Beyond Stewardship: Healthy Faith ⇌ Healthy Church

Over the past few weeks, we have focused on what it means to BeUMC and we’ve reflected on Self Image, Motivation, and Lifestyle as pillars of Healthy Faith. Now, as we enter into a season of giving, I ask you to think about the correlation between a Healthy Faith and a Healthy Church.
This week marks the start of our annual Stewardship Campaign. This is the time when we, as a congregation, express gratitude for all God is doing in our midst and prayerfully pledge our commitment for 2023. 
As part of this year’s campaign, we are inviting members to consider not only what we give, but how we give. And what that looks like in our own lives, the lives of others, and the life of our Church. Thus, the theme, Beyond Stewardship: Healthy Faith ⇌ Healthy Church.

Chamblee First is committed to creating a strong spiritual community. It is your Financial Stewardship that supports our current programs and ministries and provides resources to develop new ones.  Financial Stewardship pledges are what determine the Operating Budget. We are not able to consider other offerings (even if made regularly) when setting the budget.  That is why it is so important to submit a pledge, indicating your annual gift.
Additionally, as part of a holistic action plan for 2023, we are asking you to consider Physical Stewardship and to generously share your talents and time in service together. What can you and your family do to support the community, our congregation, and CFUMC missions?
Beyond Stewardship: Healthy Faith ⇌ Healthy Church is a commitment to fund, serve, connect, and commune. It is the intersection between your Healthy Faith and our Healthy Church. As we enter into this season of giving, we ask that you prayerfully and intentionally complete the 2023 Family or Individual Action Plan and commit to both Financial and Physical Stewardship. This form can be found on our website and a paper version is available in the lobby and narthex. Please respond by November 20, 2022 so our leaders proceed with plans for 2023 ministry. 
Rev. Dr. Eric Lee, Senior Pastor
Chamblee UMC