers. 
Year Twelve : Thirteen countries, 450 JFYM Forums led, over 7,800 youth leaders equipped, 442 Eagle Leaders certified through three years of training, 600,000+ students engaged with the Gospel in their schools... beyond our wildest dreams!

Charles Juma-- New Believer Then...
...Multi-National Leader Now
Live Forward into 2017
In 2017, Reach Out leads 40 more Forums, trains 1,500 more leaders, increases from 1 to 25 Eagle Leader Summits that encourage, equip and empower our 442+ trainers, and engage 80,000 more young people in schools.
These “beyond our wildest dreams” stories occur when Jesus shows up and we make Him the focus of attention! From our long list, enjoy these two recent stories—and more if you want.
84 Year-Old Grandmother Disciples Generations
Meru, Kenya is known, most infamously, for growing and chewing khat, a drug plant used commercially and personally. As a habit-forming drug, it causes personal devastation and family destruction that relegates family responsibilities to mothers and grandparents.

Harriet Kinyua, her family affected by khat, found a path through this problem for her family due to Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. During the recent JFYM Forum, Harriet, an 84 year-old grandmother, graduated from our three-year Eagle Leader training.
Harriet Kinyua and Her Family Legacy
Harriet has 26 grandchildren. She has led ALL of them through the JFYM training. Now her great-grandchildren lead discipleship groups at their schools. She commented, “I wish I had been given Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry 30 years ago because this is the right way to grow young people.”
Exchanging Witchcraft for the Gospel
pastor w JFYM bk
JFYM Influencing Cultures
Two hundred miles east of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, the Chewa people traditionally initiate the young people into witchcraft through a “nyahoo” dance that enters them into adulthood. Done at night, the participants wear masks, and then drink a concoction that makes them wild—so they can run and kill. They grow up to become witches. Only the power of God can cause a change.
Banda Zenock, after attending last year's Forum, spoke of going back home to equip 200 adults/parents in JFYM at the local chief’s village meeting, before the chief gave his weekly address. Banda described the result, “JFYM has changed people's thinking. Now they want to replace witchcraft with the gospel. The parents use Reach Out’s resources to disciple their children. Before the local chiefs had embraced Islam as a way of changing their people, but now, since the JFYM training, they have found that Jesus is the only answer for the issues our people face."
Many More...
So many more “beyond our wildest dreams” stories come to us. Read and enjoy a few more Jesus’ stories in our Africa Reports! 
In Oloitokto, Kenya ... Among the Masai, the cultural practice of female genital mutilation runs rampant...
In Zimbabwe... Pastor Zivagwe: “As a result of JFYM we have over 20 discipleship groups across the city with over 200 student leaders involved"…

In Mozambique ... Oliver Kagwere goes to fourteen schools where he has led 1000+ teenagers to Christ. All attend a discipleship group...

In Malindi, Kenya … More than 300 participants showed up for a Forum budgeted for 50... 

In Zambia … Well Phil goes to seven schools every week reaching out to students. He has baptized 100 + young people in one month. All participate in a discipleship group using the Moving Toward Maturity resources…

In Machakos, Kenya … A school teacher: “This has opened my eyes to do something"...
$80,000—Reach Out invests that amount in Africa annually.
Yet the return on that investment goes “beyond our wildest dreams”.
With more funding and prayers more Jesus’ stories can happen through you! 
Look back... live forward with Reach Out !