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As an organization our main goal is not only the mental & physical health of our players but also their families. That’s why we’ve continued working hard to stay connected with each family in our program, and provide some sense of relief, support and care in any way possible. Often, that just means a long phone call, allowing them time share about their lives, school, work and family during the pandemic. Keeping in mind these tough times, especially during holidays, that’s when friendship and connection means the most. If you're reading this and need more support, you call always call us too!
Although we can't be together, in-person, we want our families to know that we're always here!
Diaraliz Brito, Age 16, Abbott Lawrence Academy, Position: Setter
“I was in the 7th grade when I started volleyball. My first coach was Coach Leti, who coached me for two years. When I first started volleyball, I’m not going to lie, it was hard, but no sport or responsibility comes easy. So I joined Merrimckvolley, now Beyond Volley, and worked hard my 7th-grade year to become a better player for my next year. My 8th-grade year came around and I became captain of my team! Before starting my freshman year, Coach Marino and Coach Leti helped me develop my skills as a setter. When my freshman year came around, my hard work had paid off, again! I became captain of my freshman team as well." 

"Now I have been part of the volleyball family for almost 4 years and it’s helped me a lot socially, physically, and mentally. I used to be very shy but the program helped me break out of my shell." - Diaraliz
SET OF THANKS! This is the perfect time to thank the many people and organizations that supported our efforts bringing smiles, hope, connection & joy to so many families. Not being able to meet on the court with our players has taken a toll on all of us. But that didn’t stop us from coming together, safely, to bring happiness and hope to our families. Providing prizes, gifts, dinners, gift cards, etc. meant bringing joy to each family with every knock. Thanks to you, our families had prosperous Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays, when they didn’t see it as a possibility. Providing gifts to children that had lost so much during the year, was also a tremendous highlight. We couldn’t be more grateful for you and your belief in the power of sports to help make families’ lives better. Thank you for supporting us & providing so much joy.
#MemoryLane - In remembrance of Raiza Valdez who passed away one year ago last week, we’re remembering her influential role in the growth and development of the sport of volleyball in Lawrence. In 2015, Raiza sat around the dinner table with her entire family and began the conversations that led to the founding of Merrimackvolley, which her husband, Marino Valdez, and daughter, Leti Valdez would eventually launch and lead. Raiza was one of the most important voices, always supporting, loving, connecting & understanding. Because of that, she became everyone’s MOM. She is missed greatly, by all who knew her. Her work continues to live on in the youth served in the program. #RestInPeaceMOM 1965-2020
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Click Here to Try a FitKit Challenge from our partners at Boston Children's Hospital & New Balance!
Click YouTube Video here to try a 10 minute volleyball skills challenge!
Try making this healthy snack at home, thanks to our partners at Boston Children’s Hospital and its #FitKit program. This relationship is made possible by New Balance Foundation! If you make it, take a picture. You may get a New Balance gift reward!

We can't wait to make these with our players (parents too!) in our Health Kicks! Teaching Kitchen when it's safe to do so!