January 2018 Newsletter

In a room of 45 people someone asked a simple question, “ How many of you are here in part because of the impact Martin has had on your life?”
As more than half the room raised their hand, tears welled up in Martin’s eyes. These hands represented first generation Christians and key national leaders who had relationship with Martin and had seen transformation in his life. Little did Martin know that entering into the battle for his heart over a year ago would eventually impact the hearts of so many, inspiring them to enter into the Battle themselves. In that tearful moment in a small retreat center outside Prague, as Martin saw God’s faithfulness in his life and the lives of those around him, he got a glimpse of the weight of his glory.
These hands were among the 43 Czech nationals and missionaries that embarked in the Battle for the Heart in the Czech Republic. A few short months ago, hosting an event like this in Prague was a dream of missionaries to the Czech Republic and Battle alumni Chris Teague and Keith Keller. Last summer they approached Wellspring’s partner church, Oak Mountain Presbyterian (OMPC) and asked if they would be willing to make that dream a reality. Together, Teague, Keller and OMPC worked to coordinate and host the event. In January, OMPC sent a team of 8 speakers and facilitators to be a part of what God is doing in the Czech Republic.
Long time veteran BYH facilitator and speaker, Alice Lewallen, said that her group of Czech women in their twenties were open and eager for “more” throughout the weekend. Alice experienced the power and glory of nurturing combined with community.
As I affirmed them in who they are as beautiful , beloved children of God, and their DESIRE for MORE and their willingness to come for four days to listen in English, read and respond in English to have “more” (and how humbling that is for me as an English-only speaker) – they could hardly take it in.
They glowed! Their faces like those of children, bright smiles, hardly believing I was speaking to THEM, that I saw all these good things in THEM. They received as happy children, but so very adult in their serious, single-minded commitment to surrender to God. They were being spurred on by the power of being believed in through my words of affirmation. As they called each other’s glory out throughout the weekend, each woman expressed that this power of community was something they were tasting for the first time.
During my time with these young women, I caught a glimpse of what’s at stake in these Czech women’s choices to follow God – not only their own parts in the Story, but possibly the future of a country whose next generation is finding LIFE and HOPE and the power of community.

As a ministry, we are rejoicing as God continues to expand the dream he has given us for the Battle for the Heart beyond us. In 2008 God led us as a ministry to shift into equipping partner churches to reproduce the Battle within local congregations. Not only has God been faithful to build a solid foundation to reproduce the BYH in the US through partners like OMPC and Butler FUMC, but now we are seeing our partner churches assisting missionaries who are equipping national leaders overseas!  As a ministry, we have been praying for God to broaden the scope of the transformation we have seen through the years. He has indeed heard our prayers and answered in ways that we can only dream would be possible. 
In 2017 the scripture from Isaiah 61 brought us courage as we believed we would see the favor and faithfulness of the Lord. We sensed the Lord’s peace and an invitation to rest. We had big dreams and organizational objectives – with much to be accomplished throughout the year.

In the midst of a year with its own challenges, God graciously moved on our behalf. We are grateful for each one of you who responded to the stirring of the Lord to partner with us financially through monthly or special gifts. We are given courage by your willingness to pour into this ministry and partner with us in the work that God has called us to. 

We are humbled to share that we exceeded our contributions goal for 2017! 
Thank you for your part!  
We are in awe of God’s faithfulness.

Please continue to pray with us as we carry forward with the major project of completing the book Winning the Battle for Your Heart.  We are hopeful and dependent upon the Lord for his divine work to bring this book to fruition. 

As we move into 2018, we are trusting God for his continued faithfulness and anointing to bring freedom to the captives, bind up the brokenhearted and turn mourning into gladness. This dream to see men, women, churches and marriages becoming who God created them to be has been unfolding before our eyes and we are looking forward to what He is going to do in this new year!
Consider inviting 2 or 3 couples to join you in the Battle for Your Marriage.

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